Princess & I – Our wishes

2013 is on the verge of flying away, never to be seen again. Leaving behind the ashes to settle and find a place in our memories.

What the New Year will bring remains a secret. It will be different for each of us and we will discover its mysteries only day-by-day.

A bigger part of our future lays in our own hands, in how we act, react. In what we say or do not say. There is the unforeseen impact, in a greater of lesser extent, too, by others on your lives and vice versa.

All we, Princess and I, can do is wish you the best on this voyage trough once another year. Good health, love, wisdom and friendship should be part of the luggage you carry so those are the things we hope you will be submerged with.
Of course lots of inspiration and creativity to go with so you can continue creating and render the world a little better.

Let New Year’s Eve be a moment of coziness, warmth and love. Joy when the clock strikes 12 and the night is lightened up by dazzling fireworks reflecting in the eyes of that special person in your life. Kiss your loved ones and hold them close so you don’t miss this fresh start. Take care of yourself and those who are so dear to you. 

Yet do not forget the unfortunate who, for a zillion reasons, will not start 2014 in a happy way. Hold them in your hearts just for a moment and wish them strength, belief and hope.

For those who will not be able to be together with their loved one, at the 2014 starting line, know I am midst you, as Princess is.  She and I will phone each other of course. This special evening my love will be cherished in my heart and in my mind as Princess is, every single day of the past and will be every day that lies in front of us.
I wish to end this post with a beautiful poem I read this morning, moving me to tears. I hope it will comfort us, those longing for the lips of our loves so near but yet so far away.

Written by Desiree G. and posted on her excellent blog Sea Of Desire.
It is called “New Year’s kiss” and it is so pure, wonderful and universal in the emotions it creates in the reader. Enjoy.

DECEMBER 31, 2013  New Year’s Kiss

For one night, let’s find some way to erase the distance

And embrace each other the way we’ve envisioned in the fantasy

For our lips to tease and playfully whisper as the countdown begins

Ten, your….  read further in a separate window

Happy New Year, dear Friends and Readers
Lot’s of love to and for you all
Princess and I
Found on Tumblr. I have no idea who to credit for this beautiful image.

REBLOG – Feminism and BDSM #ASMSG #dec #BDSM

Reblogged from the excellent blog “Southern Sir’s Place

Feminism and #BDSM
By John Brownstone (SouthernSir) | December 30, 2013
Thoughts of writing this post have resonated with me for some time now, I have vacillated back and forth about whether to write it or not.

In my travels on the Interwebz; of which I have a tendency to do a lot, I have noticed in some venues that submissives are attacked verbally for their submission. They are badgered about how they are taking feminism backwards by wanting the things they do.

Now I am not going to jump on a soap box and and talk about feminism in and of it self and what I do say may very well make some people upset, so be it.
What I am going to talk about is how little flowers submission has effected me as a man and how I have grown as a Dominant and it has changed my outlook on women in general.

When I was young I was an asshole, plain and simple, no if, ands, or buts; especially when it came to women. I would cat call to them, whistle at them, make comment about how their body was made for fucking, etc. In general in my youth I was a poor excuse for a man. I make no excuse for my behavior, it was rude and crude to the utmost. I am not proud of who I was but I am glad I have grown past that.

Since I have begun exploring my Dominant side and even more so since little flower and I have been together my entire attitude has changed. Now I am sure a good deal of that has to do with age and wisdom, at least I hope I have gained some wisdom and insight over the years.

I in no way shape or form coerced little flower into submitting to me. It was done purely by her own freewill over the course of the year we have been together. It was her choice, choice being the key word. If she did not feel that I have her best interests at heart, that she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would not in anyway do her any emotional or physical harm we would not be building the relationship we have today.

Do she and I have rough sex? Absolutely we do! On the other side of the coin to that we also have …

Continue reading this article on Southern Sir’s Place – Feminism and BDSM

Thoughts – December 30th #ASMSG #DEC #submisison #dominance

After Star’s 1st birthday party yesterday evening I dropped Princess of at her place.

