The submission of Princess – An evening with The Stranger – Part 1

December 6, Somewhere in Belgium…

We are sitting on the sofa, enjoying a glass of wine, Princess and I. I have chosen a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon.
We talk for a while. We are excited and pleasantly revved up. Princess likes what I have done with our living room. Toys are on display and a bamboo carpet thing covers a foam based floor covering. Music is playing, candles are lit.

I put my glass down and Princess mirrors my gesture.
“Come,” I say while I get up.
I lead Princess to the dining table where I have some stuff I want her to wear.

“Undress and put these on. I help you with some stuff when you are finished.”

I take the blindfold, the cuffs, the gag ball and the plug and sit down again while I watch Princess undress. Carefully she slides the stay ups over her delicious legs, gets into the black panties and finishes dressing with the black T-shirt.
She smiles and walks over to me.
I get up and put on her collar, the cuffs, the gag ball.
“Be a good girl now and bend over,” I tell her.
I push down her panties and lubricate the butt plug with my saliva. It slides in swiftly.
Good girl, she is so very ready for what I have in mind.

“Lights are going out,” I whisper while pulling the blindfold gently over her head.
“You’re okay?”
Princess nods.


I walk her to the horizontally hanging bamboo pole hanging and help her hands so she can grab it.
I pull up her T-shirt and panties down and start warming Princess up. Some soft flogging to start with and then slowly moving to the heavier stuff. Soon Princesses’ behind colors deep red.
A beautiful and breath-taking sight.

I feel great, very Domly too.
There is one thing though. Even if I haven’t been drinking that much I need to go to the loo more often than usual. I check with Princess if she isn’t feeling cold. She doesn’t. I feel chilly.

Ping says my Samsung J5. The Stranger is right on time.
Quickly I pull down Princesses’ T-shirt, select Jocelyn Pook’s Masked Ball on my playlist and open the door for him to enter.

I grab Princess by the jaw.
“Are you feeling horny yet?”
She mumbles something desperate and a strand of drool is getting ready to leave the surface of the gag ball and start its long fall down to the floor.
God this is so hot.

Then I grab the whip and torment Princess even more.

He makes no noise, The Stranger, when he enters the living room. I extend my hand and point to the church chair. He sits down.

The Stranger did his best to be as silent as possible but I sense Princess knows he has arrived. It is a small detail I overlooked. I should have asked him not to put on aftershave.
Oh well.

I stop whipping.
“Did you have enough already?” I ask, my hand firmly on her jaw.
Some indistinct mumbling.
“Need some relief?”
“Good girl,” I reply and smack her cheek.

I pour some wine in a glass and hand it to The Stranger. I get my own and we toast, The Stranger and I.

Some tools for our evening with The Stranger
Some tools for our evening with The Stranger

I grab my bandage scissors. I have them always within reach when we play with rope.

“Are you ready for some relief, my little horny slut,” and slap her in the face once again.
“I’ll take that for a yes?”

I find Princesses’ nipple through the fine fabric of the cheap T-shirt, roll it, stiffen it. Pinching it with between my thumb and index I let it slip away holding just the fabric. Carefully I cut away the top of the cone I have formed. I do the same with the other nipple. They are now fully exposed, in contrast with the surrounding black clothing.

I move to Princesses’ back, grab her ponytail with one hand and with the other I invite The Stranger to come over and play with her nipples.
Soon she is making all the rights sounds while I hold her firmly against me, pulling her head backward a little, the other on her stomach.

“Sit,” I order The Stranger.

I turn to Princess.
“Want more?”
“What, I don’t understand a word you are mumbling.”

I pull the gag ball a little out of her mouth.
“What were you saying?”
“I want more, Milord. Please?”
“You are on hell of a horny slut,” I reply and put the ball back in place.

Using the scissors again I make a small cut in the collar of the T-shirt and in one swift move I tear it open, exposing her upper body, leaving the fabric hanging over her shoulders.

“Enjoy yourself with her tits,” I say to The Stranger.

He gets up and grabs her breasts, kneading them, play with her nipples, taste them, sucks them.

I take a few steps back and observe. Oh boy, the sensation, the excitement of experiencing this. It is absolutely mind-blowing.
Princess is enraged, moans and squirms.

“Enough for now”, I tell The Stranger.

I walk over to Princess and cut open the sleeves of the T-shirt. It falls useless on the ground. Pull away the gag ball, no need for that anymore. From now on I want to hear every sound she makes.

