Valentine’s Evening

Princess and I enjoyed our Valentine’s evening. We exchanged cards, I had written a poem and there were small gifts. The poem I wrote is a very personal one and an exclusive gift for my love so I will not be sharing it.

Dinner was great, Princess enjoyed my cooking skills and then we cut the delicious cake Princess had brought with her.

We drank some wine, talked, held hands.

Delicious cake

After dinner we played. I tied Princess up with the bristly Semenawa rope, made some photographs.

It is strange when Princess feels this rope, made fibres such as palm hemp and coconut, she desires a flogging too.

For the first time in almost 2 months, I gave Princess a fierce spanking. Indeed, Princess is okay again, her hip problems long forgotten.

Then we went to bed and made love. Then we started over again.
Finally, we turned out the lights.
We spooned, Princess and I, and in this safe haven of love, we slept extremely well.

These past few weeks, maybe even months, I have been experiencing with this site, with my blog. Most of it I have been able to solve. At this moment, there is no like-button. What I find even worse is that I have lost all email-subscriptions.
I have to start from scratch again so if you wish to keep informed about future posts, please subscribe.

Semenawa rope chest-harness
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Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s day

Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s day,
All in the morning betime,
And I a maid at your window,
To be your Valentine.
Then up he rose, and donned his clothes,
And dupped the chamber door.
Let in the maid, that out a maid
  Never departed more.
                                                                       Hamlet, Act 4 scene 5

I am going to have a hard time making that last phrase happen as someone beat me to it a few decades ago already.

Never mind that small detail; I have something else in store for Princess.

Image copyright an excellent cooking site with tons of information. Written in Dutch.

Tomorrow I will be cooking dinner for is both using fresh ingredients.
On the menu broccoli soup, smoked pork tenderloin with green asparagus rolled in bacon served some pasta and pesto.
I’m thinking a Merlot will be a perfect companion.

The soup is a recipe I picked up from one of Gordon Ramsay’s TV-shows.

D/s, impact play, rope and wax play will be the perfect dessert.

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Princess, I and Princess, I and The Stranger meet again – Part Two – Threesome

I cuffed Princess and took her to the bedroom. Laid her on the bed and blindfolded her.
Then went back to the living room where The Stranger was still trying to coil rope.
“Come,” I said.
He knew what was going to happen next.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.
“And so does Princess?”
“Yes we are both sure. Come.”
The Stranger followed me to the bedroom.

“Put on a rubber,” I told him and gave him the box, “and don’t let us wait.”
I dropped my boxer short and got on the bed.
While The Stranger was fumbling nervously with the condom I grabbed Princess by her ankles and spread-eagled her. Except for the garter belt, the stockings, the leather cuffs, her collar and the blindfold she was naked.
Then with roughness I pulled her towards me and mounted her. This was not about making love but about enjoying a good and memorable fuck.

For me it was about being a voyeur sitting on the front row in the best seat available. For Princess about being used, broadening her horizon. Of course it was not limited to these reasons only.
The Stranger got on the bed too. I quickly looked at his dick to make sure protection was in place.
Then I pulled back, laid next to Princess, pushed her legs even wider open with my foot.
Invited him in.

He pushed his cock against her while Princess lifted her hips. Watching him slide his cock deep in the woman I love beyond reason, noticing how Princesses’ legs clenched around his hips and seeing her breasts dance on the pace of his relentless trusts was maddening.
I kept my hand on her cheek, caressed her head while kissing her, making sure she knew I was very close.
“Off,” I growled.
He pulled back, I slid in.
After a few hard trusts we switched.
We went on and on while Princess was fighting against an orgasm.

The Stranger mounted her again. I pulled her blindfold of Princesses’ face and we watched each other.
“Cum for me,” I whispered.
I watched her cum, her beautiful eyes closed, then opened again. A long sigh, a scream and then she came. Her gaze changed as if she had witnessed, for a millisecond, heaven.