It is a very difficult tightrope walk for my love as each of her kids have specific issues, wishes and needs and they all crave for quality time with their mother.
Something that is quite normal.
However Princess gets lots of negative remarks from her offspring because they feel their mother does not spend enough of that so much needed Q-time with them.
On the other hand, when all devils break loose and 5 kids are fighting and yelling against each other in such a way the Arabic Spring seems like a nice picnic in some cozy park, Princess gets fed up.
My apartment, our place, then becomes a safe haven for Princess. I like to think we are, in some basic form, already living together.

If I would to subtract work, time driving around picking or deposing kids, shopping and visits to medics of all sorts, Princess spends more than half of her available time at my place.
When Princess is here with me, at our place, we have real QUALITY TIME, trust me on this.

Rewind to yesterday afternoon.
We are at Stella’s place.
Everybody is gone; the sink in the kitchen bears an unbelievable load of dirty dishes, cups and utensils. The table a warzone with empty champagne flutes and leftovers and pieces of cake that soon will find a place in Tupperware boxes.

I am standing in the living room. Star is sitting on a carpet playing with a plastic tube that makes a funny sound when you quickly move it up and down. Stella, tired watching her daughter play, a smile on her face but it does not mask the fatigue. Princess went to the bathroom located next to the living room, separated by two doors.

Then she is back, Princess crawling in the direction of a chuckling Star.
Omg that is so damned hot and seeing Princess on all fours extremely arousing. I smirk and enjoy the sight of this innocent moves my darling is making.
Princess does not look in my direction.
Then Princess rises and sits, in the middle of the room, on her knees laughing at Star who is now moving her little hand up and down in a rapid pace trying to get that silly sound out of the blue tube.

There is nothing more I want to do now but stand next to my love and feel her head against my thigh whilst I gently stroke the top of her head.
Ah, my darling little pet.
Yet I don’t move and just admire what is happening in front of my eyes while I feel the buzzing in my groin and my penis hardening, pushing against the tight fitting black jeans.

Princess and I have debated on numerous occasions about Stella’s needs. She can be so dominating but it is in my opinion just a mask hiding the real chaos that reins her.
Stella needs a boyfriend and in my humble opinion he should be an understanding, gentle but very controlling Dom.  Stella really needs somebody to (help) organize her life.
There is one thing I would add, taking in account my own experiences with Princess’ eldest daughter. This special guy/man/Dom needs to be as serene as a rock that has a black belt in Zen Buddhism.

After leaving Stella’s place and kissing Princess at her doorstep I wished the love of my life goodnight.
It was still early and I told her it was better we would not phone each other later on. We had spend lots of quality time together and it would only make her children feel uneasy.

Later that night Princess called me. She wanted to hear me before switching off the lights and hearing her voice was a Gods gift. Hell, she was sleeping in the wrong bed once again and I was missing her so much it really hurt. Felt the need of fucking her silly and then carefully guiding her through the night safe in my arms.

Princess confessed the crawling had not really been intended for Star but was to turn me on, to tease me.
Mission accomplished, Darling.

You make my life worth to be lived, Princess.
You give the words unconditional love a whole new meaning.
Please be mine, only mine, for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately I do not know who to credit for this image. I found it on Tumblr.
Unfortunately I do not know who to credit. I found this pic on Tumblr.

Thoughts – December 29d, 2013 #ASMSG #DEC

I need to write, feel the urge to do so. Yet I have other priorities at the moment. This afternoon Princess and I attended the birthday party of Star, Stella’s daughter. She is one year old.

Stella spread the festivities over a period of three days because her apartment is not big enough to accommodate everybody.
This was day 3 and the parents of Stella’s late father were invited, one of Princess’ sisters, the married one, her kids and her brother and his wife and little daughter.