I push her on her knees, facing The Stranger and grab some rope.
Quickly I tie a box-tie and pull Princess on her back. I spread her legs using rope and attach them to carabineers hooked in eye screw in the opposite walls.
Pull them tight.
Slap her in the face, “you are not allowed to cum, do you get that, girl?”
“Yes Milord.”

I invite The Stranger to kneel between her legs and caress her pussy still hidden under her panties. He does a good job and soon Princess is panting and moaning while I kiss her.

“She has a beautiful pussy”, I tell The Stranger.
“I bet she has.”
“Care to see it?”
“I would like that very much.”
I smile.
A zillion dreams, a zillion fantasies are finally becoming reality. I am enjoying every single moment. Princess and The Stranger too are having a great time.

Using the scissors, I cut away the panties revealing her to The Stranger. Princess has been naked in the club but nobody has seen her pussy from so close.

“Touch it, explore,” I stimulate him.
While I sit close to Princess, my hand on her cheek, caressing her gently, I watch how his fingers explore her, opening the folds, touching.

Princess arches her back, moans, kisses me, devouring my mouth, my tongue, hungry for more.

“Get that,” I order The Stranger, and point at the fuck stick. “And the condom next to the stick.”
The rubber is branded with the name of the Dutch retail store where I got them. They are cheap and I use them for the fuck stick. I won’t dare use them for anything else because every time I use one on the stick it ends up torn.

While I get some clothes pins he puts the rubber on the soft rubber cock.

“Now fuck her with it, slave,” I growl while I start placing clothes pins on Princesses lower body.
He is doing a very good job, my slave, and soon Princess is nearing a climax. We take five while I play with the clothes pins I have already placed. It hurts, I can tell, because Princess moans softly, wordlessly begging for relief.

Then The Strangers surprises me in a very positive way.
“You know what would be great? A vibrator in combination with the fuck stick.”
That’s my slave and tell him it is one hell of an idea.

It is a combination that will skyrocket Princess right to orgasm heaven for sure.

“Take that purple thing,” I say and then explain how to increase and decrease the strength.

I continue placing pins on Princesses’ body and The Stranger fucks her with the stick while teasing her clit with the vibrator.

I do not take long before Princess begs for an orgasm. I don’t let her have one though.

I pull away the clothes pins in order to make the pain chase away the pleasure that has built up itself.

I untie her and cover her with a fleece and give some aftercare.

To be continued

Princess after some warming up
Princess after some warming up







Teaser – The Stranger #BDSM #Domination #submission #threesome

December 6 – 20:15

Somewhere in Belgium…

I am playing with Princess. She stands in front of me, arms up, holding a horizontal bamboo bar tied to the anchor point in my ceiling. No sexy clothing but a black slim-fit T-shirt and black panties. Sexy stay-ups of course and a blindfold.

Princess was somewhat flabbergasted she did not get to put on the red sexy lingerie I bought her a few days ago. I am sure she is puzzled why I made her wear what she is wearing.
She’ll find out soon enough. Just a hint… I don’t mind cutting open very cheap clothing as the effect of such an act will increase Princesses’ pleasure considerably.

Right now Princess is being warmed up with floggers. Music is playing, candles are lit and my new LED lightning is doing some colorful stuff.

At this time I am sure Princess is waiting nervously for the doorbell to ring. It marks the arrival of The Stranger.
Well, it is what I told Princess that would happen.

I have my cellphone in the pocket of my jeans. It is set to silent mode but will buzz as soon as a text message arrives.

The Stranger knows he is not to ring my doorbell. When his message arrives I will open the downstairs door with the button on the intercom. I asked him to make as little noise as possible and to get rid of his shoes and socks before entering my apartment.

Moments before he enters the living room I’ll switch to another piece of music.

The Stranger will enter in grandeur, on the tones of Jocelyn Pook’s Masked Ball. I am sure this music will not only give his self-confidence a boost but will also put him in the right mood.

With Masked Ball our special evening will then really take off.

The Arrival – The Stranger

If between now and tomorrow evening nothing goes wrong, if the world does not come to a sudden end or aliens invade us, The Stranger will arrive at our place at around 20:30 or so.

Both read my blog so I am not going to give away very much. All I can say is that I have been listening to Princess when we fantasized about this and other possible events. I have also carefully read the mails I received from The Stranger and asked for clarifications where necessary.

From all that information I distilled a scenario were both will find quite some gratification. Also I made sure music and light will be adding to the atmosphere.

For the latter I’ll be using candles and a new “toy” I got the other day. It is an adaptive LED lightning system controlled by a remote via Wi-Fi.

