Thoughts – December 4nd, 2013 #ASMSG #DEC

Princess surprised by spending the night with me but she arrived very late at my place. She has to pick up her daughter Ar at her internship twice a week, mostly around 10:30-11:00 pm.

I was still writing when she called on my iPhone and told me she was standing in front of my door. Quickly I let her in and took her in my arms for a long and intense hug. We hadn’t seen each other since Sunday evening. We both were yearning to see each other.
We went to bed, Princess was very tired and still suffering from a bad cold and this morning she awake long before the alarm was due. She mounted me and we made love and after a long moan she thanked me. I then turned Princess on her side, facing me, and slowly kept moving in and out telling the love of my what I was going to do with her when I had the chance. Princess thanked me twice and then I turned on my back and gave her that delicious little breakfast she was longing for.

Princess left the building at 7 to pick up her kids, drop them at school, pick up Star and drop her at the nursery before going to work.

I stayed in bed and got up at 9:45. After a cup of coffee and posting my short story I went shopping and bought chocolates and candy for Little A.
On December 6th the children celebrate Saint Nicholas.
The evening before the youngsters leave their shoes in front of the open fireplace with sugar and oranges for the Saint, his horse and his (black) helper.
In the morning the kids then find presents and candy but only if they have been good throughout the year.


The laundry parlor was next on my list with clothes and bed linen and I was just in time at home to start cooking for Little A. I had decided to make one of her favorite dishes. Paste with a sauce of fried mushrooms in cream and some truffle oil.

When she arrived the first thing Little A. asked was if I would be mad if she told me something unpleasant.
I told her I would be very cross because I already knew what was coming. For months now her mother and I are very worried concerning our daughter’s commitment in school.
Little A. had 3 flaws and 3 near misses and her other scores had gone down quicker than shares on a bad day at the stock market.

Of course I lectured her, trying to keep my anger and disappointment far from my sermon. The effect was that Little A. got mad at me because I don’t believe in her and other shit. She ran to her room but came back not ever 10′ later to say sorry for her reaction.
I do think and hope though she now understands what is at stake.

I cannot do it for her but I can try to help and motivate her.
A difficult task as Little A. is only two weekends a month with me and yet her mother thinks the bad school results is my fault.
According to her I don’t give a damn.

A week or so ago I dropped my Nexus 7 and even in it’s protective pouch the screen cracked and the tablet became completely useless.

Repair is not an option. To expensive compared to the price of a new one.
For the time being I started using my iPad 1 again. Even being completely satisfied and happy with the Google (Asus) Nexus 7 and Android Kit Kat I finally decided to get a new iPad.
I had a hard time deciding between an iPad Mini Retina and the new iPad Air but decided for the latter and I am so glad I did.

iPad Air

The complete iWork and Office suite comes for free with this new iPad. I made a link between the tablet using Photosmith and Lightroom 5.0 on my iMac. The Olympus E-PM1 and Nikon D300 connect with no problem so I can download the JPG’s and work on the images in Snapseed or Photoshop.

Mmmm… so looking forward to our Shibari workshop on Friday.
But I am longing even more for Princess being in my arms again.
Yearning to play, to spank, to whip and to love her.

I like this video very much. It is a performance by Stefano Laforgia and Ishemia and it is one of my favorites.

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  1. Enjoy your new iPad, while I do like my Kindle with the new Air I would certainly consider that. Look into a Pelican case or an Otter Box. They aren’t visually attractive by any means but the protection is second to none.
    Have fun at the Shibari workshop.

    1. The iPad Air is a pleasure to work with and I will certainly look into the cases, can’t afford dropping this one 🙂
      Thank you Sir, we are both very excited for tomorrow.

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