Oh boy, it was so intense. There is no way I can begin to describe how it felt.
We went on and on. Fucked Princess in turn. Hard. No mercy. Just banging her. Using Princess. Fucking Princess.

The Slave surprised me when he asked me, non-verbal, to do it doggy style.

I freed Princess from her cuffs and ordered her to turn around.

Soon she was looking at me, her ass high up, The Stranger’s hands firmly holding her hips and then grabbing her butt while trusting like a madman.

From my point of view this was the hottest thing I’ve even seen. Princess had become a total slut, enjoyed the hard fuck and looked at me with those beautiful eyes of her, her look filled with pleasure and hotness.
Just before she came again she whispered ‘I love you.’
I know, Princess, I really know and I would die for you.
While The Stranger fucked my love from behind I made Princess suck me. Afterwards she told me that was even hotter than being fucked by two men. Servicing two men at the same time was an intense experience.
Once again we switched. I fucked Princess while Princess sucked The Stranger’s cock.

This was sex and pleasure and enjoyment at its purest. The culmination of a year of preparation. The ultimate proof of trust. Or love. Or both. Whatever.
It was absolutely heaven, maddening, hot and so much more. And so beautiful on sop many levels, both spiritual as physical.
I had been playing and topping The Stranger. I had been playing with Princess and then engaged in a threesome.
Slowly it started to take its toll. I felt myself sliding into another mindset where watching and enjoying prevailed over everything else. I could not get hard anymore. I did not care. I was getting so much out of this and so did Princess.
“Milord, don’t you think The Stranger should be rewarded with a release?”
Princess was damn right. What a host was I to expect The Stranger not to enjoy an orgasm while Princess had almost drowned in her own orgasms?
“You can come, slave,” I said. “Fuck her doggy style and let yourself go.”
“On your knees, Princess and let my slave cum.”
I played with myself while I held Princess with my other arm.
I watched his fingers buried deep in her hips. I drowned in Princesses’ eyes filled with lust.

He fucked Princess as if it was the last thing he’d ever do.
The Stranger found my eyes when he whispered he was going to cum.
His face changed, his jaw clenched. The Stranger threw his head backward and screamed against the ceiling, against god while he ejaculated deep in Princesses’ belly.
She came too, heavily panting and a smile on her face as if she had seen god himself.
The Stranger pulled back. The tip of his rubber filled with his sperm.
Princess fell into my arms.
We kissed.
“Good girl,” I whispered.
She smiled.
Then it was over.
We lay there for about twenty minutes.
The three of us.

Then I made clear he had to go.
We said goodbye.
I closed the door.
We were alone again, Princess and I.
I fucked her.
Over and over.
Made her mine again.

Princess is mine.
And I am Princesses’.
When I turned the lights out Princess was already asleep.
The poor thing was exhausted.
It had been a maddening, unique and intense experience.
I held Princess in my arms while I too skidded into the oblivion of sleep.
While I whispered how much I loved her.

Maybe next time…
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Princess, I and The Stranger meet again – Part One

Saturday, February 4.

Finally we were to meet again for a much anticipated play-evening at my place.

Most of the afternoon I spend getting everything ready. Then, at 7 pm, I picked up Princess at her place.

I asked Princess to put on her black stockings with the red top and backseam. A garter belt of course and a sexy yet very cheap black thong.

“No bra, Milord?”
“Not really, but I’ll make you a breast harness with the Semenawa rope.”
“Oh boy,” she sighed.

Princess loves the harsh rope on her skin and I made sure it was a tight bondage. I left her arms free.
When I grabbed her breasts and moved and massaged them gently Princess could feel the intensity of the rope.
I’ll be using this rope more in the future because it brings Princess in a particular head space and creates a feeling of helplessness.

Then The Stranger arrived. He had brought a little something for Princesses’ birthday. Very thoughtful.

