Voyeurism – Exhibitionism

voy·eur noun \vwä-ˈyər, vȯi-ˈər\

: a person who gets sexual pleasure from secretly watching other people have sex

: a person who likes seeing and talking or writing about something that is considered to be private

One of the things I love when Princess and I are in the Antwerp Fetish Café during the Fetish Lounge Parties is watching other people play.

It is fascinating to observe other Dom’s playing with their slaves or subs, undressing them, the whipping, the spanking, the moaning and hands sliding between obviously wet thighs.
Sitting at the bar and peeking at a Dom whose sub is sitting on her knees giving Him head is arousing and visually overwhelming.
There is no real sex though, in the Fetish Café and with that I mean fucking.
That is a pity because I enjoy watching people have sex. It is yummy eye candy.
I find it extremely exciting and it is a powerful visual drug too; one I crave on as a starving vampire yearning for blood.

Fortunately Princess finds this also very stimulating.

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ex·hi·bi·tion·ism noun \ˌek-sə-ˈbish-ə-niz-əm\
a :  a perversion in which sexual gratification is obtained from the indecent exposure of one’s genitals (as to a stranger)

b :  an act of such exposure
:  the act or practice of behaving so as to attract attention to oneself

I have less experience with this part but I am very sure I would enjoy people observing us, Princess and I, while we are playing or having sex.
When we go to the Antwerp Fetish Café one of my pleasures is having Princess dressed very sexy and later on undressing her while she is tied to something. I love showing the beauty of her body.

I’m not sure about Princess’ feelings but I guess she would also find pleasure in being watched.
Let me be clear though. I do not want Princess to be touched, even by the gasp of a masturbating male spectator.

Well, to be honest, I would not mind, in a controlled environment, you know, trust and so on, Princess experimenting with a woman. It has nothing to do with sexism, this woman/woman idea. I just don’t want Princess to be touched by another man, as in my mind it is a completely different thing.

For the record, I do not want to be touched either. Not by a man. Not by another woman.
My body, mind, soul and spirit belong only to Princess and I would cherish the idea to be the sole owner of her body.

My most intense fantasy would be seeing Princess kiss a lady. I imagine it being a long and intense dance of yearning tongues, hands caressing aching skin and nipples hardening, longing for the touch of a tongue or squeezing fingers.

I downloaded a photo yesterday, found it on Tumbler but have no idea whom the author is.

This image visually impacted me very much and inspired me writing this blog post.

Found on http://genre-18plus.tumblr.com
Found on http://genre-18plus.tumblr.com

Letter for Princess #ASMSG #love


It is not that often that I write you a letter. When I do, on those rare occasions, just to surprise you, I prefer to use regular mail.

The rustling paper in my notebook, the engraved Waterman you gave me for our 1st anniversary in my hand, drawing letters on the white surface, shaping words and creating sentences is an intense process. Folding the letter and sliding it in an envelope, licking the gum with the tip of my tongue, a small piece of my body you know so well, ending with writing down your address and adding a stamp is so much pleasure because I can already imagine the sparkles of joy in your eyes when you find it in you mailbox.

I walk over to the post office and offer the letter to the grumpy clerk while I whisper ‘from me for you, my love’ and then remainder of the process is beyond my control.

Why should I write you? We already talk a lot with no secrets and with respect for each other.

We talk on the phone while every nerve in my body aches for your touch and I close my eyes imagining your respiration stroking my skin feeding my desire for you.
We talk after our intense lovemaking when the smell of our love and the even more passionate and rough sex still hovers around us.
And we talk on so many other occasions and sometimes we don’t need words but is what we want to say simply contained within our touches and kisses. Or in a simple gaze.

During the last weekend of April 2007 I took my two daughters on a weekend, my first visit to the Opal Coast in France. I did not know at that time I would return as often as I did and that this beautiful coastline would be such an inspiration for my landscape photography.
My daughters didn’t particularly like the weekend because it was cold and we were all very nervous. For Little and Big A. it was a new experience, on a trip with their freshly divorced father, a completely new situation for them. I just wanted to do my very best and on such occasions you simply seem to do everything wrong.

What I remember very well was the epiphany that was waiting for me at the Opal Coast, one that would become a theme in the photographs I made there over the years.
Cap Blanc Nez.

Wow, this hill, a high cliff, a landmark and topped by an obelisk struck me deep and I knew, when I first saw it from a distance, that it had magical powers. I knew it would have a meaning in my future life.

At so many occasions I sat at its foot and felt it resonating, touching me, telling me that it was patiently waiting for the most important moment of my life.

One early morning, a few years later, I arrived at this cliff and the top was hidden in dense fog.
Arriving at the top there was a sudden blast of wind, dispersing the mist and sunlight stroke the obelisk. It was awesome, beautiful and unforgettable and it will linger in my memories as long as I live. A moment of joy but then it noticed I was alone and slowly mist crept in again.

I should have known by then what it was waiting for, Cap Blanc Nez; so patient, and so sure because that moment was already born in the past.
Excalibur waiting for its king.

Our first weekend Princess, did we have another choice?
Of course I took you to the Opal Coast, it was written in the rocks the obelisk was build on.
Maybe it was even written down before you or I where even born.

Of course I showed you, Princess, Cap Blanc Nez and I heard the monument, build to commemorate the Dover Patrol which kept the Channel free from U-boats during World War I, hum and sing with joy and approval when we approached it, hand in hand, our hearts filled with love and caring.
Yes, it knew.
And suddenly I knew it too, my destiny.

Cap Blanc Nez

In a couple of years from now, Princess, I will take you to the Opal Coast again and we will walk to the top of this cliff.
I hope it will be a sunny day, warm and gold colored as our love.
We will look over the Channel and maybe we will see the vague contours of the Dover cliffs.
I will kiss you and hold your hand, kneeling in front of you. Yes my love, I am old school.
Hell, I can already imagine your smile, the flickering in your eyes and your playful embarrassment.

I am not sure I will be able to pop the question without being emotional but that is not that important.

One day, Princess, I hope you will do me the incredible honor of being my wife.

I love you so much, so unconditionally and you have become a part of my existence.
I trust you with my life.

You, Princess, are the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Cap Blanc Nez