Another Saturday evening #ASMSG #dec

Saturday, December 14.
What an evening and night it was, so rich with emotions, pleasure and lust. Even the following morning was unforgettable.

I collected Princess at 8 pm. After ringing her doorbell and counting for 20 seconds or so, I entered the house.
Princess welcomed me in the doorway and she looked delicious with her black pumps, white stockings and a sleeveless dress that looked great but would not be my first choice for her if we were going out.

I said hi and kissed Princess by just touching her lips with mine. After all her kids are still not ready to accept the fact their mother is dating me and that we are a couple working on our future together.
“Yes,” Princess shrugged after kissing me, “it has been hard with Ar again”, answering my unspoken question.

On the way home Princess told me about the dispute with Ar and how it is so difficult to coop with her mood swings.

At home Princess slipped out of her dress revealing a tight fit white dress.  Short so one can enjoy the ends of the garter belt holding her stockings.
“I couldn’t leave home like that could I?” she smirked while I looked at her in awe.

We just enjoyed each other’s company. I sensed Princess was a little emotional, the quarrels with Ar, fatigue and that time of the month.
I showed Princess some video clips, music she is not acquainted with like ‘The Black Angels‘ and ‘Head Like A Kite‘ while I exercised on knots and some fantasy rope bondage. I did a nice one on her arm, but forgot to make a photo, moved to an ankle wrap and finished with a rather complex harness.

After that we kissed and cuddled and finally I led Princess to the back of the sofa for some intense whipping and then, back on the couch, finished it off with a spanking that made her cum lavishly. Princess thanked me and I held her in my arms for a while, gently stroking her face and body.

She told me how she experienced the whipping, caning and spanking and in which ways they all felt different. Apparently she likes the spanking the most because of the vibrations that ripple through her body and stimulate her pussy at the same time.
It was getting late, past midnight, and we went to bed, Princess curled up in my arms. We were both exhausted.

She got a text message at 2 am and of course it woke us up.
It was from Stella.

With a sigh Princess phoned her eldest daughter.

Stella wanted her mom to alarm the police because there was a man standing in front of her door. She lives on the first floor of an apartment block. There is a staircase leading up to an entryway and her place is the middle one of three flats and single women inhabit all of them.
What does this man do I heard Princess ask.
It seemed he was doing nothing at all except standing in front of her door and, by the sound of it, taking sips from a can because she heard him putting it down. No he hadn’t said anything, hadn’t knocked on the door or rang the doorbell.
No, she had not seen him either but hearing him standing in front of her door frightened her.

Princess stayed calm, explaining she was not going to call the police, there was no reason to do so.
Stella insisted that this man meant bad business.

I had a flashback.
A month, maybe two months ago, and over a period of a few days Stella, turned up and in panic, called her mom several times a night because somebody had just rang her doorbell. She was convinced her ex had finally found her address and was trying to freak her out of her mind. Finally the police came, there was nobody but they found something wrong with the electronics of the doorbell, making it ring at random moments. Yes, I know, why during the night and not during the day.

I was tired, needed sleep and I knew the discussion between Princess and Stella would go on and on. When something creeps into Stella’s mind it stays there until it is replaced with something new.

“Lets drive over there and check it out,” I mumbled.
Princess asked if Stella wanted that, stressing the fact I would come too. Since the dinner date gone bad Stella has erased me completely out of her mind.

We arrived 20′ later and there was of course nobody standing in front of Stella’s door, not even the slightest evidence like a cigarette butt or an empty can.
While Princess calmed Stella I did a quick sweep of the environment, there are a few dark corners, but there was absolutely nothing. Stella insisted the man left seconds before we arrived, heard him running down the stairs.
Standing outside I heard dry leaves being swept over the flagstones and a nearby canvas making low sounds while it was pushed up and down by the wind.
Add to that a bad dream and Stella’s mental state and you have a dark, menacing intruder standing in front of her door and all the fantasies to go with it.

At 3 am we were back in bed, slept well and we woke up at 10, both hot as hell. We spend the next 90 minutes with rough lovemaking, your basic hair pulling, fierce nipple pinching and a few stinging smacks on her behind.
Princess asked me for my permission to cum and I told her yes, by all means, be my guest. My love came 10 times in a row although I am convinced it was only 9.

After pulling of the soaked sheets from the bed I made coffee and Princess ran a bath.
We washed each other and laid back in the hot water and Princess talked about Ar and her worries about her daughter.
It is true that Ar and Stella both bare the inheritance of their father who spent the bigger part of his life in psychiatry. Yes it is worrisome indeed.

I dropped Princess at her home little past noon. She thanked me for the time I took to listen to her worries and discuss it and for driving over to Stella in the middle of the night.

I smiled and kissed her.

I told Princess I am and will always be there for her.
For always and one day.
For better and worse.

Then I drove back home.

Ankle Wrap


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