Thoughts – October 23, 2013

It is my free day and I’m sitting here waiting for a guy to show up and put back the kitchen cupboard under the sink. They took it away a few weeks ago because there was a leak in the plumbing.  Every time after washing the dishes the chick that lives on the lower story, just beneath my place, rang my doorbell to complain because the water was running down over her window, luckily for her on the outside.

Past Monday Princess invited me to our local Cultural Center for a theater play in favor of the underprivileged. Although the piece did not transcend the quality of a low-budget school play it was confronting. Poverty can struck anyone. Job loss, illness, a bad divorce and when you are alone you are even more vulnerable.

Another problem is the fact that getting credit for buying that really expensive flat screen TV with that top of the bill sound system is so easy and it is even easier to forget that several small and amortize loans make, at the end, one big one.

Princess had a bad day at work though and was extremely stressed and going out didn’t help unwind her either.

So back home, enjoying a glass of Shiraz, Princess looked at me and I noticed an almost undetectable hesitation before she took a deep breath.

“Would you please spank me? I really need it and it will help me relax. Please?”

I smiled, knowing asking this was a big step for my love and took her in my arms, positioning her over my lap and pulled down her jeans and panty and gave her a good one. Yes, I know what the love of my life needed and I enjoyed every single moment giving it to her too.After a while I stopped and her bum was crimson red and I felt her skin burn and she smiled and kissed me and crawled in my lap.


For a while we sat there, Princess and I and it was such an intimate moment.
And once again I felt her hesitate before she addressed me.
“Please, Milord, I want more and…”, she said.

I waited, stroking her hair, making her feel comfy.
“And…” she continued after a while, “please, hurt me hard. I want to feel pain so much.”

I got up and went to our bedroom and got a pair of nipple clamps and the Wartenberg wheel out of the chest of drawers where I keep our toys.

Seated in the sofa I pulled her over my lap again and started with a new session of bare hand spanking, hard and relentlessly.
I’m sure the clover clamps hurt as hell certainly when I used the wheel of pain on her squeezed nipples.

There is no cry

Princess thanked me a zillion times and then, later, in bed, I took her and made her cum a few times, enjoying how she squirted abundantly against my thighs and belly.
While she cleaned up in the bathroom I pulled of the wet covers from our bed, tipped over the mattress and made the bed with fresh sheets.
We slept close to one another, Princess and I, yet it took some time before I fell asleep.
It had been a memorable night as the D/s dynamic between us had slightly changed in a positive way.  I’ll be writing about this more extensively very soon.

This afternoon I upgraded my iMac with the new OS Mavericks and everything went very smoothly, no surprises there.


Past Friday I got an iPhone 4s from work and I immediately upgraded it to iOS 7.xx but today the thing told me there was a new update and now the iPhone is running iOS 7.03.

iPhone 4s

I’ll be missing my Acer S500 Android phone as I find the Android look and feel much more attractive compared to the iPhone. I spent an hour using Photoshop modifying an Android background so it would fit the iPhone resolution and added a modest BDSM logo making it seem as an extra app 🙂

Later on Princess is coming over and I’m looking forward holding her in my arms again.

I am not sure yet if we will play or watch a movie although I would like us playing very much.


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