Princess & I – Our wishes

2013 is on the verge of flying away, never to be seen again. Leaving behind the ashes to settle and find a place in our memories.

What the New Year will bring remains a secret. It will be different for each of us and we will discover its mysteries only day-by-day.

A bigger part of our future lays in our own hands, in how we act, react. In what we say or do not say. There is the unforeseen impact, in a greater of lesser extent, too, by others on your lives and vice versa.

All we, Princess and I, can do is wish you the best on this voyage trough once another year. Good health, love, wisdom and friendship should be part of the luggage you carry so those are the things we hope you will be submerged with.
Of course lots of inspiration and creativity to go with so you can continue creating and render the world a little better.

Let New Year’s Eve be a moment of coziness, warmth and love. Joy when the clock strikes 12 and the night is lightened up by dazzling fireworks reflecting in the eyes of that special person in your life. Kiss your loved ones and hold them close so you don’t miss this fresh start. Take care of yourself and those who are so dear to you. 

Yet do not forget the unfortunate who, for a zillion reasons, will not start 2014 in a happy way. Hold them in your hearts just for a moment and wish them strength, belief and hope.

For those who will not be able to be together with their loved one, at the 2014 starting line, know I am midst you, as Princess is.  She and I will phone each other of course. This special evening my love will be cherished in my heart and in my mind as Princess is, every single day of the past and will be every day that lies in front of us.
I wish to end this post with a beautiful poem I read this morning, moving me to tears. I hope it will comfort us, those longing for the lips of our loves so near but yet so far away.

Written by Desiree G. and posted on her excellent blog Sea Of Desire.
It is called “New Year’s kiss” and it is so pure, wonderful and universal in the emotions it creates in the reader. Enjoy.

DECEMBER 31, 2013  New Year’s Kiss

For one night, let’s find some way to erase the distance

And embrace each other the way we’ve envisioned in the fantasy

For our lips to tease and playfully whisper as the countdown begins

Ten, your….  read further in a separate window

Happy New Year, dear Friends and Readers
Lot’s of love to and for you all
Princess and I
Found on Tumblr. I have no idea who to credit for this beautiful image.

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  1. Franco — thank you so much for your glowing praise. I do know that with the love you and Princess share, the distance will evaporate for that magical moment as you wrap each other in your love and devotion for each other. Thank you for sharing your life with so many. I look forward to beginning the new year with my new friends made here. Wishing you and Princess joy, peace and continued love. (And lots of kink). 😉 Desiree

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