We drank some wine, talked and then he showed me his slave hood he had bought on a well know Chinese site.

It was from imitation leather, well finished and seemingly high quality too. A gag-ball in the form of a small penis could be stuck in the mouth-opening. The opening for the eyes could also be covered. No opening at the nose so air needed to be sucked in via the mouth opening. How on earth somebody could breathe with the gag ball in place puzzled me very much.
The Stranger told me he had already put it on once but it became quickly very hot in there.

It was time to play.
The only restriction I gave Princess and The Stranger was that they were not allowed to cum without my permission.

Then I ordered The Stranger to strip, allowing him to keep his boxer shorts on. While he undressed Princess and I watched.

I did a first rope session, a reverse box tie, and then I put on his slave hood and made some photographs.

Then I undid the bondage and tied a normal box tie. Made some photographs again. I guess we were 20 minutes in the scene. Suddenly The Stranger, sitting on his knees started swinging back and forth.
“I don’t feel well,” he muttered.
I undid him from his hood as quick as I could. I’m sure he would have fainted otherwise.

The slave in color

He was sweating very hard so I dipped his face with some tissue paper. Gave him water to drink.
“I think this slave mask is not such a good idea,” he smiled.

I gave The Stranger some time to recover.

Then we continued the scene.
I made him stand up, still tied in a box tie. Now The Stranger was wearing a simple blindfold.

There was this enormous bulge in his boxer short.
I sat next to Princess on the couch and sipping some wine.
“Be a good girl and help him out of his undies,” I told her.
She stood up.
“Do it sexy, Princess. Pleasure my eyes.”

I loved watching Princess being sexy, letting her hands dance over his skin and then slowly pulling down his boxer short.

She came back and sat down next to me.
“You did well, Princess”, I said and got up.

I held his cock in my fist for a while, moving my hand up and down in a very slow pace. His cock felt warm and surprisingly soft. The Stranger is very well hung and even if I know that size does not matter I felt a little intimidated.

I grabbed some 3mm (3/32”) rope and weaved a cock cage. Halfway I stopped to make eye-contact with Princess. She was lying leisurely on the couch and masturbating while she watched me play with his cock and rope.

“Take a rubber, Princess and bring it to me.”
I ripped the package open and slid the rubber over his hard cock.

“On your knees, Princess. I want you to suck my slave.”

Princess got on her knees and started sucking him as if her life depended on it. Then I dropped my pants and soon Princess was serving us both.

“Only him now,” I growled and pulled up my pants again.
Got on my knees and helped Princess. This is really as far as I would go with a man. Strange because licking his nipples or kissing would be a bridge too far already.

I stopped the scene when The Stranger was on the brink of an orgasm.

We took five, while I untied him. Gave him attention and care and then I did an extensive bondage on Princess.

February 4, 2017
Preparing a play-evening at our place

With my knife I cut away her panty and while I tortured her breasts with clothes pins and then with hot wax The Stranger used the fuck stick on Princess. I gave him the vibrator to and soon Princess was fighting an orgasm.

I kissed Princess and made sure she knew I was close and near.
“Give me an orgasm,” I whispered.
It was an intense release.

“Thank you Milord,” Princess sighed.

I looked at my slave, The Stranger, pointed to my tongue and then to her pussy and made him clear I wanted him to lick Princess.

With much enthusiasm The Stranger went down on Princess and then, after a short while, I took his place and then we swapped again and we did so until the love of my life came again.

We had been playing for almost 2 hours and a half.

My slave and Princess both seemed happy, content and satisfied and hungry for what was to follow.

I untied Princess, held her close, felt her hear beating as mad.
Kissed her.

“Are you ready for what we have been talking about?” I whispered.
“Yes, I am, Milord.”
“Sure?” I insisted.
“Yes, I am very sure. I want to experience and share this with you.”

“Okay. Be a good girl now and coil the rope.”

