About orgasms and Princess

I regret I didn’t write down when I first touched Princess’ hand or when and where we first kissed.

Two weeks and a half after we met I took Princess to my photography exposition near Antwerp and afterwards we went to my favorite seafood restaurant in the
The Netherlands. We had a great time, the mussels were delicious and later that day we drove back to my place.
When I kissed Princess it came so very naturally and I will never forget the first time we made love.
It was simply wonderful and very intense.

Princess is a gorgeous creature and her inner beauty is simply incredible.

It was by all means pure vanilla lovemaking and I savored her body after intense kissing Princess, undressing her ever so slowly.
I tasted and licked and kissed every spot of her ravishing body. Oh boy, every single square inch was pure ecstasy.

Princess tasted so very good and I couldn’t get enough of licking her warm and wet folds, teasing her swollen clit and then, quite suddenly, the love of my life climaxed and it was a very intense one.

Later, much later, Princess admitted she had felt both shame and surprise during our first time.
Embarrassed because she had orgasmed so easy during. Surprised because she had been able give herself enough to climax.
I smiled and comforted my Love and told her she didn’t have to worry and just enjoy.

Every time we make love Princess climaxes, vaginal or clitoral, depending on how I touch or take her.
This makes me so happy and I love watching the amazement in her eyes, that little smile that goes with absolute and complete gratification. Her convulsing body seeking shelter in my arms and the aftercare I love giving for the absolute intimacy it brings. These are moments where we are so very close to one another.

About a year and a half ago I told Princess about the female ejaculation and I remember how Princess looked at me in disbelief. Telling her I was born on Saturn and moved to Earth after having spend my childhood on Mars would have probably been more credible.

Princess had a zillion questions but I was well prepared and able to satisfy her curiosity. Yet she remained unconvinced, mumbling something about an urban legend.

It took me 4 or 5 months to get there and hot BDSM had melted away the vanilla.

One evening we were making love and Princess was riding me. It is a position I particularly like as I can spank her ass, pinch and scratch her buttocks and back, squeeze and roll or nibble and suck her nipples. But most of all I just love watching her move on and over me.

Princess was very close to exploding and I remember grabbing her hips and pushing my pelvis up in a quick rate.
Suddenly Princess stopped moving, accepting only my hard and vicious thrusts. She then made a strange sound, kind of deep groan. I felt a warm liquid running over my belly, thighs and balls and I knew. I was deeply moved by her trust, her submitting. Simply letting go because everything had fallen in its place.

Princess fell forward, embracing me, breathless, her lips on my face covering it with a million little kisses.
“What happened to me?” she panted. Then a cry of shame “OMG, I have peed.”

I held Princess in my arms, not wanting to let her go.

I soothed my Princess and told her how proud I was of my girl. Felt how the pace of her breathing decreased.

I told her she had experienced that urban legend: a female ejaculation.

Princess was not convinced though, still thinking she had peed in our bed. But nevertheless it was an overwhelming experience and I am sure it made her feelings for me even stronger.

I had a hard time persuading Princess but she held back in the weeks that followed. She explained that seconds before this devouring and all-consuming orgasm engulfed her, it felt as if she needed to urinate.

Every time we made love I encouraged Princess to let go completely, to trust me, to trust her body.

Finally she was able to let loose and ejaculated.
And again.
And again.

Hell, I had created a monster.

Every time we make love Princess ejaculates lavishly and I am aware it sounds unbelievable but it is the truth.

When Princess leans over my sofa and I spank her or whip her she becomes so aroused I just have to touch her longing wetness to make her cum, to make her gush and I adore that splattering sound of her delicious juices on the stone floor of our living.
After playing and fucking in our bed I have to change the sheets protecting our mattress. I don’t mind.

One Sunday morning I had to pull the mattress on the terrace so the huge stain could dry in the sun.

When Princess gives she does so abundantly and I love her for that. Princess is, together with my daughters, a unique and valuable present that life has given me.

I love it when I make Princess climax again and again until she pleads for mercy.

I simply adore pushing Princess from that cliff of arousal and watch her fall in an ocean of pure lust and ecstasy.  I can then be her hero and rescue her and hold my Princess in everlasting aftercare.

After all she is my Princess.
My Holy Grail.
My everything.

On the road