About a collar

A little more than a year ago I collared Princess after of course talking about it first. The only thing I now regret is I just put it on her without any ceremonial proceedings.

Princess had mixed feelings about it though. She found the whole idea rather silly. Using a necklace like one does for pets as a symbol for a D/s relation was beyond her imagination and Princess was sure she would not be able to take it serious but see it rather as a mockery.

I on the other hand did not want to get her a mainstream collar like a dime a dozen to be found on the Internet. Unfortunately I am not that handy so making one was not an option either.

One day I went to a pet shop and bought a very finely crafted collar and leash to match made of dark brown and very soft leather, expensive and of a delicate beauty. When I saw it in the store I knew it had written my name all over it. A perfect match it would be for a sexy and beautiful creature like Princess.

Princess liked it because it was handmade and smelled like leather should but her preconceived opinion and revulsion made it difficult for me those first weeks or so to even suggest putting on the collar. So it took some time for Princess to fully accept the collar for what it meant, a symbol of unconditional respect, trust and love mainly but also a token of her gift of submissiveness when we play.

Now she enjoys the moment when I collar her and it immediately brings her in the right mindset.
Lately Princess has mentioned she felt slightly down when I took off her collar after playing. She describes it as a feeling of desolation and I guess it is a mild form of subdrop that occurs after our sometimes very intense playing.
This is one of the reasons I only admit playing on evenings Princess can stay over for the night so I can be sure she is all right.  It helps sleeping very closely in each other’s arms.

Yesterday evening, after our Salsa dance course, we played and it was, like it always is, very intense. One of the highlights was a very passionate flagellation after I had warmed up Princess’ skin with a flogger.

I whipped the love of my love for about 15′ taking no prisoners and making her butt crimson red, working her shoulders too. These latter are one of Princess’ erotic spots and it makes her wince and moan whenever touched in a way I only know how.

The whipping made Princess cum as she always does, uncontrolled and abundantly and I just love the sound of her wetness splashing on the stone tiles of my floor.
I took her in my arms, preventing her from falling on her knees and I held, soothed and comforted her.

Then I took her to our bed and covered her and told Princess I would be back in a few minutes.
I blew out the candles and quickly mopped the floor in our living. Filled our glasses with white wine, made sure her iPhone was on her pedestal cupboard and slid naked under the duvet.

Princess and I cuddled and kissed and I grew hard and then I fucked her silly and she thanked me for every orgasm I gave her. She is a good girl although now and then I still have to remind her of the thanking part.

It must have been way past midnight when I decided to call it a day and ordered Princess to catch some sleep.  I hadn’t cum yet though. Between you and me, dear Reader, I don’t give a damn about cumming myself.  Pleasuring Princess, watching her while she climaxes and knowing I have the absolute power to do the things I do with her are by all means much more fun and pleasurable than me just squirting sperm in or on her.

My pleasure lays way beyond my desire. I orgasm mentally and intellectually each and every time Princess does and it is much more intense than the lame contractions in my lower abdomen and balls.
I made Princess change the soaked sheets covering the mattress after I had flipped it over.

Blew out the candles in our bedroom and kissed the love of my life goodnight. She didn’t say a thing nor complained and soon we feel asleep.

It was the very first time Princess wore here collar while sleeping.
Like I said, she is a good girl.

Princess' collar & leach