Christmas Presents

They say that after the Holidays eBay is flooded with all sorts of goods the receiver did not like or does not need.
In my humble opinion it says more about the one that gives than about the ungrateful receiver.

When I surprise Princess with a present and I don’t wait for birthdays, Valentine’s Day or whatever, as I simply adore spoiling her, she is always very content.
Lingerie or a dress we choose together, after I have seen something I am pretty sure will make her radiate even more. I have never been wrong and her taste is mine.

Princess and I love drinking tea. She loves taking a bath with me.
My love does not have a bath at home, only a shower.
Our presents reflect what we both enjoy doing together.

First there was the Shibari workshop and the ropes we bought, an early Xmas present.
The evening of Christmas day, I cooked for my darling after we had a long talk about the horrible quarrel I started the night before. We both felt tired and emotionally drained but felt good discussing and trying to give the quarrel a place.

Of course we had bought gifts for one another too.
Princess surprised me with a beautiful earthenware teapot and two matching cups. Some tea too, mint and Jasmine, the latter simply because she discovered this flavor on our very first date when, after the Sushi, we drank Jasmine tea.


I gave Princess a bathing set with body lotion, shower gel, a wooden back brush and two different types of sponges.
She was also very happy with the set of stockings I had chosen with a little help of Big A.


Gorgeous black stay-ups to wear when we go to the Fetish Club, and a black pair with some red to use with her garter belt.

And of course Milord had a gift for His Princess too. She was amazed when she opened the box, not expecting such a present at all.
Princess looked at me with a big smile while holding the beautiful hand-sculptured dildo, made of tempered glass, in her hands.

Glass dildo
I used it later that evening after icing it down. Princess screamed and moaned and gasped for breath after she finally, and with my permission, orgasmed.
It could tell it was a great and intense one and Princess sighed and made all kinds of nearly audible noises while she crawled up in my arms and I soothed her.
Eager as a kid with a new toy she wanted to try the glass dildo again, this time heated up and it send her over the top once again.

Princess told me later on that night she preferred the glass iced down.

We finished Christmas day with lots of love and very rough sex.
Princess and I are okay. That what bounds us is made from titanium and is as strong as diamond.

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