I went to our bedroom. Lit the candles. Made sure there was plenty of kitchen roll and condoms.
Adjusted the lights.

February 4, 2017
Preparing a play-evening at our place

Back in the living room Princess chuckled The Stranger had given her an assignment by proposing to coil the rope while I was off to the bedroom. Later she told me he sucked at it but simply wanted to do something useful.

I cuffed Princess and took her to the bedroom. Laid her on the bed and blindfolded her.

Then went back to the living room where The Stranger was still trying to coil rope.

“Come,” I said.
He knew what was going to happen next.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.

“And so does Princess?”
“Yes we are both sure. Come.”

He followed me to the bedroom.

Oh boy. This was going to be a first one. Not only for Princess but for us as a couple.

To be continued

The slave in black & white
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Thoughts – February 3, 2017

Past Tuesday we played, Princess and I. We had invited The Stranger but that Tuesday, early morning, he mailed me he would not be able to come. No pun intended.

We don’t  need a third man/woman really. Princess and I can go on and on and then even some more. Yet having an extra does add quite some spice to a scene.

Thursday we went to a public sauna and enjoyed a Turkish steam bath, some swimming, pouring sessions, jacuzzi and so on. After that we drove back home and I made love to Princess. It was amazing. It was intense. We made love and became One. We always do.

Afterward we talked about sexy stuff. About inviting The Stranger this Saturday. Princess liked the idea.
“Maybe we could end the evening with a threesome,” I suggested.

Princess smiled.
“You would be tied but open for being used by us.”
Princess liked the idea. She liked the idea very much. Being used, feeling like being used is a huge turn-on for Princess.

“I have this fantasy,” she whispered, hesitantly, “something I’ve been dreaming about, fantasizing about for so long.”

I held Princess close to me, my arms wrapped around her delicious body. Made sure she felt safe.

“Tell me,” I said, my voice coarse. I knew already what Princess was going to say.

After she told me I smiled. I liked the idea. Hell, I loved it. Princess and I are so compatible. It is something I also would love to experience.

“You know we’ll have to do it twice,” I whispered.
“How so, Milord?”
I told her why and she chuckled.
She knew I was right.
Princess loved the idea.

Oh boy, Princess and I are kinky perverts.

Anyway, tomorrow evening The Stranger will come to our place and I hope he won’t come to soon.

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Semenawa rope – First try

Tuesday, January 31

We did mainly rope-play and for the first time in many months I did a full suspension.

Very quickly Princess started to feel uncomfortable so I broke the session off.
To be honest I don’t like to do a full suspension. I know it looks great on a picture and they tend to be more popular on Fetlife and all. There is nothing wrong with that.

When I do a full suspension I don’t feel as connected with Princess as during simple rope play. I am worried, stressed about her safety. And even if I know what I am doing, there is so much that can go wrong.
Princess is not completely the same each and every day. She can take a lot but yesterday she got dizzy quite fast and feared she was going to faint.
Then Princess has also an issue with her joints so I have to take great care every time I do a full suspension.

So I prefer just intense rope play or a good floor suspension. Not only is it safer but I find it much more erotic, satisfying and pleasurable.

This kind of rope-play is artistic, full suspension can be too, it satisfies my skills and I am less distracted by the technicalities that come in play when you do a full suspension.
Here I can concentrate on pleasuring Princess, being close and very connected with her.
I see it as a very sensual dance. It can be slow or quick, the music is made by the rope and my movements and touches.
I can dominate Princess, I can push every mental button.
Doing rope this way is, for me, for us, an intense way of making love. A mating ritual if you will.
We feel so close when we do rope. It can be loving, painful, sexy, sadistic of a mix.
Very often I also add wax-play during a rope session.

When we do rope at the club, Princess wears a short kimono or a (very cheap) black T-shirt and (very cheap) panties.

When she is completely bound, I love to slowly pull the kimono open in order to show her goodies. It is a part of the scene and it makes her pleasure even intenser.

