Thoughts – December 2nd, 2013 #ASMSG #DEC

We had once again a wonderful weekend together, Princess and I.

Saturday evening I picked her up at her house and to my great surprise The Boy, seated in the sofa, lifted his hand to greet me and we even chitchatted briefly. Yes, there is progress and it makes me very happy.
Bo didn’t run away but didn’t say a word.  Princess’ other daughter, Ar, still remains an angry young lady and her relation with Princess is at times very tense.  Ar has terrible mood swings and I’m sure it must not be easy for my love to coop with that.

Princess told me she had recently accompanied Ar to her student room and had noticed a picture frame next to her bed with two of the three placeholders already in use.
Suddenly, out of the blue, with no reason at all, Ar stated that she wanted to put a wedding photo of her parents in the remaining placeholder.
It struck Princess enough to tell me about it and I found it strange too. Hell, we are talking of an image taken almost 25 years ago,  and besides, I cannot imagine a youngster having his or hers parent’s wedding photograph on display. Having a recent picture of them seems far more logical.
Anyway Princess thinks it is mostly about hurting her but to me it shows how troubled Ar is with her feelings of loss and the fact her mom is now with another man.

I haven’t seen Stella, Princess’ eldest daughter, and Star since she pushed me away a few weeks ago. It hurts of course but not seeing Star, that funny little toddler, is even harder. Princess keeps telling me Stella will come around and I believe her. It worries me though as I am not sure I will be able to be openhearted again with Stella.

After Salsa course we went back home. Little A. is staying with me and I didn’t want to leave her alone for to long.
Princess and I watched Henry & June (1990 and directed by Philip Kaufman), a very sensual and erotic movie about the relation between Henry Miller, his wife June and Anaïs Nin.
Later on we went to bed, made love, very rough as always, slept and in the early morning we made love again. While we were wrapped in that delicious smell of our morning sex we talked and shared sexual fantasies. One of them may one day become reality but that is all I will say about it for now.

I drove Princess home at noon and I spend the bigger part of my Sunday afternoon writing and at 6 Princess came by and we went for an hour Salsa course. She couldn’t stay because she had to drop her daughters at the train station.

This evening I am taking Little A. to the movies. She wants to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
Tomorrow and Wednesday evening, around 11 AM Princess has to fetch Ar at her internship, drop her at her student room and then she drives back home and calls me or texts me so I know she if safe back home. So no sleeping over for Princess before Thursday night and we are not used to such a long interval anymore.
I will miss Princess during the night. I will miss holding her close to me, not to be able warming her skin with my breath or covering her with my love.

Soon it will be Friday evening and then Princess and I are going to enjoy our Shibari workshop in the Antwerp Fetish Café where we will buy a set of ropes too. It is our Xmas gift to each other. A present that will gives us, I’m pretty sure, lots of fun.

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  1. Shibari, have you practised much yet?
    I can only assume you need hours to accomplish anything complicated.

    1. We have done some basic stuff at home and want to go further. Some of the aspects addressed during the workshop are the options and possibilities. What about safety? Learn more techniques, get to know some tips and tricks. This workshop starts at 9 in the evening and ends around 2 in the morning 🙂 We hope to meet some interesting people too.

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