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My Friends,
Dear Readers,

Christmas is approaching fast and a few days later the New Year will be knocking on our doors.
It is near to impossible to escape the inevitable wishes.

What can be greater, more fun and intense than a wonderful Xmas amongst those you are close to and especially those whom you love and cherish?The feeling of the warm security offered by family, friends and loved ones, the coziness, oneness and happiness.

Let our thoughts also linger for a moment on those who are less fortunate. Some of us have problems during the Holidays. Some of us are overcome with great sadness when they remember the loved ones who are not with them anymore. Many people have no one to spend these Holidays with and are encircled by solitude.

Don’t we all need caring and loving thoughts right now?

Even if we are powerless and not able to help or make a difference, embracing these unfortunate in our minds and hearts help us not to forget how lucky we are and that reaching out is sometimes merely a simple and easy gesture.

We wish you, Friends and Readers, a superb 2014 filled with love, friendship and good health. Let the new year mark a fresh start for new, postponed or forgotten intentions.

Stay well and enjoy every day, every hour and every second to its fullest.

From us both,
Princess and I


Christmas wishes

6 thoughts on “Old & New #ASMSG #dec #christmas”

  1. Vrolijke Kerstmis en gelukkige nieuwjaar! Lovely photos on the last two posts. Veel succes with family. Regards, dievca

  2. It’s the season of great big hugs and good will, and I intend to give out as many and as much as possible. As you’ve said – some of us will suffer this Christmas and a hug and some kind words can make a difference.

    Happy Xmas to you and yours ~

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