Planning a Saturday evening

I went shopping yesterday. Not in your regular grocery store or whatever springs to mind but in an erotic shop, owned by a friend of mine.


First of all I bought two identical floggers.
A few days ago I read an interesting post on Kayla Lords blog mentioning Florentine flogging.

I clicked through to the article and, well, I immediately liked what I read. It is considered an advanced flogging technique. To get this one right I am sure I’ll have to exercise quite a lot on, for example a pillow.

They didn’t have the kind of flogger I had in mind so in stead I bought two identical whips and will shorten the strands. They are way to long.
I was hoping to exercise today but that won’t be possible as Little A. texted me a while ago asking me if she could spend the afternoon with me.
Yes, of course I answered, it is always great to have Little A. at my place.

I also added another toy to my shopping cart, a Knobby Wobbly Rabbit.
This soft jelly like and knobbed vibrator gives extra clitoral stimulation with its dual motors.
I am sure Princess will enjoy this one and I already imagine her lying on my bed ready and longing, legs apart with my DIY spreader and maybe her arms immobilized with an second DIY spreader. She will not know what to expect from this vibrator but I am sure she’ll orgasm intensely and squirt abundantly. Princess always does since I taught her how to focus and forget her fear of entirely letting go and to embrace what her body is telling her mind.
Yes, Princess is a good girl when it comes to giving herself completely and utterly to me.

Knobby Wobbly Rabbit

This evening we are going to our Salsa Dance course like every Saturday evening but we won’t stick around afterwards. I will be taking Princess home for some extensive playing. Hell, we have really missed this, playing a scene, enjoying the pain, lust and desire. I adore making Princess completely submit to me.

This past week has been very emotional for both of us and then we don’t go much further than intense rough sex like your basic hair pulling, nipple pinching, shoulder biting and bare hand spanking stuff.
All this is enough though to make Princess come in a very wet way a zillion times in a row.

I added a music clip to this post and I hope you’ll enjoy the exciting and goading rhythm.