Not cheap but fun to have if you want to create an appropriate atmosphere in your living/bedroom/bathroom. Saturday evening I used red light in our bedroom to make love and Princess loved it.

Check out the video (not us fucking mind you)

Tomorrow  evening will start with me playing with Princess and The Stranger as my sidekick. Slowly all will fade over to a scene where The Stranger is our lust slave, dominated mainly by me. He already told me he accepts submitting to Princess too.

I am glad we all met before so I don’t need to be juggling with blindfold. They will be used of course but there will be interaction without them too.

When The Stranger leaves Princess and I will hit the sack but I’m guessing we won’t fall asleep immediately.

Unfortunately Princess cannot stay on Wednesday morning because there is some meeting regarding Stella she needs to attend. Sadly we won’t be able to discuss the past evening as I had wanted to do.

In his last mail The Stranger told me he would not object if I would want to make photographs for my blog and/or Fetlife. Obviously he asked me to protect his privacy.

Reading this was a pleasant surprise and very thoughtful of him.

I am not sure I’ll be taking images and probably in the heat of the moment I’ll forget to take photographs.

As I wrote before this will be an important step for Princess and for me and it will tighten our connection even more.

So tomorrow evening someone will be banging on the door and it won’t be Saint Nicholas. Well, one never knows but don’t they say the more the merrier?

Stay tuned.

(c)Tony Duran
(c)Tony Duran


The story continues – The Stranger

Until now Princess and I and The Stranger haven’t played yet. He is shy and insecure when it comes to doing something in public.

Yes, we rented a room a few weeks ago but then Princess got an intermediary period so we had to cancel that part.

Playing at the Club means agenda’s need to be synchronized. I told Princess I was a little afraid all this would lead to nothing, that the moment would die after the exhilaration has gone.

So I offered Princess 3 options in order to play and explore, the three of us, Princess, I and The Stranger.

We talked and discussed, weighing the pros and cons, Princess and I.

Like I said there were three options to choose from:

Play at The Stranger’s place.
This we discarded because his place is unknown territory. Also I have no clue how spacious the place is, what the creative possibilities are and if it is possible to make noise like in spanking with the bare hand. Arriving at his place with my tools, setting up a scene, not impossible to do but I don’t like the idea.
On the other hand we can leave whenever we want.

Play at the club and rent a hotel room with The Stranger.
Seemingly best overall solution.
We play in the room, go to the Dungeon and enjoy watching others play. If we feel like it we can go up to the room again and play some more.
The hotel room is just a room, not a playroom so BDSM activities are quite limited. We enter the room and I need to create a starting point for the scene. A challenge I am not afraid of.

The three of us travel to the club and back home in my car. Not ideal when things did not go as we thought they would. Highly improbable but one never knows.

Play at our place with The Stranger.
Second best solution. We play a home match. Our living room has a suspension point and several attachment points, about 10 cm above the floor on the opposite walls. The large dining table can be used to tie somebody on it. I have my music, candles and everything else I need to create an atmosphere. Also I have all my tools within reach.

It is quite exciting too because The Stranger walks into a scene that is already in progress. On the other hand, we are inviting him into our private space, something Princess found difficult.

The Stranger can leave whenever he wants and when he does, we are at home already and that too is quite an advantage.

There is also another benefit of this option… My living room is quite chaotic so I need to clean and make extra place.

Past Saturday I dropped of 3 big bags filled with over 70 DVD movies and over a hundred music cd’s at a second-hand shop. I got 50 bucks I used to treat Princess on an evening in our favorite Club.
A week ago I had handed a bag with over 50 movies to Stella already.
This Wednesday I dropped 4 bags with over 100 VHS movies, a handful of music cd’s and quite some books at an organization. They receive everything for free, stuff is refurbished and sold for a very small price. This enables the organization to create jobs for people who cannot enter the regular labor market.

Princess and I considered and reconsidered the three options carefully and finally we decided to invite The Stranger at our place.

So there you have it.
Now all I have to do is fix a date.
Oh stupid me, done that already.



Using the Fuck Stick

Tuesday, November 29.

Princess is late because she has to take Little Star to the doctor. Also I know tomorrow afternoon will be probably a hellish experience for Princess too.

My living room is lit with candles and I have chosen a non-BDSM playlist.
Finally Princess arrives.
We kiss, I hold her, kiss her again. I am now complete.

Princess is clearly in for it because while I fill the glasses with some excellent Shiraz she undresses already.
It looks like Princess is steaming hot.
I like that.

