A long exposure shot

A very long exposure shot, yet not long enough to make the sky blurry, made near Boulogne-Sur-Mer at the Opal Coast in France.

Then, a few years ago, I waited and smoked till the shutter said click and I knew the image was made.

Now I wait and type words on my tablet as I have finally quit smoking.
I was motivated by the supplications of Little A.
“Please stop old fart, before it is too late.”

Strangely enough I didn’t smoke when I was with Princess, even not when we spent weekends together. I didn’t feel the need to smoke.

I stopped on August 20th. 2012.
The first week was hell.
The second one was a little less hellish.
After one month I had forgotten I used to smoke yet my body hadn’t.

Today I can’t imagine I used to smoke.

Long exposure

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