The Boy and I

For those whom have been following this blog for ages know Princesses’ kids and I have a tense relation. Except for Stella, Princesses’ eldest kid, I have/had no real connection/relation with the 4 others.

Even on January first, 2017, after little over 5 years with Princess, two of her daughters chose to leave when we, Princess, Stella, Little Star and I arrived at the family event.

I have two daughters, Big A. and Little A. Although I never wanted children of my own, I cannot imagine life without my daughters. There is a quite a difference in age between my two daughters. When Ex was pregnant the second time I hoped it would be a daughter. For a reason I am still trying to figure out I did not wish to have a son.

My father died when I was 13 and ever since I have been searching for a surrogate father. Two did come close but are history now.
I stopped looking. There simply is no surrogate.

Have I ever missed not having a son?
Like once in a blue moon.

The Boy is Princesses’ only son. He is 18 or 19, I am not sure. You see how well I know them. Hell, they don’t know me either but that does not hold them back of having a negative idea of me.

I disliked The Boy when we first met because I did not correctly read him. It felt like he was laughing at me, with mockery and  disdain. He kind of attacked me in the beginning, showing off like a peacock. Trying to impress me and his mother. Now I know it was a game played already by sons for a zillion years. The master of the house. Like I did, protecting my mom, decades ago.

Since a few years we had some contact but it was more like a ship approaching an isle only to be thrown back because of heavy storms and waves.

The Boy flunked high school because he was tired of what he felt like condescending shit. Yet he needs a high-school diploma in order to study further.
So he is getting that diploma by passing tests organized by the educational board. I don’t know if this is something that exists outside Belgium or how it is called in other countries.

Anyway The Boy chose photography. Not out of vocation but because it seemed to him like the easiest way.

One of his sisters, Ar, told him she knew a guy who knew a guy whom was a professional photographer.

The Boy made it clear, he wanted to ask my help.
When he did I said yes, I do.

Anyway, past Saturday The Boy visited me for the first time at my place.
He and I sat down at my dining table and I explained how the Nikon I was about to lend him worked. Gave him a couple of lenses, a bag to carry the stuff and because I wanted him to succeed as his idea was shooting an event in low light, I lend him my Ricoh GR II. It is a camera I want to be buried with.

It did not work out, the results were not what he has expected for  and when I phoned Princess Sunday evening she put The Boy on the line. He was angry and disappointed and everything in between. It could sense his tears hiding between the words he spoke.

I told him not to worry. Shit happens, he has to learn and so but the message did not get through completely.

Then I talked to Princess again and finally we ended the conversation. I was tired, needed some sleep.

It was around 22:30 or so and I was dreaming of me, The Stranger nd Princess when my phone beeped.

It instantly woke me up.
I am 24/7 available for Princess, my daughters and Stella.

It was The Boy.

We texted back and forth for about half an hour. I felt how he wanted, needed, to express himself to somebody he knew would understand. It was about his anger, his fears.

I felt blessed and honoured because of his trust.

I did my best and I was honest.
I cannot replace, I can’t be a substitute, I don’t want to as a matter of a fact.
But it came fucking’ damn close.

I felt an intense connection with The Boy.
I hope he did too.












Our BDSM Photography

Princess would love me to make more kinky photographs with her as my model. When we do Princess changes, I see that look in her eyes, a different pose, stuff telling me she has transformed into somebody else.

Over time we made some stuff but when we play I don’t think of grabbing my camera. I am way to concentrated when we do a scene.

Also there is so much stuff on the Net already. I think it is very hard to find an original angle.

Rope is different because than I can pause, take a step back and look at what I have created.

I promised Princess I would do my best and use an evening a month or so for rope and photography.

These past few days I spend making a website and adding a few photographs I like. Over time the content of the site will change so come and visit use on a regular basis.

Let’s overview the technical details real quickly.  If you are interested and wish more in-depth information feel free to contact me.

I use Koken. It is a free content management and web site publishing tool for photographers. You can add stuff like a web shop and more but those plugins are not free. For a basic, yet powerful and slick portfolio, the basic software is already more than you need.

I installed it on my hosted website, the one where this blog is running on. I found it to be very slow and needed another solution.

I have a few Raspberry Pi 3. They cost about 40 bucks, run Linux and are rather powerful. I use one as my multimedia center at home, running web content, my movies and music using Kodi.

