Poles at Sangatte, France

Once again the Opal Coast in France.

This image was made with a relative long shutter speed during high tide so the movement of the water seems more like mist.

I added several textures to this image to create exactly what I had in mind when I was standing there, waiting for my camera to finish the exposure.
That evening, like most of the time before Princess finally came in my life, I was feeling blue and alone. Craving for romantics, for love, for meaning something in the life of another human being. Desperately wanting to make someone special happy. Little did I know, then, it would include cuffs, crops and whips.

I am so grateful she came into my life, my Princess.
She has made all the difference.

Poles, Sangatte

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    1. In fact they are simple breakwaters. A few years ago there was much local protest against plans using the poles farther in the water for mussel culture.
      The idea was eventually dropped.

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