When Princess wears a T-shirt I cut it open with the knife I have been teasing her with, tearing it and then I do the same with her panty, I cut it, making a little show out of the action.

So for me rope is about tying, about mind-play, being close and not being bothered by a zillion safety measures. Mind you, I always take great care even with simple bondage, checking regularly with Princess if everything is still okay. In the end she is the one that knows best when it comes to her well-being.

I also introduced the Semenawa rope. It is nasty, scratchy coconut fiber rope and very rustic. It is surprisingly light and only suitable for sadistic floor-work only!

As I wasn’t sure if Princess would like it I bought only one length  (8 m) but now I have ordered 3 more.

Princess loved the touch and the sensation the Semenawa rope gives. She loved the scratchiness and enjoyed being tied tightly with this rope.
Princess imagined wearing a rope-corset made out if this rope. Every movement would then remind her of the coarse texture of the rope.

I’m thinking we are going to have quite some fun with this rope.

Semenawa rope

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Thoughts – January 29, 2017

Yesterday evening we went to PDN. We had a great time. We always do. It’s true.

The owners told me they like my writings very much. I post some of my blog-posts on Fetlife and PDN has a profile too.
It made me feel even more happy.

The cafe was not very crowded and the Dungeon almost deserted. We enjoyed intense rope play, mixing rope with pleasure and pain. I did only floor play as I am still not sure about Princesses’ hip. Soon more couples were doing rope sessions.

Two men were playing and we enjoyed watching them. It was clear they were a couple and there was hard play but also lots of tenderness. I did find the Dom quite attractive by the way.

After enjoying watching others play I grabbed my bag, got out some tools and pleasured Princess with some great impact play. I did not exaggerate, building everything up slowly as it had been quite some time since we did this.

We left shortly after midnight and back home we made love and I gave Princess what seemed like a zillion orgasms. I give the best orgasms, it true. They are simply the best.

This morning I woke up at eight thirty feeling horny as hell. Princess was still sound asleep but that could not stop me.

Soon we were making love and then some more. It was maddening, hot, intense, passionate but most of all it was love.

Around noon I dropped Princess at her place. Then I drove back home feeling gloomy. I feel like that almost every Sunday. Maybe it is Dom drop.

I spend the afternoon watching a movie, checking my Fetlife and Franco Bolli FB-account and then wrote a mail to The Stranger.
Yep, you did read correctly. The Stranger, our slave.

I have invited The Stranger to come over to our place this Tuesday for a play evening with Princess and me.

It is gonna be a great evening, it is going to be absolutely fantastic. It really will.

There will be bondage of course. Lots of bondage.

Hell, I have the best rope, its true, and I am going to grab them by the fibers.

Like the last time I’ll be topping The Stranger.

There will be fun stuff for him and lots of fun for Princess.

In order to tie up The Stranger I made a batch of 6mm hemp rope. It’s rope I’ll be using exclusively with other people. It will be washed more so the lifespan of this rope will be rather short.

In fact I am hoping to find people whom are willing to come over to my studio for some tying up and portrait photography. Something like the way I photographed  Princess during my session on January 17.

Also the batch of Semenawa rope I bought via Bruce Esinem arrived.

Semenawa ropes are more for sadistic sessions. Here the desired qualities are quite the opposite to the usual Shibari rope criteria. Fibres such as palm hemp and coconut are chosen specifically because they are scratchy, prickly and generally uncomfortable… especially in sensitive areas.

I haven’t used it yet but the rope feels great in my hands. And it is surprisingly light too.

Semenawa rope, close-up

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Saturday, January 21, 2017 – Part Two – The Boy and I and a couple of camera’s

Saturday, January 21.

I drove Princess back to her place. It was still early, 8:30 or so, and I felt nervous. In little over half an hour I would take the train to Antwerp. I was going to take the train with The Boy. It would be our first moment alone ever and the goal was for him to shoot enough photographs for his exam.

