Nipples & Clothespins

I cheap mlb jerseys showed Princess this free image.
“Oh no”, she gasped, “this must cheap jerseys really hurt. My nipples are so sensitive. Never ever do this to me. Please.”
“I can’t promise”, I told her.

A few days later wholesale nfl jerseys she was standing in front Your of me.
Arms tied behind As her back.
She was completely helpless.

Very carefully I attached a clothes pin on her nipple, letting it go ever so slow.
Princess sighes, biting her lips.
Then I did the same to her other nipple.
Saw her grimaces but she didn’t move nor did she use her safe word.
To top it off I pinched a clothes pin on the tip of her tongue.
“I love you”, I whispered in her ear, softly caressing her back, making her feel safe.
“I cheap mlb jerseys love you too” she replied and I sna saw the clothespins wiggle in her mouth.
Then she laid her head on my shoulder by and I felt how she was slightly trembling.
Her warm breath in my neck a so delicious feeling.

After a few minutes I freed her.
“Thank you, My Lord”, she whispered.
I smiled.

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