So I grabbed a Raspberry and installed it with a minimal Linux configuration.
Installed a web-server and everything that goes with it like PHP and MySql with a few commands. Downloaded and installed Koken. Installed a firewall and secured the system.

Created a free account on No-IP. It is a service that links a dynamic IP-address to an Internet Link. Opened up a port on my router at home for the No-IP service and installed a client on the Raspberry.

That’s is, well, almost.

So when you visit my photography website on the Internet you are basically visiting a very small, lightweight computer that is running at my home and made accessible on the Internet.

I am not expecting hundreds of visitors per hour so this is a perfect solution for a blog or a portfolio that does not get that many visitors. I would not recommend this as web shop solution either.

If my computer breaks down everything is gone, if the power drops, the site is not accessible. I have a backup running on another computer though.

But for this purpose I do think this is an elegant solution.

So without further ado you can check out the Princess and I photography website by clicking this Princess & I Photography

Variation on the double column tie











Thoughts – January 12, 2017

I am finalizing the first eBook based on my blog. It will cover what I like to call “The Early Years”, when my blog was still hosted by

This document, about 420 pages A4, will be printed too. There will be only one book. For us, for Princess and I.
The paper version of my blog will stay longer available than its digital counterpart on the Net.

Later on I will create an eBook from this blog too. And print it as a genuine book for Princess and me.

Front page for eBook

The eBooks will be made available for free.

Yet the paper book will be made available too, on special request and it will be signed by both Princess and me. Just send me a message if you are interested.

These past few days I have been treating almost 80 meters of rope. Both 4 millimeter and 6 millimeter. Boiling, drying and much more has made that my apartment reeks like a stable.

4 pieces of 8 meters rope drying in my living room.

This evening I am burning incense in order to get rid of the smell. Little A. will be staying at my place for the weekend and I don’t feel much for explaining why I need the rope.

I have jute and hemp that I bought online from professional riggers. The 6 mm hemp I made feels just as good in my hands. Well, maybe even better as I put all my love in it.

Can’t wait to tie Princess up but she needs to get better before I wrap it around her.

From left to right:
Hemp by DasFalke, Jute by Ligatio and Help by me.


Princess is still suffering

Tuesday, January 10.

It seemed like a good idea.
We still can’t play due to Princesses’ muscle inflammation. Walking and standing are positions that really hurt. Obviously I don’t want to endanger Princesses’ health so I am cautious about doing BDSM-like stuff.

So we agreed we would spend the evening taking bondage photographs. I created some space in our living room, set up my lights and stuff. I made sure when Princess arrived she’d be in the mood already with candles and the right music.

Like I said, it seemed like a mighty fine idea.

At about 7 Princess texted me informing she was going to drop off Little Star at Stella’s and then pass by her doctor. I already knew Princess had taken the afternoon off at work because of the pain.

I did not feel alarmed.

Then Princess finally arrived, I live on the 2nd and highest floor, no elevator, she was suffering from an excruciating pain. Her doctor had given her an injection with cortisone and Princess had hoped the pain would go away immediately.
It hadn’t. It had even worsened.

So I opened a bottle of wine, grabbed two glasses and took Princess to our bedroom. Sitting up was the only position that was reasonably tolerable.

We watched the 1987 movie “The Belly of an Architect” by Peter Greenaway. I am a huge fan of this English director.

An American architect arrives in Italy, supervising an exhibition for a French architect, Boullée, who is famous for his oval structures. Through the course of 9 months he becomes obsessed with his belly, suffers severe stomach pains, loses his wife, exhibition, his unborn child and finally his own life.

by Boulée.

Piranesi is also mentioned in this movie. I love his kind of surreal architecture. In my opinion he is even more a visionary. I would even call him a surrealist avant la lettre.

View of the Grand Cascade at Tivoli by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1766.
Imaginary appearance of the ancient Capitol, Plate VII, Part One of Architecture and Perspectives by
Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Halfway Princess started fighting against sleep. I stopped the film. Princess and I kissed and she pressed her body against mine.
I felt her hunger for more so I gave her an orgasm. Unfortunately that too was a bad idea. The contractions of the orgasm dissipated to her hip and leg.
We did not sleep well. Princess found it hard to find a position comfortable enough to let sleep seep in. Her tossing and turning in bed woke me up repeatedly.

