Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank you, Southern Sir, for nominating this blog with The Versatile Blogger Award. Receiving this award is not only very motivating but also a sign of appreciation and both pleasure me very much.
This is a shared award as Princess is also a contributor to this blog with Princess’ Corner. Princess sends you, Sir, the tiniest of hugs as I keep her on a short leash 🙂

 Versatile Blogger Award

Let me start with telling you 7 things about me/us.

Sharing the D/s lifestyle with Princess has taught me a few new things about myself. Some of them have been dormant, some are discoveries.  I’m a mild sadist and I have voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies too and so is Princess with the difference that she is a mild masochist.

Princess makes a chilli con carne to die for.

I don’t eat sweets or munch from a cake nor do I like chips.

I don’t like seafood but enjoy mussels, smoked salmon and sushi very much.

Princess and I just love de-stressing in a public sauna.

On a few occasions Princess and I briefly had sex in the pool of the sauna we visit. It was a very arousing experience doing so while there was somebody swimming and we stood in a corner of that same swimming pool. We only go in the evenings and the room is sparsely lit.

When I look in my heart and in my soul I can say in all honesty that I have never ever loved someone the way I love my Princess. She is the One I’ve been waiting for, she is my Grail.


Now for my nominees and that is not an easy choice. SouthernSIr has nominated most of those I had in mind and there is so much great stuff that maybe is never mentioned.

Karen A. Sullivan – Wildfire8470 ** Erotica, Stories and Books

Alice’s Secret Sex Diary – StoryOfAlice ** Very well written and beautiful images. I am just starting the discovery of this blog.

Stella Kiink – Stella Kiink ** There are times to be vanilla and times you just have to get your kink on.

Hyacinth Jones – A Dissolute Life Means…  ** A very fine erotic blog I enjoy reading.

the Master’s Slave ~ a journal of love ** Fine erotica and poetry illustrated with beautiful images

His Beloved Submissive is about the daily life of a submissive wife. I did not find a way to contact the author of this blog.

Art of Stumbling for the content, the beauty and the creativity.

Desiree – SeaOfDesire ** Very fine erotica in text and poetry.

Erotica by Eva. St. James – SmuttyWords ** I love spending time on this blog.

Les Hauts De Hurle Valence ** A very versatile non erotic blog, written in French and well worth your time.

Surrendered Heart
** Another of those wonderful and well written erotic blogs.

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