The Stanger – A phone call

Just finished talking to The Stranger by phone and it went well. I liked the way he talked, the way he answered my questions and his discretion towards us and himself.

We’ll be meeting somewhere next week for drinks. If that goes well it will be showtime.

He told me he was submissive and without any experience regarding a BDSM threesome. So I’ll be guarding his and Princesses’ boundaries.

The idea of The Stranger determined a huge part of our sex during our stay in Denmark. We fucked as madmen, on a few occasions four times a day, I kid you not. Our room was filled with the smell of sex, our bed linen soaked with Princesses’ juices. We fucked at the seaside, we longed for each other every single moment. Sex was omnipresent.

Oh boy, she told me stuff she wanted to do with me and The Stranger I had not thought off or never could have imagined. Princess is longing for the experience and that makes me very happy. She knows she does not have to do anything against her will, I am not that kind of Dom. I know what lies deep in her and I only want to liberate her sexuality even more.

So I talked with The Stranger and I liked it. He was not disrespectful but kind and somewhat hot in a gentle way. It is clear he is putting the whole experience in my hands.

So I’ll be playing with two submissives and that is a huge responsibility. I am sure I am up to it and I am convinced it will be a more than pleasant experience for us all. The fact Princess told me that she was open for more makes me happy already.

Does a threesome, 2 males and a female mean I am interested in a 2 female and I situation? No. Not at all. It would make me very uncomfortable. No, I am not interested.

I am using Princess’s fantasies and opening even more her sexuality. I prefer to be the initiator, the director, the scenarist of stories where she is used rather than being with Princess and another woman. I want to be in complete control regarding her sexuality within her boundaries yet I do want to push them.

We have a very intense relationship, our love is even more intense and I respect Princess very much. Yet the idea of playing with her, having her (safely) fucked by somebody makes me mad with intense desire. And with me Princess.

I am sure our relation will benefit of this experience.

I am thinking Princess will be wanting to push this experience even further and that is an idea I like.




Princess and I enjoyed an unforgettable holiday. Denmark is worth a visit, we even hopped over to Sweden for one day. It was like entering a whole new world albeit the distance between our base camp, Helsingør (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden), was not more than 7 kilometers by boat.

We made love, Princess lying on a huge rock. The wind gently caressing our bodies, the breaking waves almost an opera.

It was her first flight and when we arrived in Copenhagen her luggage did not.

We went to Freetown Christiania, an anarchistic hippie community in the heart of Copenhagen. A town in a town. Hell, the air was filled with delicious odours of hash and weed. It was our last afternoon and I had to drive to rental to the airport otherwise we would have enjoyed some stuff.

In our hotel room we fantasized about The Stranger and Princesses’ ideas and fantasies went even further that I had imagined. We fucked and fuck and fucked, multiple times on a day.

Food was expensive. Alcohol even more.  Weather was great. Art and culture everywhere.

Belgium is not that big but has a few airports. Brussels (Zaventem) and Charleroi are the most important ones.

When we arrived back home there was nobody to pick us up. Due to some bad communication between Princess and her son he was waiting for us at Zaventem. The Boy had to drive another 45′ minutes  to get to Charleroi and that after a busy day working in a café.

It was hard to stop our holiday life and go back to business as usual.

More on our trip in future posts. No erotic image this time but I made some hot stuff and I’ll post it later.

PS. This week I’ll be contacting The Stranger and I’m hoping to be able to include him in our scene very soon.

Tranquillity II (2016) Somewhere at the Hesselø Bugt, Trundholm, Denmark Nikon D300 with 24-120mm and a 30 second exposure with a combination of two ND filters resulting in -13 stops

Tranquillity II (2016)
Somewhere at the Hesselø Bugt, Trundholm, Denmark
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm and a 30 second exposure with a combination of two ND filters resulting in -13 stops





We still do rope. At this new club, PDN, we have seen pure art being performed. I am still a toddler compared to these masters.

I don’t care though. I am willing to learn but for us, Princess and I, it is about pleasure, being together. Rope brings pure Dominance and submission. As does we enjoy playing with pain.

What we do, what I learned Princess to enjoy, is also the cerebral part of our chosen lifestyle.

Today, September 20 marks our 5th anniversary. It has been a wonderful, intense, loving and caring time.

Without you, Princess, I am nothing.
You are my muse, my love, my fuckbuddy, my life and future.
You are the  sole source of my absolute happiness.

Thank you Princess for these 5 years of intense and pure love.
Your sorrows that I shared brought us even close. Being able to help and care your loved ones an honour.

