After the storm #ASMSG #jan #photography

There was a short yet forceful storm yesterday evening around 17:00. Violent winds, intense lightning and thunder struck our region and here and there some damage was done. Not only 30′ later the evening sky was almost crystal clear again.

This image was made with my Olympus E-PM1 set at 2000 ISO and a 1,8/45mm lens.

An early moon

2 thoughts on “After the storm #ASMSG #jan #photography”

  1. Beautiful, Franco. I spent some time looking at this very moon last night. My cell phone is completely inept at capturing it’s beauty though.

  2. Agreed, stunning picture…

    We saw the same moon here as well. It was so beautiful that I had my children come out to see it…

    Great picture…

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mr Fox

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