Ping said my phone.
It was a message from The Boy.
I’ll catch the train, you will too?

It was his way to check if I hadn’t forgotten or was still asleep.

I texted back

I dropped Princess of at her place and noticed his car was still parked at the house. It made no sense to ask if he would hop in my car as he had made it clear he would be at the station.

We kissed, Princess and I, and then I drove to the train station where I parked my car. Bought a ticket. It was 8:40 and I had plenty of time as the train would arrive at 09:01.

At 8:51 I informed The Boy
I’m at the station

8:54 The Boy texted
Could you get a ticket for me already?

I knew paying for him, a drink, lunch, was something he would not like because it would make him feel too close to me.

8:59 and from far I could see the train approaching. No sign of The Boy though.

9:00 and some seconds
The Boy arrived at the station running like a madman.
“Hold the train,” he yelled. He made a move as if he was going to cross the tracks.
“Don’t you dare,”  I hollered.

The ticket inspector grabbed his whistle.
“Please, hold the train for 30 seconds, please,” I asked him.

He smiled.
The Boy and I got on the train, the door closed and we found a place to sit.

Opposite directions (2017)
Ricoh GR II

Our adventure had begun.

We chatted about nothing in special but I sensed he felt okay being with me and so did I. He told me due to the cold weather his car did not start well and he had to scrape the ice from his windshield.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at Antwerp Central. He wanted to shoot on a market were more exotic fruit and stuff is sold. The light was great but it was freezing cold.

Hey there (2017)
Ricoh GR II

I was happy being on the street again shooting with the Ricoh. He did his thing, at some occasions he showed me what he had made, asked a few questions.

After an hour he got bored. I understand. He is not into photography but he needs the pictures to get his diploma.

He also needed a city-scape so we walked to the MAS, a well know museum in Antwerp. I watched him make a photograph from a spot I knew every year a zillion tourists use to make the same image.

MAS, Antwerp (2017)
Ricoh GR II

I told him so, told him to look around, try something different, look for an angle. It was no use really so I did not insist.
We went to the roof terrace of the museum. One has a beautiful view over Antwerp and its surroundings.

After that we walked back to the station where we grabbed a bite to eat. Then on the train and half an hour later we were back home.
I said goodbye, he thanked me and that was that.

I had a blast. I like him very much. Actually we did talk a lot. He wanted to know where I was born, what I had studied and so on. The Boy talked about his projects, his future.

He wanted to know if my daughters like Princess and I told him they did. He smiled and made some wisecrack about the situation with Princesses’ kids and me.

We did not discuss photography.

Did we bond? Hard to say. It is kept secret by the future.
It was a first one, our field trip. I admit, I was feeling quite a bit nervous the evening before the event.

It enabled me to connect with photography again. I enjoyed shooting again very much.

Anyway, this morning, it is now Wednesday, I loaded some of my professional studio flashes and other gear in Princesses’ car. The Boy also needed to make a few studio shots.

Looking back I had a great morning and he is really a funny and swell guy.
Yeah, I like The Boy.
I really do.

Alone (2017)
Ricoh GR II




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Saturday, January 21, 2017 – Part One – Plastic Foil and more

Saturday was quite an interesting, intense and memorable day.

In the morning The Boy and I took the train to Antwerp. Just him and me and a few cameras’. It was a first one and it was a wonderful experience. We talked, some stuff was even deep, and we had a few laughs.

More about this later, in another post.

Princess arrived at my place at 19:30. We talked for a while and then we left for PDN.

We enjoyed a warm welcome by the owners. They are very kind and so generous.

The place was crowded. PDN had hosted a Workshop Wrapping given by Marc Van Vlaanderen.

He is well known in the Belgian BDSM-community. I had heard nothing but good about Marc but had never actually met him.

