Dinner #ASMSG #nov

In a few hours I will experience another first and boy have I been looking forward to this one. Stella and Star will arrive at my place with Princess, Stella’s mom and they will attend dinner at my place.

Stella started this as Princess and I had the pleasure of dining at her place a few months ago as a simple thank you for our efforts regarding Stella and her little baby daughter. It was a first for Stella too, as she had started a new and independent life with her little daughter after some 9 months in ‘4’, the mother/baby care unit.
I am so happy to be able to write that, with some little and inevitable glitches, Stella is doing very well and she is even working. I am extremely proud of her, she has come from very far.

I have made menu cards and I would not be who I am without a wink for Princess. As accompanying photograph I have opted for a landscape photograph of Cap Blanc Nez I made a few years ago. For those who follow my blog know this will be the place where, in a few years from now, I’ll propose to Princess.

Menu card

Big A. and M. started dating a month after Princess and I started our history and their relation is at least hot-blooded and I can’t keep track anymore if my firstborn is still with M. or not.
I know, noblesse oblige, I am Big A.’s father and she should be invited first but those who follow my blog also know my relation with my first born is at least very hot-tempered.

So Stella will be the first one to dine at Princess and my place and she deserves it. Even in her most difficult moments Stella took the time to open her heart for me and she gave me an extremely valuable present: her trust and that I cherish.

I’ve made fresh vegetable soup followed by French beans, fried potatoes and a pepper steak and I’ve chosen for Quay Landing Shiraz.
Princess has put something in my fridge as dessert but I overcame my curiosity thus have no idea what to expect.



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