This morning Stella texted me asking if I would take some pictures. When I read the message I smiled and when I came back this evening I got another text message from Stella thanking me. For the photographs I had taken but were not seen yet by Stella or Princess.
And I smiled again and I think things are back to normal between Stella and me. On several occasions this afternoon I saw her observing me and when our eyes met she gave me a very honest and ever so friendly smile.

Now I am back home after dropping Princess off at her place. The apartment is empty although Little A. is spending a week with me. This afternoon she went to a friend who sits in her class and her parents took them both to the movies. Little A. will be sleeping over and tomorrow her friend will be sleeping over here.

After tomorrow it will be New Year’s Eve. Princess’ kids are all going out except for Kay so my love is spending that special evening with her youngest daughter and I am with Little A. There is some 9 kilometers between us but at this moment it presents an insurmountable gap. Yet Kay and Little A. are friends and classmates. We’ll have to settle with phoning each other at midnight, there is no other option.
Strange though as not even a year ago we went bowling together and even spend a day in an attraction park. Kay came over often to play with Little A. and now all that is the past. Kay turns away when she sees me.

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to try and put all that shit with Princess’ kids aside. It and by extension they are not worth a quarrel between us both and they should not poison that wonderful and deep relation we have, Princess and I. I need get lost of frustrations regarding them.

On January 1st Princess will pass the afternoon with her parents and I’m invited but this means I have to bring Little A. with me.  This is still a bridge to far for Princess’ kids so I am staying at home with my youngest daughter.

Later on that day Princess, after ditching her children at their home, she will dine with Little A. and myself at our place.

Yesterday evening Princess was here too and we watched the movie Frozen, together with Little A., the three of us cozy on one couch. I had expected something different from this film and Princess too. Although entertaining it was just a stupid a dime a dozen kind of story and even the graphics weren’t that special.
What really mattered though was spending time together.
Little A. simply adores Princess and they get along very well.

The images I took this afternoon are uploaded to Google+ so Princess can see them.
I don’t have to work tomorrow so the evening is still young.
What am I going to do next? 

Guess I’m going to finish the movie “Fargo” by the Coen Brothers and then crawl in my bed and finish part 3 of C.P. Mandara’s excellent Pony Tales. Christina has also a great blog, well worth your time.

I will fall asleep then, surrounded by the faint scent of sex that still floats in Princess’ and my room.
It is a delicious fragrance that has impregnated the sheets and the curtains making me miss my love so very much.

I’ll be longing for her, my mind and body yearning for her soft skin and warm breath.
Each and every night without holding Princess in my arms is a lost one.

Don't drink and drive. Don't drive and drink either.
Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drive and drink either.

Christmas Presents

They say that after the Holidays eBay is flooded with all sorts of goods the receiver did not like or does not need.
In my humble opinion it says more about the one that gives than about the ungrateful receiver.

When I surprise Princess with a present and I don’t wait for birthdays, Valentine’s Day or whatever, as I simply adore spoiling her, she is always very content.
Lingerie or a dress we choose together, after I have seen something I am pretty sure will make her radiate even more. I have never been wrong and her taste is mine.

Princess and I love drinking tea. She loves taking a bath with me.
My love does not have a bath at home, only a shower.
Our presents reflect what we both enjoy doing together.

First there was the Shibari workshop and the ropes we bought, an early Xmas present.
The evening of Christmas day, I cooked for my darling after we had a long talk about the horrible quarrel I started the night before. We both felt tired and emotionally drained but felt good discussing and trying to give the quarrel a place.

Of course we had bought gifts for one another too.
Princess surprised me with a beautiful earthenware teapot and two matching cups. Some tea too, mint and Jasmine, the latter simply because she discovered this flavor on our very first date when, after the Sushi, we drank Jasmine tea.


I gave Princess a bathing set with body lotion, shower gel, a wooden back brush and two different types of sponges.
She was also very happy with the set of stockings I had chosen with a little help of Big A.


