Another (important) first

I’ve met Princess’ parents, sisters and brother at numerous occasions. Most of the time it was the two of us, or Stella & Star tagged along and on one occasion Kay, the youngest daughter who sits in the same grade as Little A. came with us too.

For The Boy, Ar and Bo my presence at such a family reunion was clearly a no. When Princess told them I was coming too, they simply chose to stay at home.

Princess and I share almost two fabulous years together and she found it was time to give a signal to her stubborn kids that she and I are a couple and are working on our future.

After long negotiations and discussions I was never part of, with their mother, The Boy, Ar en Bo finally agreed and this afternoon Princess and I and all her kids are going, albeit in two cars, to the anniversary party of Princess’ brother.

Thank you my love, for making this finally happening. I love you so much!

I can’t hide to fact that I’m really nervous but on the other hand this could be the starting point for The Three (The Boy, Ar and Bo) to ultimately start accepting me as their mother’s partner.

Princess and I bought a bottle of delicious and fine Laphroaig Single Malt as a birthday present for her brother.



3 thoughts on “Another (important) first”

  1. So nice to hear of this new breakthrough with Princess’s kids. I was one of those kids when my parents divorced and moved on with different partners. It was difficult, and I can only imagine how difficult when dealing with a deceased parent. Hoping this is the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter for you all.

  2. Am hoping that all went well for you.
    While I have met little flowers boys and we do get on well I have yet to meet her mom. it looks like sometime in October or for Thanksgiving at the very latest for me.

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