“4” – How it went

Princess came to my place. We bought some flowers and drove to Stella’s place to put them in a vase on the table in her living.
Then we left but then Princess told me she was dying for some ice cream so on the road to “4” we stopped at an ice cream parlor and I offered my love a vanilla ice cornet.

Due to rush hour the traffic was dense and halfway I got a text from Stella with a simple “?” and when I phoned she sounded raging mad.
Apparently Princess had told her daughter we would arrive at 17:00 or so and we were already 45′ late.

When we arrived at “4” it was obvious Stella had been crying, she was angry and did not want to hug us.
While Princess soothed her daughter I loaded her belongings in the car and misplaced or lost my sunglasses in the process. They are on strength so I need to order a new pair.
Shit happens, nothing to worry about, it is not that I can’t see without them.

It took time before Stella had said farewell to the staff and the other mothers that are residing there. An intense process it was that did not go without the necessary hugs and tears.

Then we left the mother/baby care unit for the last time and we all felt kind of relieved.
I’m sure Stella is not yet fully aware that “4” is now a closed chapter and I can only hope she will do fine.
She has cleaning help and will be visited by the Child & Family Organization as by psychological home care.
Her mother and her sisters and brother live nearby and she has me to count on as well.
I’m happy so say Stella has already two entries in my agenda where I’m scheduled to drive her to some far away appointments.

In our hometown I took them shopping for groceries and then Princess and Stella came to my place because baby Star was very hungry.

Then they all left, Stella and Star and Princess.

Almost three hours later Princess was back again and we went to bed, both exhausted and tired and we soon fell asleep, our bodies’ close.

Much later, on this Saturday, I wished Princess good morning and she smiled and seeing her doing so is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced.



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