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Princess told me on several occasions how she envied me for the way I express my feelings, both in writing and in speaking.

Princess did not learn this during her childhood. She grew up in a caring and loving family, I adore her parents, but talking about personal emotions was not done or encouraged.

We text a lot but don’t mail that often and prefer the telephone for communicating when we are not together.

Over time Princess send many short text messages that touched me, sometimes even moved me to tears. Some of her emails are rough gems that need only to be polished a little to make them shine.

I find it very important and satisfying to encourage and help Princess excel and get the best out of her.

Shortly after I started blogging I told Princess I had an assignment for her.

I wanted her to write one blog post a month and delivered before the 20th.
Of course I gave her carte blanche, not only for the content but also for the way she had to achieve this. Princess is free to make a drawing, a photograph, a poem, a short story or a journal entry, whatever works for that month.

On this blog I created a separate category and named it “Princess’ Corner“.

Soon though it became obvious the task was an impossible one for Princess to accomplish in time. Household duties, 4 kids at home, her eldest daughter Stella still a huge concern, work and so on.
So I changed the rules and now Princess writes something when she has enough free time and inspiration.

After finishing a post Princess I receive it by email and after reading we discuss it if necessary.
The final step is when I translate her writing, a challenging task. I want to keep as close to the original as possible.

I am happy to see her writing has improved greatly. Yesterday Princess told me she enjoys being able to express her emotions and feelings much opener and clearer now.


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