I don’t want to be pretentious but now and then I make a photograph that, for some reason, transcends those I generally take.
Why I don’t know, it is more a subjective feeling than anything else, and has nothing to do with the fact of the image being technically perfect or not.

I took this portrait of a scorpionfly a few months ago with my Olympus E-PM1 and a simple manual CCTV-lens. This 25mm f1,4 lens is only partially sharp and acts more like a lensbaby than a serious lens but in macro mode one can create really beautiful pictures with it.

When I first saw this photograph on my 27” iMac screen I fell in love with it simply because it visually pleases me very much.

I like the lustrous green and patches of bright light in a world of shadows around the fly with mainly only the insect sharp and with a very shallow depth of field. The wide-screen view makes it stand out even more.


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