Thoughts – November 9th, 2013 #ASMSG #photography #iPhone

I haven’t a clue why but the past few weeks have been horrendous when it came to commuter traffic. My best guess would be because the hour changed the last weekend of October (-1 hour), the abundantly falling rain, falling leaves and idiots who think having winter tires on their SUV’s makes them even more invulnerable for aquaplaning or slippery roads.

On a normal day it takes some 45′ minutes to drive the 60 kilometers between home and work, varying with +15′ max on Monday mornings or Friday evenings. Lately though the average time for one trip has been an hour and more with 3 hours as my new personal record.

Yesterday I had a full day of training at work. In the morning I attended the yearly follow-up training I need so I kan keep my certification as Red Cross First Aid with CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillator). The afternoon was reserved for some very fascinating psychosocial stuff. I am one of the three confidants in the company.

CPR Doll

And once again I took me 2 hours to arrive at home, yesterday evening, with traffic jams everywhere, even on the smaller roads.
During the trip back home I used my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app to make some images. These images were slightly post processed  in Lightroom (contrast adjustment, -100 for highlights, +100 for shadows, set of white and black point and +20 for clarity).

I have been mostly writing poetry these past few weeks although I have some other stuff I would like to write about but I need to find the time to do so. On the other hand I must admit I’ve spend some evenings watching the Harry Potter series and today I started with the Twilight Saga.

This Saturday evening Princess and I are once again attending Salsa dance class and maybe we’ll stay in the Cohibar afterwards, like we did last week, or maybe we’ll go home and watch a movie.

I’m taking the day off from work next Tuesday so I have a long weekend and that day Princess has a free day too and we are going to spend it together. Boy I am looking forward to that!

These are the images I took yesterday while driving home.