Thoughts – December 6th, 2013

It has such been a fine and heartwarming week. I enjoyed going to the movies with Little A. and we had lots of fun. I even made, to Little A’s embarrassment, a selfie of us both in front of the huge film poster.

From Tuesday night on Princess spend every night at my place and wow does it feel good holding her in my arms, spooning, falling asleep in each others arms.
When I sleep alone I’m waken by the alarm but when Princess is with me for some strange reason I wake up earlier.
I then lie in the darkness of our bedroom listening to her breathing while outside, a far away world is seems, slowly wakes up. Increasing traffic, the first bus and then, around 05:50, the guy with his noisy motorcycle. Still dozing these are the moments I cherish, aware of Princess’ warm body next to mine and savoring the fact this beautiful creature is lying in my arms, still asleep.

Today it is Sinterklaas and Little A. prepared her shoe yesterday evening and even went trough the trouble of making a small painting for The Good Holy Man. When she was asleep I put the candy I bought earlier this week next to her shoe and enjoyed the painting.

I too had written a letter. For Princess.
It is just a funny story but I know she will like it, together with the box of exquisite Belgian chocolates I put in her shoe. Yes I know, Sinterklaas is only for the little ones but I adore surprising Princess in every way I can.

This evening we will attend our Shibari workshop and we are so excited. Tomorrow we will attend to our last Salsa dance lesson. We are going to skip the next 10 lessens though because the times they are given do not correspond well with Princess’ agenda.
It will be a simple winter stop and we’ll keep going to the Cohibar for fun and free dancing opening time to do other things like going to the movies or the sauna.

I’m pretty sure I will fall in a black hole this Sunday evening after I’ve dropped Little A. at her mother’s. My daughter has spent 2 weekends and a week in between with me and it was so nice and intense having her. She likes being with me albeit she can be sometimes a real pain. It’s her age of course, nearing 14 years and puberty kicking in.

With sadness I learned this morning Nelson Mandela had passed away. I believe he was the greatest man that walked the earth during our lifetime. He inspired millions and brought hope for everybody.

He will not be forgotten and I am certain Nelson Mandela will continue inspiring for generations to come.

 Nelson Mandela

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  1. Yes, Mr. Mandela is a great man, though he was been imprisoned for over 20 years, he didn’t hate his enemies and even co-exist with them. He was able to lead his people into achieving peace, freedom! What is best, unlike many leaders, he is not power hungry!

    Such a great man will be deeply missed!

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