Gorgeous black stay-ups to wear when we go to the Fetish Club, and a black pair with some red to use with her garter belt.

And of course Milord had a gift for His Princess too. She was amazed when she opened the box, not expecting such a present at all.
Princess looked at me with a big smile while holding the beautiful hand-sculptured dildo, made of tempered glass, in her hands.

Glass dildo
I used it later that evening after icing it down. Princess screamed and moaned and gasped for breath after she finally, and with my permission, orgasmed.
It could tell it was a great and intense one and Princess sighed and made all kinds of nearly audible noises while she crawled up in my arms and I soothed her.
Eager as a kid with a new toy she wanted to try the glass dildo again, this time heated up and it send her over the top once again.

Princess told me later on that night she preferred the glass iced down.

We finished Christmas day with lots of love and very rough sex.
Princess and I are okay. That what bounds us is made from titanium and is as strong as diamond.

Christmas, a mea culpa #ASMSG #dec #christmas

This is a story with beautiful memories and some sad moments.
It is about me.
About how I can be, at times, carried away by my emotions and become a fucking asshole.

This story is sadly a true one. It started late this Xmas Eve and ended in the early morning of the next day.

As a matter of a fact it began much earlier.
It started when I was a little boy.

Those Christmases, in my recollection, seemed all white ones.
With my parents I spend them at my grandparents, mother’s side. I guess what I remember are probably just memories that over time have been embellished with a golden patina.
Each Xmas we watched ‘White Christmas’ with Bing Cosby on Nana’s and Baba’s black ‘n white television. The set took ages to warm up before it could generate an image.

In the early morning I woke up in my room upstairs and it was always freezing cold. At night, before falling at sleep I would stare at the television antenna fixed against the ceiling. When the cool blue light of the moon visited my room the metal construction would cast weird shadows fecundating my fantasy.

In the morning I would go to the next room and crawl up between my parents in their warm bed before washing my face with cold water. My grandparents did not have central heating and I don’t think many had at that time.
On those Christmas mornings though I would be revved up with a mix of adrenaline and anticipation. The stocking, flat and empty the evening before now filled with candy and small presents waiting to be savored or opened.
In the living room it would be warm. The stove filled with coal would be buzzing and yellow flames lick against the small mica windows.

All these presents under a magnificent decorated tree and I was not allowed to open them till after dinner.

So I played outside, in the snow, maybe with my father or my grandfather and there would be hot chocolate afterwards.

What I remember very clearly, while I am writing this, is the love, the togetherness. The warmth and the save haven of a family. Of course the astonishment as only a kid can feel, can experience. But it is mostly the warmth and love I miss the most.

Later on, after my sister was born Xmas was at my parent’s place and the tree would stand next to the open fireplace. Magnificent as ever.
We would dine at Christmas evening. My mother was an excellent cook.

Yes, love, warmth, oneness, being a part of a circle of trust, hell I do miss that so much.

It all changed when my father died in 1972 and in the following next 10 years I would have to say farewell to Nana and to Baba too. At times live really does suck.

I lost Christmas too as it would never ever be the same anymore.
I stayed behind, craving and yearning for what was lost hoping one day I would find it again.

Mid eighties my sister outed herself driving my mom almost nuts with shame and for years to come she was persona non grata. No fertile ground for intimate family moments let alone for Xmas.
During the 16 years I was married Christmas Eve was spend with my ex-wife’s parents in Brussels.
I hated every single one of them.

Too much people, all Sicilians, screaming and yelling to get attention and I did not understand a word of what they said. And if one of them took the effort to address me in French he, or she, could as well have spoken Cuneiform or whatever, their accent was dreadful.
The food was awful and the noise they all made was enveloped by the sound the TV-set, some loud Italian show they received by satellite. There was nobody I could relate to, or talk with and without sounding presumptuous the social difference between them and me was a gap as huge as the Grand Canyon.