Sharing my life with you is simply the best thing that ever happened to me.

I love you, Princess. My heart and soul belongs to you.

After the rope (2016)
After the rope (2016)



The Candidate

I have selected a possible candidate for the role of The Stranger already.

The way he answered to my ad, with curiosity, with warmth, with respect gave me a good first impression. His Fetlife profile is seemingly sincere and simple. A few tasteful selfies, I like the way he looks and what I read in his body language. He is a sub. No nudes or dick pics. The latter would be enough to say no thank you.

I replied and proposed continuing the discussion via mail. We started addressing each other by our real names, we exchanged cell phone numbers.

This morning I mailed him the scene I have in mind. It is intense but without pushing Princess too far on this first time. I don’t want to submerge Princess with too many sensations and emotions because then Princess won’t be able to fully enjoy the evening.
Obviously I also need to make sure this experience is pleasurable for The Stranger and that I am not creating false expectations. I asked him for his limits too. I don’t guess there are but I want so show respect and reassure him that we are genuine.

Also I would like this not to be a onetime thing but something we can grow in, experiment, adding even more hotness to our sex life. This will bring us even closer.

I am excited and enjoy organizing this event and writing about it. The evening itself I will enjoy the extra dimension to my Domination and the eye candy and the hotness of having another man doing stuff with Princess.

For now Princess knows The Stranger fantasy is going to be reality real soon. She is both thrilled and nervous.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you more about my plans. Princess reads my blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise and experience. She is fishing, trying to find out what I am up to but I’m not telling.

She also knows I’ll be trying to free the very bad girl who is still hiding in Princess. Also I told her I want her to fully live the experience and not hold back because out of embarrassment or afraid to hurt my feelings in some way. I am totally in peace with what I have in mind and I don’t feel threatened.

Just a little remark but there is no surprise there… I got also a few really unrespectful reactions.

That is all for now folks.



Princess loves anal and I am not giving it enough although I like it very much too.

Anal is complete submission for Princess. For me anal is about a cerebral experience. Dominating, rape and other emotions.

Yet I don’t do it enough. I know Princess simply enjoys it that way and orgasms, an intense cerebral experience.

When she is hot I/we don’t need any lubricant, I simply can take Princess that way. This Wednesday morning she orgasmed a few times.

It opens quite a new world of mental manipulation and the way I move, hold her makes a huge difference too.

This Wednesday morning I took Princess in the ass. It was that time of the month. Not that we care but without any kind of birth control that time of the month seems like slaughter. I am sure many women have forgotten that. We had great times in the past, Princess and I, getting out of a bed so bloody it looked like somebody was skinned.

Now I fuck her in the ass. I bite violently in her shoulders, pull her hair, choke Princess. Hell, I bite like a lion fucking a lioness.

And when we are finished there are the marks we are proud of. Then she has to leave, go back home and make sure her kids don’t see the damage of our pleasure.

Biting (2016)
Biting (2016)


We have been talking about It for quite some time. Quite some time meaning almost a year. First we discussed It like we do with everything that has an effect on our limits. Then I used It in the fantasies I mindfuck Princess with.

The latter helped me find out how far Princess wanted to explore It. What her expectations and fantasies were. Did they meet mine? Were we even on this level compatible?

Finally we arrived at a point where the fantasies became sort of worn out. It was time to forget It or make it happen.

Long ago Princess had a few woman/woman experiences. She discovered she was not bisexual or even bi-curious. Albeit I wouldn’t mind watch Princess have fun with another woman, it is not a fantasy that would blow, at least, my mind

So a few days ago I wrote a long ad and posted it on Fetlife making It become more and more a reality.

What is this “It” then?

Well, It would start with me playing with Princess in our favorite club. As you might know we moved lately to a more SM kind of scene. There is still spanking, flogging and fun with the wheel of pain, the mindfucking and control I take over Princess.

Now I have added wooden clothespins and it is not uncommon for Princess to be covered with 30 or more pins. I only use her lower sides, breasts, belly and a little lower. Arms and legs are a no-go zone because I don’t want Princess to go home with visible marks.

When I move the zones covered with the wooden pins, pain is inflicted. Sometimes I use a vibrator and hold it gently against a few pins placed on a very sensitive spot of her body. Through the vibrations the pins start to dance and it inflicts even more pain.

Once in a while I stop and reward Princess with pleasure. Making her horny and wet and reminding her she is after all a very dirty and bad girl.

