Please stop, Milord #ASMSG #DEC #erotica

Princess is voracious when it comes to climaxing. I love pushing her, again and again, in that vast ocean of intense pleasure until she begs for mercy and falls asleep in my arms.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching Princess cum. Her eyes are closed and she moans and meows, her back arches and her fingers grab the sheets or form fists.  A scream maybe, or just a barely whispered “I love you” when she climaxes and her beautiful body unwinds.
Princess thanks me, over and over, with that gorgeous smile of hers.
We hold each other close and I feel her heart beat against my chest while the pace of her breathing slowly decreases.

Since past Tuesday I haven’t allowed Princess to climax. I play with her, pushing her like I always do but now I ordered her to say “Stop please” just before an orgasm.
Wicked as I am I listen and oblige and discontinue whatever it is I was doing with her.

When I think she is up to it I start again, bringing her anew to the brink of a release. Till Princess says “Stop please” that is.

Yesterday, or was it already pas midnight, she pleaded for release. Princess kissed me ever so tender, rubbing her pelvis against my leg.
“My pussy is throbbing,” she whispered and I could hear a touch of despair and need in her voice.

Gently I planted a kiss on Princess’ forehead and asked her to imagine a box of fine chocolates.
Then, I continued, what is more fun my love? Greedy pushing them in your mouth savoring only a fraction of the pleasure they can offer?
Or taking just one to feel its texture, to inhale its scent and imagine it melting leisurely on your tongue where it makes your tasting buds go berserk. You can also put it back and not eat it. For later, something to look forward to, so you can enjoy the chocolate even more.
“The latter,” she whispered.
“Good girl,” I told her. “Now do you understand why I am not letting you climax?”
“The relief will be even more intense, enforced by the longing your are building in my body,” she said.

I smiled and gave her the last kiss of the day. It was a long and a good one and as it always happens when our lips connect and our tongues dance, I got a hard on.
“Mmmm,” Princess groaned, briefly licking my nipples, her lips barely touching my skin.

Her mouth was warm and what she did was delicious and maddening and shortly after I exploded and Princess greedily drank me.

“Please, Milord, please… my pussy feels like it is on fire,” she pleaded.
I went down and licked her hot and wet yearning folds and teased her swollen clit.
Princess made the right noises, she was so enjoying it.
“Remember, you are not allowed to cum, girl,” I growled.
Then “Please stop, Milord” and a deep sigh.

I took Princess in my arms and turned out the light.

We slept well, Princess and I.

Saturday morning, when we arrive back home after our Shibari workshop I will give her the release she is yearning for.
Or maybe not.
We’ll see.

Little Blonde



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  1. *sigh*

    As a sub, I have been on the other side of this teasing. I’ll just say, thank God for Dom/mes. You take such good care of us, even when you’re driving us to the brink of insanity.

    But it’s so worth it!

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