This Wednesday morning I drove Princess to her physical therapist. Dropped her off at her place and picked her up an hour later.

We took Stella and Little Star to the hospital for an interview with the anaesthetic. Indeed Little Star is scheduled to have her tonsils pulled tomorrow morning.

Stella was tense, verbally aggressive and I felt how the interaction between Princess and Stella was balancing between peace and global nuclear war. For some reason Stella is able  to reasonably control herself when I am with Princess.

That was one of the reasons why I offered to tag along. And to spend some extra time with the love of my life.

Métropole by Boulée



Preparing my own rope

What follows is build on my experience based on stuff I read on the Internet and experimenting with that knowledge. There are a zillion manuals, how-to’s and other stuff to be found in books and the WWW. I do not pretend this to be the absolute manual, it is just an account of how I am doing it my way.

I own quite some rope for bondage. Until recently I bought it.

Jute rope, 6mm, was what we used in the beginning. I bought it from the rigger whom gave us our first and second workshop.

Later I acquired 4 sets of 6mm x 8m hemp from an Australian born Shibari bondage artist and teacher, now based in Berlin, Germany. Expensive but gorgeous rope. It is very bristly compared to the jute. I love this rope and it is what I prefer to use on Princess. The jute I use when there is suspension involved.

First boil

We are getting acquainted with more people so I’m sure I’ll be doing some rope bondage on somebody else. I already did in fact, tying The Stranger up with a box-tie so we, well mostly Princess, could play with his whatchamacallit.

Obviously hygiene is very important so I got thinking… using our hemp rope, washing it after I used it on somebody else. It would decrease the rope quality quite rapidly.

Yet I want to use good material on those whom trust me/us.

I get your basic 6mm hemp rope from a company in the Netherlands. It is cheap, about 0,90 Euro/meter but it comes untreated.

After the first boil

So when I receive it I cut it up in the lengths I need and secure the ends with a simple overhand knot.

I am now describing on how I worked on a batch of 4mm hemp. I bought it mainly for decorative bondage. Princess is petite so 4mm rope on her hands, arms and feet is ideal. It is not okay at all to use it for full suspension. Mainly because it cuts in the skin easier than thicker rope.

I boiled the rope for 45’ minutes and then changed water and boiled the rope for another 45’. I have no idea what happened to the rope in the factory and I don’t want any dirt get into abrasive wounds.

Left the residue after the first boil and right the second boil

Then I dry the rope. I have a few attachment points in my living room for bondage purposes so why not use them?

I attach a weight to the end and for that I used a bucket filled with about 7 liters of water. The idea is to dry the rope and keep it at its length. This is an issue you’ll have even more with jute.

The final dry I do in my oven, an hour at 70°

After that I fire up my Campingaz unit and move the rope through the flames while turning it. I go back and forth a few times making sure the splinters are gone.

Finally I oil the rope with 100% Tsubaki Oil. Bee wax would also be a good idea.

What you end up with is some fine rope that feels great in your hand and feels even greater on the skin of your model. You have made your own tools with love and patience. And not only is it less expensive than what you can buy online, you know the rope you’ll be using already.

You gave birth to your rope with your own hands.

Left the treated rope, right the untreated rope. What I can’t show you is how the rope feels after being treated.

Two projects

Princess is still suffering from her hip.

Obviously this means no impact play and there are moments where walking or standing still is an ordeal for Princess.

It isn’t the best mindset for intense BDSM-play either.
Yes, we do miss playing very much.

One of Princesses’ wishes is to be photographed. When we play I am so focused on what is going on that I forget or don’t feel like grabbing my camera.

On the other hand one of my resolutions is to create more own imagery for our blog. After all I am a photographer and I have enough studio equipment and toys and tools to create interesting images.

Yesterday, Saturday, January 7, I dedicated some time and set up a small studio in our living room. I expected Princess to arrive somewhere between 19:30 and 20:00 or maybe even a little later.
We would do some rope bondage and I would make photographs.

Princess texted me at 17:20 telling me she would be at my place at 6 because she had to drop her youngest daughter at the nearby train station.

‘Have you eaten already?’ I texted back.
‘Not really. I’m just grabbing something to bite.’
‘Don’t,’ I replied.
‘Ohhh …’

Seconds later I made a reservation for 2.

