Thoughts – October 11, 2013

It is really hard finding time to write when Little A. is staying with me and that is okay. I prefer spending quality time with my youngest when she is with me rather than juggling with words.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I’m going shopping with Little A. With her lovely smile she asked me to buy her a pullover adding she wanted something from me she could have with her every day. Isn’t that so very cute?

I’m still contemplating on the scene Princess and I played Tuesday and you’ll be reading about it very soon.

Princess came over last evening, we talked awhile and then went to bed and after some intense cuddling we fell asleep close to each other.
I love it when Princess spends the night with me, her warm skin against mine feels so good, so comfortable and so intimate and I feel safe.

My love also wrote a beautiful poem that took my breath away, it is very intense and so well written. I’ll be posting it soon, just have to translate it.
I am so very proud of Princess.

Princess and I also signed up for RopeStarters on December 6 in the Fetish Café in Antwerp. We got the confirmation yesterday too.

The schedule of the night:

21:00u – 22:00u: an elaborate bondage demonstration addressing different aspects and possibilities about bondage. Every time there is something else to be seen.

22:00u – 00:00u: elaborate bondage class: You’ll be learning useful and handy basic techniques, with much attention for safety, all you need to know about ropes, general safety and some very important principles. You’ll discover what fun things you can do with bondage!

00:00u – 01:00u: conducted practice: The techniques you got thought earlier can be practiced further at your own speed. There is time to ask for personal advice, so you make sure you use the techniques correctly.

01:00u – 02:00u: free practice: Practice your new skills further, or try something new with it. If you’re interested to get bound, this is possible.

More info on the English site

We are so looking forward to this class.



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  1. Hope you have fun at the rope class. I took a couple at the local dungeon here and had a good time.
    I have always like rope work as it has a certain artistic quality to it.
    Also when you are tying your partner it brings you both close as while you do the wraps there is constant contact.

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