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Writing a blog in a language that is not one’s mother tongue does not seem difficult. But I am being biased, I know.
A big part of my childhood I spend at my grandparent’s home and my dear grandmother was a 100% English lady.
During World War I she was a nurse in London and she fell in love with a wounded Belgian soldier. They married and lived for many years in Wales until my grandfather decided to return to Belgium.

My Nana never learned the language so I learned English as a kid.
I speak English with a horrendous accent but I possess an extensive vocabulary. Does this mean my writing is flawless? Of course not.

Decades ago I wrote several short stories in Dutch and a few of them made it to literary magazines. I still remember receiving a cheque for my first story and it was an awesome feeling.
The chick I was living with left me a few years later and my muse decided to tag along with her.

For the next 25 years I didn’t feel the need or the urge to write.

With Princess finally a new and very inspirational muse moved in.

I want to write short stories again and I have several ideas. But I will quickly hit my boundaries. Okay, a huge vocabulary helps and knowledge of conjugation too. Typical expressions though are a totally different matter but there I get help from the Internet.

The Aroma Of Coffee was written some 25 years ago and the past few days I have been busy rewriting it in English. It is what it is, just a short story, imagination and not related to personal experiences.

I will do so with another of my writings very soon.

The goal is to write an erotic story that has been cooking in my mind since a week when I first told it to Princess.

I am hoping on your feedback, Reader, so I can improve myself. You can do so via comment or mail.
Thank you for helping me grow as an author.

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