We talk for a while and then we move to more serious stuff like a warming-up spanking, some flogging, caning and whipping. Princess falls to the ground, lies on her stomach. I spank her hard, rhythmically, with my hand and then she comes.

I hold Princess tight, caress her, kiss her and gently bite in her shoulders. It makes her shiver of delight with goose bumps to prove it.

Not much later Princess is on her feet again, enjoying harsh whipping until she reaches another orgasm.

I tie Princess up, a Takate Toke or box-tie, and lie her down, making sure she is comfortable. With a single column tie around her ankle I lift her leg up using the suspension point in my ceiling.

I use the Fuck Stick as a sort of fucking machine and for more than 30 minutes I fuck her with it. Sometimes I use a vibrator to tease her clit as an extra.

Princess comes and comes, squirting sometimes, every new orgasm more intense and more powerful than the previous one. Her pussy is red and swollen.

I fuck her relentlessly with the Fuck Stick, a zillion variations in speed and angle, until she begs for mercy.

She is now in deep subspace. I hold her close to me, kiss her gently, make sure she gets hydrated and use my body to keep her warm. Princess shivers, spasms and whispers how much she loves me. She is barely audible and clearly in another space & time.

Later on we go to bed. Feeling Princess in my arms is a heavenly sensation. Her skin on mine an unforgettable sensation.

“Fuck me hard, Milord,” she whispers, “use me as you please.”

I do as told and for almost an hour I fuck her mindless, the sheet soaking wet. Not being able to come, always sexually hot and hard is a blessing.

We change the sheets on the bed.
I could die now but it does not matter. This is heaven already.
I turn the lights off. Our bedroom reeks of sex.

“Sleep tight, Princess,” I whisper in the dark.
“I love you Milord. Sleep well,” she sighs.
Seconds later I feel her body shake for a brief instant.
Darkness is everywhere.
Princess is asleep.

O boy, I am such a lucky man with this woman sleeping in my arms.
The sleep finally gets me too.

The Fuck Stick
The Fuck Stick







Another night at the club

Saturday, November 26 around 19:30,

I pick Princess up at her place and we drive back home. My stomach is deranged and I don’t feel very well. Princess tells me she had the same experience during the day.

As I haven’t had supper yet I decide to make a protein shake. Then we dress and leave for PDN, our favorite club. The shake wasn’t a very good idea as the milk upsets my stomach even more and the spasms really hurt.

We are warmly greeted at the club. After paying the entrance fee we are invited to enjoy oysters and champagne on the house. They even asked a chef to do creative stuff with the seafood.
For Princess and I it is our first time. I’m reluctant because of my stomach but then decide to go for it.
Hell, I can only die once.

I try a raw oyster.
Not bad. The pink champagne mixes well with the taste already in my mouth. I try a warm one. The chef prepares them with cheese, mushrooms or other delicious stuff.

Some more champagne. People socialize, chat, laugh.
Oh boy, I love this place so much. Here I feel quite at home, like Norm in Cheers.
I guess I have at least 8 oysters but I prefer mussels though.

Princess and I mingle too, connecting with people is much easier here than in the Fetish Café in Antwerp.

I start a conversation with a man whom I guess is a couple of years younger. He presents himself as slave Serge. He is kind and I like him immediately. As a matter of fact, I saw him on a few previous gatherings at the club and we kind of connected each time with a friendly smile.

Serge explains how he is very new to the lifestyle. He always had submissive feelings but his wife did not want to hear about it. Then, about half a year ago, he kind of forced the discussion and now they play here at the Dungeon. A heartwarming story that shows, once again, that an open and honest communication helps, certainly if you understand that talking is also listening.

Then Princess joined the conversation and with her Jane, Serge’s wife.
I ate some more oysters and drank a little more champagne and my stomach calmed down.

We moved to the Dungeon where much activity was going on. I liked a rope bondage by a man whom added me as a friend on Fetlife just a few days ago. Later we spoke briefly, he too was rather new to the lifestyle.

Then we played, Princess and I.

She was deep into the scene when in the middle of the Dungeon a table was set up for a pop-up demonstration of fire cupping.

Soon everyone was following the demonstration while we were still playing a couple of meters further. It felt like having fun while 10 meters further somebody is reanimated.

I could not concentrate and I had intended to move to the whip but that had become impossible due to the nearby people watching the demonstration.

So I untied Princess and we watched the demonstration. Interesting but nothing more. I can’t imagine Princess going home with suction marks like that. I am always afraid when Princess leaves with marks. In the past her kids questioned her, asking if I abused her. I don’t want that to happen anymore.

After that we watched the others play and shortly after midnight we left.