With my ad on Fetlife I am searching for a man whom will be a small part of our scene, my sidekick if you will.
This man who I will carefully select will give, using my directions, a blindfolded Princess pleasure. And I’ll give her pain. Good cop, bad cop.

I am very sure the first time, one fist grabbing her hair and pulling her head back, my other hand around her throat; while I mindfuck her towards the moment she will feel strange hands touching her breasts, playing with her nipples, a hand traveling down in order to pleasure her, she’ll go berserk.


I am curious how long it will take before Princess orgasms but I’m betting it won’t take long.

When I talk about it in bed, when I fuck Princess hard and rough, she shivers with pleasure.

I truly believe that we can go even further on this new path. It is a road I know will give great pleasure and lots of adrenaline and hotness.

I promised her that after such an evening, with another man, once back home I would make love with her and make her completely mine again.


As of this post two men have replied already. I am not going to rush things but before the end of this year Princess will have at least a first experience with me and an extra, male player.

Next steps?
The idea of lying in a swing and being used (safe) by us both makes Princess as hot as hell, I know from the mindfucking.

Obviously I will never push Princess into doing something she does not want and I will take great care protecting her boundaries, her limits.

I know myself well enough by now that I am not against some swinging once in a blue moon. On the other hand I am not interested really in fucking another woman. It is more about having control, visual pleasure and pushing Princesses’ limits into directions I know she secretly dreams about.

After 5 years I know my Princess very well. I desire to help her liberate even more her sexuality and become a very bad girl.

All this does not mean that I don’t respect or care for Princess.
Au contraire. It is about exploring with respect for each other. Freedom in enjoying sex.


T minus 5 days – A Change of Plans

Next Saturday Princess and I are leaving for Denmark. It is a +1000 km drive meaning we’ll be on the road for more than 10 hours.

In Germany, at a certain point, we’ll have to take the ferry to take us to that part of Denmark that leads to Copenhagen and further to our destination, Helsingor.
The ferry seems to be reservation only meaning we’ll have to be there at a reserved hour. We also need to be at our hotel before 21:00. Don’t ask me why. Maybe they go to sleep early in Denmark.

On the road we could encounter traffic jams or a flat tire of whatever.

I love driving and traveling by car as it gives kind of total freedom.

I am not perfect and I have serious issues when plans change the last-minute. Although I have traveled quite a lot and a few times by airplane, I hate flying. Yes I know, it still is the safest way of transportation but flying simply terrifies me.

A reason we don’t fly is also because I told Princess we can easily drive back if she is urgently needed a home. If you have to drive a whole day this is really a stupid reason and more an excuse to not fly.

As I don’t like to fly I haven’t checked fares either and had the impression renting a car is very expensive.

Paying for a parking space at an airport also feels like something I’d rather not do.

This morning Princess and I discussed our trip and then, well, it kind of happened after a hint she made. I knew Princess was right.
Also I remembered that, quite some time ago, I promised Princess I would be the one she would fly with for the first time in her life.

Hotel Skandia in Helsingor (c)Google Maps
Hotel Skandia in Helsingor
(c)Google Maps

So I surfed to Ryanair, an Irish low-cost airline. About half an hour later I had ordered tickets, some extra’s, rented a car plus insurance. Hell, I was sweating like a pig. Changing plans last-minute, the idea of flying…

So next Saturday, early in the morning, Princess will be picking me up and then we’ll be heading for the airport of Charleroi.
Take-off at 06:40 with arrival in Copenhagen little past 08:00.
Six days later we’ll have a ride back home.

Times are really changing… the Boy is driving us both ways.

The total cost of the flight and the rental is about the same as I had projected for driving my car. But we have 2 extra days we would have spent driving, less stress and no worries.

As there is a railway station near our hotel we’ll be visiting Copenhagen by train.

We’ll, to tell the truth, I am already terrified knowing I’m going to fly.

There is only one and not so important downside. I’ll have to cut down in photography equipment as I had planned to take a medium format camera for landscapes.

On the other hand, we are on holiday and this means Q-time.

Kronborg Castle, Helsingor (c) R. Haselbeck
Kronborg Castle, Helsingor
(c) R. Haselbeck

Nick Cave – Skeleton Tree

You fell from the sky
Crash landed in a field
Nick Cave – Jesus Alone from Skeleton Tree

This Thursday Sweetheart and I are going to the movies.
Nick Cave  – One More Time is a world-wide event where his latest album, Skeleton Tree, will be presented one day before its official release.

Nick Cave decided to make a documentary about his new album Skeleton Tree to avoid having to discuss the painful subject of his son Arthur’s death with the media, said One More Time With Feeling director Andrew Dominik.