Princess arrived at little past 6, we kissed, I gave her two presents. A stretchy face mask with open eyes and mouth and blind fold made of split leather with detachable blinkers and metal buckle on the back side.
They will look great for the bondage photographs I had in mind.

Just before we left I showed her something else I was working on and that Princess liked very much.

Then we went out for dinner. Princess was so happy and excited when it dawned on her we would dine in our favorite Sushi restaurant.

We enjoyed a Sushi Boat, talked about sex, BDSM and the two projects I was working on. I told her back home I would show her our online BDSM photo gallery. I will publicize the link one of these days.

Princess was even more interested in the second project. Everything that is electronic or digital is bound to die. One day you precious CDs or DVDs with family photos won’t be readable anymore. Your external hard disk will fail eventually. Trust me, it happened to me already. Every two years I buy a new external disk in order to backup my photography and to make sure I still got everything. Yet I know I will lose this battle.

Is my data safe at this web-hosting company my blog is running on? My blog will never win a Pulitzer or a Nobel Price but it is our very personal diary. For us, Princess and I, the blog is one of our most important possessions.

Yes, I do make a backup of my blog regularly. But if a major electromagnetic wave hits us everything is lost. The Internet will be erased forever.

So I have been searching the Internet for a software, a service that creates an editable document from a WordPress blog. I found Blogbooker and one can test it for free. It seems simple enough. All you need is a backup of your WordPress blog (they offer services for other blog-services too) and the url to you blog. It accepts a blog or, like mine, a self-hosted one.

You have a few options like adding comments and so on.

The service is free but is limited to a PDF document containing maximum 1 year of blogging or a DOC-format limited to 6 months continuous months of blogging. The file is mailed to you.

It worked fine and I am impressed.

Just before we left for the restaurant I gave Princess a 60 page printout of our blog containing about 3 months of writing.

I will probably download the whole blog and, using a service like Blurb, print it as a single and unique book.
While I am at it I just might turn it into a free and downloadable eBook and put it online.

The food was delicious, the environment cozy and we drank some wine.

When we came back home we felt lazy and a little tipsy so we did not make any photographs. We made love though and then I held Princess in my arms while we dozed of.

Helmut Newton, Self-Portrait with Wife and Models, Vogue Studio, Paris 1981 © Helmut Newton Estate

Thoughts – January 4, 2017

The new year is still very pristine. I have not much to write about either.
Princess still suffers from the muscle inflammation in her hip.
Walking is near to impossible, standing is not that good either.

Obviously impact play is not possible so we try to explore and deepen other stuff. Nipple and breast torture, biting her shoulder blades, some choking. We make love, rough and intense but when Princess gets out of bed the pain is back.
I’m thinking maybe rope bondage, you know, the upper limbs, breasts, torso may be an alternative. Princess can sit on a bar stool or so.

For me rope is like photography. I have kind of love-hate relationship with it.
For weeks, months even, I can act as if it does not exist and then something activates the fascination again.

Also I would love to make more BDSM-like photographs of Princess. So maybe this is the moment to do so. Indeed, I would love to use more of my work and “steal” less from the Net in order to illustrate my posts.

Yesterday I ordered 50 meters (+/- 54 yards) of 6 mm untreated hemp. First I need some shorter rope to tie wrists or ankles. Then there is the probability I’ll be doing some rope bondage on other people. Like The Stranger for example. I prefer not to use our personal rope so I’ll be making a few 8 meter lengths to be used only on others.

It is untreated hemp and costs about 0,58 €/meter. I’ll be cutting the rope in the lengths I want and tie overhand knots at each end to keep the rope from fraying. I will boil the rope for about an hour to clean it.

After the boiling process I need to dry the rope. When it is completely dry I’ll run the rope to the flame of a Campingaz unit and rotate or twist it while doing so. This will singe splinters or rough spots off the rope. A candle is not a good idea as you’ll get soot on your rope.

After oiling the rope it is ready for use. Well, maybe I’ll dye a few lengths.

I know this is a tedious and long process and I could buy rope that is already treated. Not only is DIY cheaper, I feel I build a connection with my rope. I love to know I made my own tools.

Also I ordered a head mask online. It is something I know Princess will like very much.

I’ll be documenting the rope stuff on my blog. Hope I’ll get the rope before the weekend.  No kids this weekend so I can really enjoy preparing some lengths.