There was almost no free space in the Playroom so we watched people play with plastic foil and talked with friends.

Apparently there had been somebody who had requested to be plaster casted and stayed like that for hours. It was a story that traveled over everybody’s lips. The only proof that it had really happened was some white powder on the floor.

I would have loved to be there and learn about a very special and unique way of playing.

Marc is in his late fifties and I have rarely met someone whom is so patient and so kind. He gives workshops on so many BDSM topics and I found the way how he shows and explains compelling. He is a switch and I guess that helps quite a lot in being able to instruct others when you have experienced it from both sides.

I would love to attend one of his workshops. Unfortunately it is very hard, almost impossible, for Princess to free herself on a Saturday afternoon.

There was so much going on and all I wanted to do was sit and have a drink and watch, observe and suck in the ambience and beauty of what was going on.
Not for the first time is was overtaken by a deep sense of wonder.

Princess on the other hand was keen on participating, playing. It put some pressure on me, stressing me a little and I started feeling grumpy.

Then Frank, one of our friends, he lives with his Nancy in a village next to ours, introduced us to Marc.

So I told Marc Princess loved to be mummified. He asked a few questions like did she have experience with being bound tightly. Explained that underwear was okay but no clothes would enhance the experience. I told him Princess suffered from an muscle infection in her hip.
“What color do you like?” he asked.
Before Princess could answer I told him red would be just fine.

Marc started by wrapping her hands and arms till just about the elbows. He then asked Princess to stand up straight, arms tightly against her body and started wrapping her in red plastic foil, from the shoulders to the feet.

Then Marc, Frank and I picked up an immobilized Princess and put her on a tabouret. Marc and I, with the help of Frank, made new wraps with the red plastic foil, around Princess and the pole.

When we finished we pulled away the tabouret.

There she was, Princess, the love of my life, glued as it were against the pole.

I sat down and watched her hanging there. Waited until she forget time, started to zone out.
After a while I pressed my body against hers, biting in Princesses’ shoulders.

I wished I had taken some tools with me. Because Princess was still suffering from her hip I had only a blindfold, a fleece and lots of rope with me. No floggers, no wheel of pain.

There was this woman, a Domme pur sang. Mysterious, sensual, gorgeous and so sexy with her beautiful corset.

I had seen her before, she is a very close friend of Steven, a kinkster we met a few years ago in Antwerp. We have never seen him play but he is very often at PDN. He knows a lot of people, helps, looks out for people when he feels a scene is going bad. Steven too is very kind and bighearted.

Angel, the Domme, wanted to see the beauty of Princess. She came close without invading our scene and our space. The plastic wrap had stretched somewhat and Princess had slowly slided down and was now standing with her feet on the floor.

I used body language to invite Angel in our scene. She wanted to know if it was alright for Princess and I said yes. Yet she wanted me to ask Princess explicitly.
“Somebody wants to touch you,” I whispered, “it is safe, okay for me too.”
Princess nodded yes.

Angels approached Princess and started stroking her shoulders, scratching her nails over the plastic foil, pressing her body against Princesses’. I took a step back to enjoy the scene and to give Angel some room. I noticed how she whispered stuff in Princesses’ ear.

Oh boy… the sensuality of Angel, the moaning and shivering of Princess. Nothing sexual was going on but the sensuality was nothing less than scorching.

Angel invited me back in and we touched Princess together. Kissing her shoulders, the only skin that was available.

Then she walked away and I pressed my body against Princess, biting her shoulders and using my fingernails to make a hole in the plastic wrap. After some pulling, pushing and ripping I liberated her breasts and then I pulled away some plastic form her mouth so I could kiss Princess.

I tormented Princesses’ nipples and then Nancy asked me why I wasn’t using my floggers as the foil gives impact play a different feeling.

I told her I had left them at home as I did not intend doing impact play because of Princesses’ sour hip. It would have been great though, flogging her breasts.

