On vacation

I still can’t believe it is really going to happen and Princess and I have been so looking forward to this.

Our first holiday together starts on Monday and I’ll be spending 7 nights and 5 whole days with Princess.

Took the afternoon free at work so I could do my laundry. Bought some stuff at the pharmacy and checked my two camera’s and made sure the batteries are fully loaded. The charger for my cell phone and Princess’ iPhone, my iPod and Nexus 7, pen and paper and other stuff is already in my photo bag with the camera’s and a few lenses.
I’ll be taking a separate bag with me with some of our toys and, on Princess’ request, the new whip.

Leather for pleasure

I have still a lot of packing to do but I still have the weekend. Not so sure what clothes to take with me, weather previsions are not that good.

We are not going very far, just across the border, to the Siebengebirge (7 hills) region in Germany.

The first night we will spend at the Dorint Golf Spa at Windhagen, a present we received past Xmas from Princess’ ex sister-in-law and her boyfriend. I guess we will be spending a lot of our time in the sauna.


Then we drive to Bonn where we’ll stay for two days so we can visit the nearby city of Cologne too.

We finish our holiday in the little village of Monschau where we will stay in the same hotel where we spend a wonderful weekend in September last year.


On Friday, September 20th well finish the evening in the little city of Aarschot not that far from where we live. Princess and I will be dining in the Japanese Sushi restaurant, Shokudo, celebrating our second anniversary.
Of course I’ve already made reservations and requested the same table we sat at on our very first date.

We won’t exchange presents like we did last year, preferring this time something we choose together. It probably will be a toy and I’ve already proposed a Wartenburg Wheel of Pain and have it engraved with at least the date of our 2nd Anniversary. Princess of course has still her say so we will see.

It has been wonderful, intense and so full of love, these past two years with Princess. She has made me so happy and complete, made my life rich and helped me grow further.

Princess, thank you so much for all that you have given me. Yes, I want to grow old with you, I want to be with you, at your side, for the remainder of my life.

I love you unconditionally, Princess.
You & I, my Love.



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