My Campingaz burner I used for a previous “prepare your own rope” experiment.

New Year’s Eve 2016 at PDN

Saturday, December 31 – 19:15

We arrive at PDN and enjoy a warm welcome by the owners and the kinksters already present. Drinks, any drinks, are free so I order two glasses of red wine. We are greeted by those we kind of know and get acquainted with people we often see playing but haven’t had a chance to say hi to.

We say hello to slave Serge and Jane. Serge and I mail via Fetlife almost every day. I like to think of him as a friend in the making.

Then we start talking with a couple we have seen playing multiple times. Just a superficial friendly chat but then we find out we are almost neighbors. That’s interesting.
They introduce themselves and then it is time to find a table. We share it with them and Frank and Nancy and us have quite some interesting conversations.

It truly is a wonderful evening. Another table is taken by 4 TV’s and they simply look gorgeous is their sexy outfit. I even fancy one of them I tell Princess and she smiles.

A couple, I find the man extremely good-looking and gorgeous and so does Princess, tribal tattoo’s all over his sculptured chest wearing high-heeled latex boots. William Lawson Scotch commercials spring at mind.

About 60 kinky people are gathered for this farewell to 2016.

The buffet is okay and then a baby girl reads a funny New Year’s Letter and then the owners of the club announce they have an exclusive gift for everybody present. It is a high quality king size fleece with the club’s name and the BDSM logo sewed on it.
Wow, I like that, great for aftercare. What a great present, a reminder of an awesome and intense evening.

After dinner Princess and I relax in the Dungeon accompanied by slave Serge and Jane. We watch how man, with a latex hood on, is tormented by his Domme. He is the gorgeous looking guy with all the tribal tattoo’s and by god he is well hung too.

Princess and I don’t play. The poor thing can hardly stand or walk, her hip still very painful.

There is some beautiful bondage and so much other stuff going on.

“Wow,” I say to Serge, “I am so happy now, hell, we live the dream, such intense stuff going on and we are part of it.”
He smiles and agrees.
I feel like I’m drowning in an ocean of love and friendship.

Soon it is midnight.
We drink champagne, kiss, laugh and wish well to our fellow kinksters and hail the new year.

Princess and I leave at 3 in the morning and at home we kiss. I lick the Love of my life to her first orgasm of the new year.
Then we fall asleep.
Yet I can feel Princess toss and turn, it is not easy for her to find a position that does not hurt.

January 1, 2017

It is ten in the morning. We make love, Princess and me. I can’t stop, and go on and on. Grab a rubber and reposition. Princess loves anal and soon she orgasms.
I get rid of the rubber and fuck her again, over and over.
Not being able to ejaculate is, most of the time, a huge advantage.

After the lovemaking and some more dozing we get up, take a shower.

Soon real life takes over when Stella starts texting. She does not feel well. Stella wants us to pick up Little Star, it is all a little too much for her and she does not feel okay enough to go with us to Princesses’ family.

So we pick up Little Star and drive to Princesses’ parents. Princess sends a text message to her kids telling them we are on our way so those whom want can leave at time.

Her sisters and brother are already there. Ar and Kay have not read Princesses’ text message and feel very uneasy when we enter. I go to another room so they can say goodbye and leave without being confronted with my presence.

The Boy welcomes me warmhearted and with a firm handshake he wishes me a swell 2017. His sister Bo hugs me, her boyfriend also grabs my hand and shakes it mumbling wishes.

We have a great afternoon with Princesses’ family. I feel at home because I like these generous and kind people. It is a world I don’t really know. I have no parents anymore and haven’t seen my sister for years.
My family, except for Princess, are only my two daughters.

We are the last ones to leave. Princess and I help doing the dishes.
Then we say goodbye.
We leave, Princess, Little Star and I.
We are kind of family already
I love them both. Star’s mother, Stella, feels like a daughter to me. I feel so much love for Princesses’ family.
For some reason I felt that Little Star was very affectionate to me too.

This is a family life I could get very used to. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait a few more years before this becomes a reality.

The transition between 2016 and 2017 was one of the best I ever had.

New Year’s eve and the following day were great, intense, cozy and then there were the good vibes and so much love.

Most of all I love my life with Princess.
I love the kinky world also. I can’t get enough of it. I can be whom I am.
Princess makes me feel free.


