The Heart Of Saturday Night #ASMSG #nov #BDSM #erotica

We had quite a Saturday evening, Princess and I, although it didn’t start very well. It was merely an unnoticeable dissonant in a perfect play but did hurt like hell even if I’m accustomed to it.
I rang Princess’ doorbell, waited a few seconds and entered her home and saw, from the hallway where I was standing how in the living space her kids quickly got up and skittishly left the room. It feels, every time again, as a violent blow, the way they show their disapprobation, how they make me feel uncomfortable and unwanted.
After the dinner debacle past Tuesday with Stella I was hoping they would give me a break but things are what they are, they rarely change.

I told Princess I would wait outside and stood there for a few minutes cooling off in the cold and sticky fog.
We drove to my place and in the car I exploded briefly, shouting as a madman, not at Princess mind you, but just screaming out my frustration and powerlessness.

In the Cohibar we learned a new move, not a difficult one but at the end I need to turn quick and swiftly around my own axis, right foot, left and right foot again finishing in front of Princess and looking at her. Not easy as I have a hard time keeping my equilibrium doing so.

Cohibar - detail

To my great pleasure Big A. and her boyfriend Mitch showed up and we had a few drinks with them until they left.
Princess and I went home too and while I took a quick shower the love of my life lit the candles.
I reappeared again, my skin damp and my body revitalized and I took Princess in my arms and gave her a long kiss.
“Ready?” I whispered.

“Yes Milord, I am,” she replied and I kissed her forehead while I collared her.
“Sit,” I told her pointing at the church chair that was standing in front of our sofa.
Princess did as asked; she is a good and very obedient girl.

“Care for a glass of wine?”
She nodded and I went to the kitchen and poured two glasses of excellent Shiraz.

We drank while I sat on the couch playing with my riding crop, touching ever so gently her jaw line, then descending and caressing the naked skin of her arms. Saw her shivering in pleasure, her eyes closed and a content smile curled her lips in such a sexy way.

Every single day I fall on my knees and thank life for the present of Princess being my life.

I did a lot of things with and to Princess that evening while she was not allowed to put her glass of wine down.
She almost came when I spanked her while she kneeled on the church chair. I held her in my arms afterwards, soothing her and then she sat on the ground, on her knees, head on my leg while I caressed her soft hair and Princess looked so very happy, so complete.
Princess came very intense with a big squirt while she was standing bend over the sofa, her beautiful ass crimson red from the whipping.

Finally I ordered her on all fours and attached the leach to her collar and led her to our bedroom, walking behind her, enjoying her ass wiggling while she crawled for me.
In bed I attached the leg spreader to her ankles, blindfolded her and started playing with her pussy, licking and gently fingering. Boy she was so wet and yearning for whatever was following next. The Knobby Wobbly Rabbit vibrator blew her mind away as I had imagined it would. I sat next to her, crossed-legged and just before she climaxed Princess squirted all over herself and my arms and legs and she was on the verge of crying out of contentment.
Afterwards she told me it was an incredible double orgasm and she thanked me a zillion times as she does for each orgasm I give her and she is not allowed to bring it to herself when I am not around or when she sleeps at her place.

For what seemed hours I held my love in my arms, in the dark of our bedroom and felt her shiver for a long time while the intensity of her orgasm slowly drained.

We slept well so close to one another, feeling safe.
We slept, happy we would see each other the next morning.
We slept with the promise of a kiss starting a new day.
Hell, we just slept.