Seconds later Frank, Nancy’s Dom and hubby brought me one of his floggers and a small hand whip.
“Enjoy,” he winked.

Shortly after Angel came to see what we were up to. With a smile I invited her back in our scene.

Oh boy. Soon I was kissing Princess while Angel was torturing, then caressing  Princesses’ nipples, we pressed our bodies against Princess and our hand were everywhere. Princess moaned and groaned and I could image her being so very close to whatever, subspace, an orgasm.

It was maddening and I enjoyed sharing the scene with Angel.  I took a step back, enjoying what was going on. Then Angel pulled me back in the scene.

It was hot, intimate, sensual and unforgettable.
Then Angel walked over to another scene.

It was time to liberate Princess. She had been mummified for little over 90’
Frank helped, then Marc came too when it became obvious Princess was not able to stand on her knees anymore. They felt like rubber she whispered incoherently, deep into subspace.

I would not have been able to cut Princess free and hold her in a safe way if I would have done this at home. Well, if she would have been standing against a pole I mean.

I picked Princes in my arms and brought her to a nearby couch.

I covered Princess with a fleece and held her and kissed her and slowly she came back from very deep subspace.

Later on that evening I pushed Princess into honoring what Angel had asked. To give feedback.

So I led Princess to Angel.

Both women held each other, close and with passion. Apparently it was one of the first times Angel had played with a woman. It was something one cannot describe, cannot grasp, that had attracted Angel into enjoying Princess she told us.

She had seen us play before and she had loved it. It was about the connection, the body language, the deepness of love, Princesses’ complete surrender to me and how I honored and respect Princesses’ submission.

Finally she had some very kind words for me too. How she felt deep respect for the kind of Dom is was. She said some more beautiful things but all I can say is that I felt honored and proud.
Honest praise is an exclusive and very personal gift.

A small side note.
There is C. She sits at the bar wearing a 19th century pinafore above her clothes.

Once she told me she goes to the hairdresser before coming to the club. That’s why she always looks so well groomed.

Rarely I see her in the Dungeon. I like C., we have talked already and when we are at PDN I always say hi and kiss her on the cheek.

We say C. in the Dungeon and she was playing with Angel. Angel had sensed what made C. tick. It was lovely to watch.
It was about punishment and she had C. kneeled on small, low wooden prayer stool.

Before we left I told C. I liked what I had seen. She smiled, her eyes still shining. It was something she had been waiting for so long. It had pleasured her so much to be able to play even it was a short scene. In fact she talks with everybody but I don’t think her needs are met. Now she had something to take home with her.
I said bye, gave her 3 kisses.

Wow, Angel had touched so many people that evening. I felt so blessed she entered, for a brief moment, our life.

So once again it was too late to soon.

We left PDN, Princess and I, and drove back to our place.
We left the Dungeon with the promise of some intense and hot lovemaking. Once in bed though exhaustion took over.
It had been an incredible evening.

Another first.
Princess, I and another woman.
Oh boy, it was so hot and proof that sensuality and erotica don’t need sex to be a mind-blowing experience.

Princess at PDN



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Rope photography

Princess is getting better every day. She can walk better, stand longer but still suffers from intense pain during the night.

Blinded by rope.
Nikon D2h with 35-70 lens and 1 softbox.

Yesterday, January 17, I decided to do some rope bondage photography. Princess loved the idea.
So I set up a little studio in our living room and used one studio flash with a 70 x 70 cm soft-box and a huge reflector.

We had a great evening. Having fun, talking, enjoying the pleasure of rope.

Princess, Box-tie.
Nikon D2h with 35-70 lens and 1 softbox.

I did a few different scenes and took about 100 images. I enjoyed every bit of it. Obviously I am still evolving in the art of rope but finally it is about having fun.

The images can also be found on our image website,

I hope we’ll be able to do some more shooting very soon.

Nikon D2h with 35-70 lens and 1 softbox.

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