The gifts were all (much) more is better and I was never ever surprised with something original or useful. They gave to give.

Of course I asked my former wife if it would be possible to spend Xmas eve just with the two of us, later on the three of us and even later, when our marriage was already dying, the four of us.

It never happened of course, the Sicilian family way of doing things did not tolerate such.
We, the mother of my daughters and I agreed, during the divorce act, the girls would be with me on New Year as, dixit Ex, I did not like Xmas and so was not able to provide a fun evening for them.
After that divorce I was alone for a few years. There was a relation but the two Holidays we spend together were, understandably, no joyful moments as the treatment for breast cancer threw a shadow on everything.
After that I was alone again. No, she did not die but after the treatment was finished she had seen death in the eye and had decided she would give all her time to her son and I was told to fuck off.
Which I did.

Then I met Princess and our first Xmas, 3 months later, everything was to new to spend this together. Princess had broken up with me a few days earlier and it had come as a total surprise although it was the second time already. She said no and after a few days I do again. I remember it had devastated and hurt me deeply as at that time I was already madly in love with the Princess.

Yet I am hopeful and I know I will be able to experience an unforgettable Christmas evening with Princess. There are some hurdles to take though.

December 24, 2013.
At work a few colleagues ask me for my plans.
None, I answer. Princess will spend it with her kids and her late ex-husbands parents.
Yes, I know, we are 2+ years together but that is the way it is.
I am not invited because her kids do no want me in their lives.
They look at me in a strange way, maybe with sympathy and then leave and drive to their families.

We are allowed to leave at 3 at Christmas Eve but there must be someone reachable. I volunteered, hell, there is no wife or family waiting for me. Not this evening.

My co-workers appreciate my gesture and leave for an evening of warmth and love. Well, I sure hope it is that way for them.
Later on I arrive at home, a cold and dark place. No tree, why should I take the trouble?

Later on I hear in the apartment below a party going on and I am alone watching “True Romance”, a Tony Scott movie written by Tarentino. True Romance is about true and deep and unconditional love, the kind Princess and I have.

It gets late. No text message from Princess, no sign of life. No I miss you, Wish you where here or so.

The party keeps going on beneath my feet and then it hits me as a sledgehammer.
Big A. is out with her boyfriend.
Little A. and her mom and boyfriend, and his daughter, are in a restaurant.
Princess is with her family.

And here I am.

Still alone and as things are going no chance to spend Xmas evening with Princess, her kids still despise me and that is not going to change soon.
No text message from Princess and I am getting turned up more and more. Angriness creeps in.
I know she had planned to spend the night at my place but it will be late and it is only possible because Stella has to work the next morning. Basically Princess is driving her eldest daughter home and my place, my bed is just a great bonus for her.
Finally I text Princess and she answers me.
Then, at 00:50 am on Xmas morning she texts me she is on her way.

I am now completely taken over by emotions I do not want to feel.
So much anger, frustration and incomprehension fill my heart and mind.
I do not want to see her in this state so I text her I think it is better for her to sleep in her own bed.
We phone.
We, well, I argue.
Then I open a bottle of wine and drink it on an empty stomach.
I get drunk. Terribly wasted.
Fuck I hate so much being drunk. At the end of her life my mom had a bottle, sometimes two, of port every single day. The woman I was with, the one who suffered breast cancer, was an alcoholic.

Phoned Princess back and start throwing with mud.
Breaking up, ordering her over to get her stuff twenty or so times she told me later on.

Princess came over yesterday evening. She cried and it broke my heart. We talked and made up. I cooked her dinner and then we exchanged presents and later on we fucked our brains out.
We did the same this morning. We have no brains left anymore.

This afternoon I went to the movies with Little A. and I tried to be cheerful for her sake but I feel so sad, so abashed and I want to hold Princess in my arms. To make sure all is well, to be sure all is as it was.