Cave’s previous album, Push The Sky Away, is my all-time favorite. The music, the lyrics create mind-blowing images and emotions even after having played the CD a zillion times.

A few days ago Jesus Alone was released.
Wow. Such powerful lyrics and intense music.

Losing a kid must be horrible and unnatural. I cannot start to imagine how this affects a life, a couple, a relation.

Nick Cave uses his art, his songwriting, his music, to give a face to this drama, to sooth some of the pain.

His new CD will be for sale after the show and I found it interesting to notice it also exists on LP for a much higher price. Nevertheless, there is a LP.
Like film and digital.

We are so much looking forward to this event!

Please enjoy Jesus Alone.

Thoughts – Sept 2, 2016

T-minus 18.
September 20th.
Princess and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary. We’ll be somewhere in Denmark.

I love travelling and even more when I’m driving a car. It is a bubble, a sacred place almost as I’ve always loved the intimacy of the confided space.

We are evolving as a couple. Becoming stronger, more one without losing one’s personality. The new club, Our Place, had become almost a second home. We are discovering submission and sadism in-depth. My ammo is now a zillion clothespins. I pull them off her body or make them tremble and hurt with a strong vibrator.

Princesses’ surrender, Princesses’ submission complete.

For the time being I am more interested in exploring my sadistic me and fragile dance between pain and lust and pleasure. Later on I’ll be exploring the sharing, inviting others to use my well-trained Princess.

Lately Princess had some health issues confining her, in the early morning, to the smallest room.
Over time we skipped red wine, white wine, alcohol all together, coffee, bamboo coffee, cold water until there was nothing left except drinking my seed. Sure enough the latter was the case. It is just a detail.

Stella has accepted me in her life again and it helps Princess because we can share taking care of her first-born.

Yesterday The Boy asked me if I would help him with his photography exams. Sure I told him. He is not into photography but needs a secondary diploma.

Bo showed she had no problem with me anymore. Now there are only Ar (bipolar) and Kay (16+) whom have a problem with me.

I do understand both the girls their issues.

After almost 5 years things are getting better for us. Finally I am being accepted as Princesses’ partner.

Princess and I feel like we have known each other since birth. Everything goes, we are open in our communication and support each other.

I am 57 and have never had a relation as profound and deep as with Princess.

Submission (2015) Olympus OM1 with 50mm f1.4

Submission (2015)
Olympus OM1 with 50mm f1.4

Thoughts – August 6, 2016

Lately I haven’t written much for my blog but rest assured all is fine with Princess and between us the magic is still more than present.

At home we play at least once a week and when not the simple lovemaking, rough and intense, is intense and superlative.

We go out more often to play and PDN, “Our Place”, has become our favorite place to go. It does not have the atmosphere of the Dungeon in Antwerp but there is more space to play, more BDSM-furniture. We find the people more accessible and we have had a few interesting discussions.

Probabely we’ll be going to PDN this weekend.

Princess enjoys the new floggers I bought a few weeks ago. There is a very heavy one and it makes her delicious bottom deep red after preparing it with softer floggers.

I am also playing more with clothespins discovering new spots on Princesses’ body were they give intense pain. This kind of play more often than not gets her in subspace.

Electroplay with the TENS unit is also something that I use quite a lot on Princess.

The reason why I haven’t been posting much on this blog are twofold. There is not that much new that has happened and I refuse to fill this blog with posts that are a variation on spanking and so on. Thenthere is my other blog about photography that is taking up much of my time. Linked to that blog is an Instagram feed A_Fortunate_Traveller so if you are interested, please check it out. In my Instagram profile you’ll find a link to my blog.

My relation with Stella, Princesses’’ eldest and troubled daughter is going in the good direction again and I have the impression she trusts me again. A few weeks ago she, Star, Princess and I spend a wonderful day at the sea.

Kay, Princessess’ youngest and Ar still avoid me in every possible way. When he sees me The Boy greets kind of in a cordial way and uses my name. Much to my surprise Bo accepted, for the first time in almost 5 years, a lift to her work, with Princess sitting inmy car also.

So things are slowely evolving in a postive way.

On September 20th Princess and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary. We’ll be in Danmark, staying in the town of Helsingør. Helsingør is well know for Shakespeare’s Hamlet that takes place mostly at Kronborg Castle.

Princess and I are looking forward to our holiday.

Flogger (2016) My new warming-up flogger. It feels soft but can bite too.
Flogger (2016)
My new warming-up flogger. It feels soft but can bite too.

Bound by Desire