August 20th, 2013 – Looking back

Tuesday, September 6th 2011.
At noon my daughter’s mother called me and told me she was not going to the parent’s evening at Little A.’s school and asked me if I would attend.
I sighed, hell, why does she always assumes I have nothing else to do with my life than sitting in a chair and waiting to be called by her or my daughters.
As a matter of a fact I had no plans for that evening except just lying in my sofa and do some reading.

“Okay”, I told my Ex and hung up.
Later that evening, very much against my will, I walked to the school.
That evening would change my life in a way I would never held possible.
I met Her.
I met Princess.
And boy did she change my life in a positive way, so incredible.

A few weeks later, after some emailing, texting and phoning we went on our first date. It was September 20th and a misty evening and we had dinner in Shokudo a sushi restaurant and talked and talked.
It was the start of a beautiful trip.

An almost flawless ride with only a few disputes, my entire fault as they originated out of fears from my past and my frustration by not being accepted by her kids. The latter is now gradually changing in my favor, yet it is still a very slow process with Stella as an exception.

So today Princess and I are 23 months far in this incredible journey.

It has been an awesome time, filled with love and trust, mutual respect, growing together. I’ve learned new things, met new people and am motivated by Princess in my photography and writing resulting in this blog of ours.
We found each other and grew in this amazing D/s lifestyle and even if we don’t live it 24/7, it has its positive influence in our daily life.

We already enjoyed a few wonderful weekends together and we are looking forward to our first real holiday marking our 2nd anniversary and we are just starting.

Princess completed me, gave me even more self-confidence and I have become a better man.
Princess loves me unconditionally, as I do too.
We are engaged and one day in a not so far future we will say “I do”.
I remember us walking back to the car on our first date. Don’t ask me why but suddenly I heard myself ask if she would even marry again.
“NO, never ever again,” she answered and the words resonated against the brick walls of the old houses in the narrow street before being absorbed by the thickening fog.

Princess has changed my life in ways I have not yet grasped or understood.
So, Princess, I want to thank you for all the beauty and love and compassion and comprehension you have and are giving me.
Thank you for your trust and for believing in me.
Thank you, Princess, for the Love you give me. I have never experienced this kind of intense and deep and absolute love.

Princess, I love you so much I cannot find words to start to describe it. But that does not matter as I show it every single day as you do too.



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  1. It just goes to show you there are times we are meant to be in the place we are supposed to be. Best wishes to you and Princess on your up coming to year mark.

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