I won’t be seeing her before Saturday evening though and I yearn to kiss her and tell her how much I love her and how my life would end if she would not be there anymore. You know what I mean, Princess, when you said what you said a few days ago in the car and I cried.

Princess, I love you with all my heart and soul. I am so sorry for what I said for I did not mean it but yet the words have been spoken. Cannot be taken back.

Forgive me please.
I ask you as I know you can, you have this power of magic in you, the warmth, the love, the caring.
Please let me have once again a Christmas like the ones I remember when I was a child. For decades I am longing for that special feeling I once used to know. And lost.
Longing to find it again.
Love, warmth.
Family and loved ones, a circle of trust.


Old & New #ASMSG #dec #christmas

My Friends,
Dear Readers,

Christmas is approaching fast and a few days later the New Year will be knocking on our doors.
It is near to impossible to escape the inevitable wishes.

What can be greater, more fun and intense than a wonderful Xmas amongst those you are close to and especially those whom you love and cherish?The feeling of the warm security offered by family, friends and loved ones, the coziness, oneness and happiness.

Let our thoughts also linger for a moment on those who are less fortunate. Some of us have problems during the Holidays. Some of us are overcome with great sadness when they remember the loved ones who are not with them anymore. Many people have no one to spend these Holidays with and are encircled by solitude.

Don’t we all need caring and loving thoughts right now?

Even if we are powerless and not able to help or make a difference, embracing these unfortunate in our minds and hearts help us not to forget how lucky we are and that reaching out is sometimes merely a simple and easy gesture.

We wish you, Friends and Readers, a superb 2014 filled with love, friendship and good health. Let the new year mark a fresh start for new, postponed or forgotten intentions.

Stay well and enjoy every day, every hour and every second to its fullest.

From us both,
Princess and I


Christmas wishes

Thoughts – December 22nd, 2013 #ASMSG #DEC

or the first time since our dinner with Stella went wrong, some month and a half ago, I saw baby Star again. At Stella’s place mind you, as Princess and I came by to pick them both up. Stella even took the trouble to make coffee for us both. It was still early and Princess and I had spend a hot night and morning together. This Sunday morning was no exception to the rule, au contraire. The lovemaking was very rough and I enjoyed using Princess completely, having fun with all the attractions she offers as it where.

When baby Star noticed me was started to cry. Not because she had missed me or was touched by joy seeing me again after so long. I had become a stranger and she quickly crawled in the direction of Princess and once safely in her arms Stella observed me, watching closely every move I made.
I dropped them at Princess’ place and drove back home.

I picked them up later that afternoon and drove to Princess’ brother for his little daughter’s anniversary.

Princess’ son, The Boy, wanted to attend too but only if we would go in separate cars. He does not want to be in the same small space with me. Princess refused so The Boy stayed at home.
We had fun at the party and gradually Star got used to me again and soon she was sitting on my lap and I saw Stella smile at me. Things seemed back to normal again, Stella acting as nothing had happened.
Princess’ father invited me for the family gathering on January 1st but I declined knowing her kids would never accept me being there, let alone with Little A.
My body language changed from happy to angry and frustration took over and Princess noticed it and asked me to get a grip.

It is getting tougher and tougher to control my frustration about how her children dislike me and don’t give a fuck about her mother being happy or not.
These past weeks they have shown me a few times their desdein by getting up and leaving the room collectively when I enter. Can they be any clearer?
Over time, I have been warning Princess this would finally happen, my heart has grown cold and I am now indifferent when it comes to her children. It makes me so sad it has come to this and that too makes me angry.
When Princess told me two days ago Bo was in distress because her boyfriend ditched her I couldn’t care less.
I have arrived at a point I cannot talk about them rationally anymore and I am guided by anger and frustration. It is poisoning me.

Later on we drove back, I dropped Princess at her house, she had to drop one daughter and pick up another. She is always busy driving around for her children.
We arrived at Stella’s and I helped her by taking Star’s pushchair and other stuff up to her apartment. I got a hug and then I was on my way home back again.