Almost midnight, somewhere between 2016 and 2017

Princess and I are enjoying the PDN New Year’s Party.
So much love, friendship and delicious food.

Outside the huge tent I can hear the fireworks welcoming the new start, the new year already.

I am so fortunate.
Not only am I feasting with kindred spirits, some of them friends or almost.
I am truly blessed because I am celebrating with Princess. She means the world to me. Our love is so deep, so pure and the connection we share fathomless.

Listen, they are counting down already…
Ten, nine, eight, …

There is so much I wish for, hope for.
Sure, the world should definitively be a safer place. Unfortunately we are on a collision course on so many levels.  War, global warming, (forced) migration, hunger, poverty, extremism, fanaticism, layoffs  and what not.
Sometimes it is hard to find a shred of light in this seemingly overwhelming darkness. It can be very difficult to find something positive in this chaos that is out of our control.

I believe we should cherish every bit of happiness because it is the perfect antidote to all that bad-ass shit happening around us. So happiness, love and health is what I wish for. Not only for Princess and me and those whom we love and care for.
For you all, our readers and our real and virtual friends.

So Princess and I wish you all a happy and a good year, with health, love, sexiness and creativity.

A friend wrote me this in his wishes and I can’t agree more.
“Yesterday is the past, tomorrow a mystery. Today is a valuable gift so lets enjoy it at its fullest.”

I am so incredibly happy because I am with Princess. We are welcoming 2017 together with wonderful and kinky people. So much warmth, so much friendship,  so much love.

Five, four, three, …
Oh boy, have to run. Sorry.
Midnight is just a few seconds away.

I am going to kiss Princess.
Believe me, she’ll feel fireworks in her heart and everywhere and so will I.
I will never ever stop kissing and loving Princess.

Happy New Year!!!!!
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Thoughts – December 28, 2016

Little A. stayed almost for 2 weeks with me and I enjoyed every moment. Obviously Princess and I were not able to play. My youngest daughter left yesterday.

Christmas is over already and 2017 is literally knocking on our front door.

I do hope you all had a great Christmas.
Little A., Princess and I spend Christmas Eve at our place. It was fun albeit looking back it lacked something I am not able to pinpoint.

Princess and I woke up early on Christmas Day and we made love. Unfortunately Princess made a wrong move and something shot into her right hip. It was very painful.

At noon Princess left, she had Christmas afternoon planned with her kids and family and Little A. and I were expected at Big A’s place.

When we arrived at my eldest daughter, she lives in the same street as I do, about 700 meters from me, Princess texted me. She was at the doctor already. I felt very bad I could not be there with Princess.

We had a great time, my daughters, The Boyfriend and me. Back home I got a text from Princess. She was in quite some pain but with her family and kids and they were having fun.

So Little A. went to her mother yesterday and an hour later Princess arrived. We had the apartment for ourselves but unfortunately we could not play. I did not want to take any risk regarding Princesses’ health. So I took her out for dinner instead. The poor thing could hardly walk. Back home we made, very carefully, love.

This morning Princess had an echo and some other imaging made and I picked her up this evening to visit her doctor.

Princess has an inflammation of the muscle-attachment at the top of the femur.

Overburdened the doctor explained and asked Princess if she was sportsmanlike.
Bed sports.
But that we did not say.

Due to the fact I don’t ejaculate during intercourse we are able to fuck for hours.

Princess needs some physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory drugs but it will take a few weeks before it is completely healed.

So no spanking, flogging, whipping, suspension, difficult positions for normal rope play for some time.
I’ll have to find new stuff.

We learned one thing though… the rough and hard stuff is something we do miss very much because if it not only a part of who we are but it is also a big part of our lovemaking.

But in the end it is only for a couple of weeks.
I am thinking of our dear friends Sir K. and J. whom haven’t been able to play for almost a year due to a very ugly leg fraction his wife J. is still recovering from.

Princess likes to be photographed in BDSM settings. I have all the necessary gear yet we don’t take pictures often.
When we play I rarely grab my camera because I want to stay in the moment.

Maybe now is the time to concentrate on taking photographs. It is fun too and it is not a great strain on Princesses’ hip/leg either.

I also want to be able to use my own images for this blog rather than search for something good online.

Me holding a wheel of pain
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