Thoughts – January 8th, 2014

I had an awesome Wednesday and it started when I woke up a first time this morning. Seven it was and Princess left for work. Got a quick kiss and off she was, leaving me with this glorious feeling of intense happiness. Every day I am aware of the fact how a lucky man I am with such a great, loving and caring woman at my side.

The alarm of my iPhone pulled me out of a deep sleep at 10:45.
Made some coffee, took a quick shower, walked to the post office to pick up a parcel. It contains a gift for Princess, a black silk kimono. I’m sure it will add to our rope play in some way or another.

Silk kimono from Besired
Silk kimono from Besired

Shortly after midday Little A. came by and we immediately left, picked up a friend of her and I drove them both to a huge shopping mall near Antwerp.

I had given my youngest an IOU as a Christmas present. I knew she needed a coat. Little A. planned to use the gift during the 6-week Sales period that starts in the first week of January.

Kids will be kids and she is at an age when they don’t want to be seen, even dead, with their parents. I’m just a taxi and a walking ATM but I don’t care as long as Little A. has fun.

Shopping Mall

In the mall we went separate ways. I went into a bookstore and bought, for the first time in long, two ‘real’ books. Both by one of my favorite authors, the German born but now Canadian Douglas Coupland who writes postmodernism literature.

I started reading ‘The Gum Thief’ while I sat on a wooden bench for almost two hours, waiting patiently for Little A. and G, her friend.


I left the bench only twice. Once when I badly needed to take a leak and half an hour later to grab a quick bite at Sbarro’s. Those spaghetti slurpers really know how to make delicious and tasty take-out food. Hell, I should know, was married to one for almost 17 years.


Little A. texted me on regularly, something she knows I appreciate. One of her messages made me sigh in relief. My youngest daughter had set her mind on a coat from Superdry but found it was way to expensive. Yes my dear Little A., one pays for a name yet there is no added value except for the brand.

Little A. finally found a coat but she feared I would not like it.
I liked it very much because it looked great on her.

After I paid and Little A. had hugged me she then was concerned about her mother’s reaction. I told her it didn’t matter as long as she, Little A. felt well with what she wears as it is, at that age, also a statement.

Yes, I had a wonderful day.

After posting this I’m going to continue reading a captivating romantic and erotic love story in the Kindle App on my iPad Air.

The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl” by Kayla Lords is fun, hot and touching.
Did I mention it is also very well written?

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  1. Haha you should be pleased little A left you alone on the bench at the Mall, shopping with these little people is an exhausting experience 🙂 Sounds like you all had fun though, one way or another and that’s the main thing 🙂

  2. Really you have no idea how much mileage you saved by being able to sit down and read while she shopped. Your legs and feet should be grateful.

    Like the kimono, I’m sure Princess will love it!

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