Later on Princess came by.  We talked and ended up quarreling about her children.
My fault.
In bed we made love, delicious and rough, and slept well.
This Monday morning we left home for work together, another first. On the parking we kissed each other goodbye and drove away, in different directions.

It is calm at work and I am ready to post this. I have read it over and over again and I know it is a little harsh here and there. But it is how I feel and finally these are tiny parts that are a part of who I am at a given time.

Just before posting this I was asked by a colleague for advice. I am one of the two confidents at work.
Carefully I listened to his problem and we discussed it, I offered several solutions and one of them he accepted. He was very grateful for my assistance.
It was only after coming back to my desk, sitting in front of my computer, reading what I had written it occurred to me.
Although work related I had helped a coworker deal with a situation that is almost a copy of my troubles with Princess’ children.
It is very hard to take a step back when it is oneself who is concerned.

I must find some peace of mind where it concerns Princess’ children and it has become an urgent matter.


REBLOG – Today I Am Slave Vile #ASMSG #dating

I am reblogging this because we cannot stress enough to be careful, subs and slaves, when you are looking for a new Dom or Master. Unfortunately abuse is everywhere. One of my dear friends was once raped on her first date.

So thank you Vile for being an advocate against all forms of abuse. 

Today I Am Slave Vile

So I have been looking for a new master for a few months, I joined because well that just seems like the place. There are so many Masters to choose from. I know I am new and I am inexperienced but surely I will find someone who will except me.

So I made a profile, and within 24 hours I have received over 250 emails, wow I cannot believe the response I have gotten. Then I notice there are three who live relatively close to me. So after a little thinking I decided to write each one and see how things go

The next morning I get three reply’s all giving me their Yahoo messenger so I log in and I add each name. Now I am feeling excited because I really do not know what to expect.

So after a little hesitation I send my first Message, Hello? I wait and wait, then finely that would be Master, how are you doing today?

I am doing well thank you hmmm Master.

So what are you looking for ? I am looking for a Master someone who can teach me about BDSM.

Read more via Today I Am Slave Vile

REBLOG – Good Dominants Give Good Aftercare

I found this on One Slaves Perspective:

Aftercare is something I treasure because it brings both partners very close to one another.  I found this blog piece touching and very truthful. Please do take time to discover this well written blog.


Good Dominants Give Good Aftercare

Posted on December 10, 2013by 

Atercare is more important than you think.  There are a lot of emotions involved in submitting to someone, handing over total control.   You need to learn when to baby your submissive.  We aren’t just there to do the housework, tend to your needs, and hand out sexual favors like Halloween candy.    There may be a lot of times where we want to be used, made to feel like your prized possession, controlled, and dominated but we also want to feel like you respect us as a person.  We need to know that you will take care of us both emotionally and physically, because how else can we trust you enough to just hand over the reigns and ‘do as we’re told’?

Predominantly in a 24/7 Master/slave dynamic the transfer of control is something that happens all the time but mostly like an underground current.  It remains there in your daily life but it doesn’t always make itself visible.  For all outward appearances, a majority of the time you may seem like every other vanilla couple.  But then there are times where the transfer of control is VERY present.  In rough sex play, bondage, the handing out of discipline or punishment, and other times, the heightened emotions that come with a total control transfer are compounded.  This is when aftercare is needed the most.

Think of aftercare as a way to truly show your submissive that you appreciate her submission, to recognize the fact that she trusts you so much she’s willing to put her life in your hands, to pay homage to the fact that it is her submission that gives you the strength to be a real Master – not just of your world but hers as well.  She will do ANYTHING for you, adore you, worship you, and give you the freedom, and the courage, to be the leader in a world that doesn’t exactly encourage it.  When you experience a time of extremely evident power conversion she needs to know that you are always there for her and will always take care of her.

Aftercare can involve many things.  Whispered I love ……… READ MORE BY GOING TO THE BLOG