Thoughts – October 2, 2013

I have this guy here in my kitchen sawing out the bottom of the cabinet holding the sink. Every time I wash dishes, and that is not that often as I live alone most of the time and I eat at work, the lady who lives downstairs complains.
Soapy water runs down in front of her kitchen window, happily on the outside.

There is absolutely nothing to see in my kitchen, everything is dry and so is the wall.
Tomorrow I’ll have the plumber breaking up the floor where the pipes go down.

I’m feeling better after I’ve been feeling kind of depressed since Princess and I came back from our first holiday.

A friend of mine whom I wrote extensively about what was going through my head, thanks for listening Sir, answered me back that he thought I was suffering from some kind of Dom drop. I’ve been surfing around to find more information and he is right. Hell, even thinking of whipping the love of my love made me sick to my stomach and I felt so lonely, so abandoned and so afraid for days and days. We have been talking a lot, Princess and I, about what was troubling me. We talked by phone, we talked two nights ago before we fell asleep and Princess came over at noon today, as I don’t work on Wednesdays.

Yes I feel much and much better know. Thank you, Princess, for your patience, you ability to forgive as I used some harsh words, your understanding and your love.

Stella, Princess’ daughter, invited us for dinner this evening and I’m bringing a bottle of Lenotti Soave, delicious white Italian wine with me. We have something to celebrate too and I am so proud of Stella as she went for a job interview this morning and was hired. When I look back, not even a year, she really has come from very far.

This Saturday is the first of the month and this means we are going to Antwerp, to the Fetish Café after we finished our dance lesson of course so we will arrive at about eleven pm.

I am glad to say I am looking forward to our second Fetish Lounge Party after I had been very reluctant by the idea.
A couple liked my BDSM photographs I posted on Fetlife and he is also a photographer and his wife likes Salsa and he asked me if we could say hi and chat on Saturday.
I love the idea as I have been hoping to connect with some people into the D/s lifestyle. Just for talks and drinks of course although he told me he likes to rent the Fetish Café Dungeon with some other couples who are into Fetish photography stressing each plays on his own, stressing even more he and his sub weren’t into swinging or anything like that.
Princess and I are not into that either.

When we were in Cologne I saw this cute black dress and I in my mind’s eye I immediately imagined it was something that would look great on Princess. I showed it to her and her first reaction was that it would not be something I would like her in but I made her try it on.

O my god, Princess is just gorgeous in it and she had to admit that every time I pick some clothes out for her they are keepers. I love buying dresses and lingerie and shoes for my darling.

She will be wearing this dress on Saturday when we go to the Fetish Club with, underneath, black stockings and black pumps and for outside she’ll be wearing her beautiful red coat

Believe me, Princess will be stunning but then again, she always is.

A new robe for Princess


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