For some reason I still can’t pinpoint we did not really connect.
On the other hand I do understand. There is quite some stuff going on in Princesses’ life, troubles with Stella, troubles with her youngest, Kay.

And then there is the developing menopause and its discomforts.
Maybe deep down, for a reason I am still unaware of, I was still feeling off-color.

Back home we made love. Hard, intense and with fathomless love.

We slept well.
In the morning we made love again.
Hard, intense and with fathomless love.

At 9:30 Kay texted her mother. Kay is Princesses’ youngest and suffering, since days, from a very painful infection. The medication does not help and the pain and the symptoms are increasing.

So I dropped Princess off at her place so she could take her daughter to the doctor.
Two hours later Princess texted me.
She was on her way to the ED department of a nearby hospital.
Later came the verdict. Kay was wrongly diagnosed and thus the treatment did not work. She’ll know for sure what it is exactly in a few days but the doctors have an idea. I had to look it up. It is very rare, even more in our region. It is also not so common that the disease affects a kid or a teenager but mostly people in their 3rd or 4th decade.

Our evening at PDN was different than usual but we connected with a few kind and interesting people. Today, Sunday, we interchanged a few messages via Fetlife and I am looking forward to meeting them again for drinks, a couple of laughs and interesting conversations.



Whip’s End

More often than not, when Princess arrives at my place, I can sense if she is wound up or stressed. The latter find its origin in a combination of daily shit. Work and/or her kids and/or Stella are the most likely blends.

Yesterday was one of those moments.
When Princess entered the living room I grabbed and kissed her but it felt strange, as if a part of her tongue or mouth was not fully cooperating.
A part of her jaw was still numb after visiting the dentist. He is good yet Princess and I suspect deep down there is a sadist hiding in him.

I sensed the love of my life was feeling very tensed so I ordered her to strip.

Gently I warmed up her skin with a soft suede flogger. It is not only about warming up but more about putting Princess in the right mindset.

After a short while I asked her to take the bamboo pole that hangs from the ceiling. It is 6 feet wide and she grabs the ends. Due to Princesses shoulder problems I can’t tie her wrist and pull her arms up.

I touched her body with my fairly new 5.2 feel long faux-leather whip. It wrapped around her body, its end slapping her. She likes it on her back, buttock, breasts, hell, everywhere. Of course I adapt the intensity of the strokes depending on what I am aiming at.

This whip leaves marks as the skin becomes red and a little swollen. The intensity depends on the body part but on her hips, breasts, tummy and thighs they stay for a day or two.

That frightens me because I am afraid her kids will see them. They already, in the past, suspected I was abusing their mother.

On the other hand, Princess and I love these marks. It are love bites.

I did not overdo but I used my whip long enough to find out Princess likes it the most when she faces me.

Using a whip (5,25 feet) gives a whole new sensation. I love the swirl my arm makes above my hand. There lies beauty in the movement, in the intention of that movement. To stroke, to hurt.
I love the whooshing sound and the dry clap when her soft skin is touched by my whip’s end.

But I chose not to overdo it.

“On your knees Princess,” I then said.
I molded her body so her arms were stretched forward, her forehead on the ground, her back arched and her ass high.

Warmed my Princess up again with the suede flogger before ordering her to lie flat on her stomach.

I sat next to her, positioning myself until I found the right angle. For 20 minutes I used my cane.
Not in a continuous avalanche of blows but more every 45’ seconds or even longer.
I finished off the session with a harsh spanking, my hand waving over her thighs and then hitting her delicious ass. Over and over and over.

“Thank you, Milord,” she screamed when an orgasm, as strong as a monstrous tsunami, turned her upside down and made her mind and body spin.

Princess can orgasm on a spanking/whipping alone, without any sensual touching whatever.

As always it was an orgasm with some squirting. I held Princess in my arms for a while and then cleaned up the mess.

Some Dom’s let their sub do the cleaning job but I consider Princesses’ orgasms a gift so I do not have a problem with the scrubbing after.
Also I clean the toys because that way I can check them for fissures or other problems.

I held her close to me in bed while we watched some old Upper Floor clips.
We kissed, it still felt a little awkward.

The Princess said something that took my breath away and made me so very happy. I know Princess is open for what could happen on the road we have taken recently.
Until now though she had not said it yet. Not that it makes a difference but maybe it does. It felt like it was important though, hearing Princess say it.

“I am looking forward to my first threesome with you, Milord. The mere idea makes me so very hot.”
I smiled, there was no answer needed.

Princess and I know we are bound by desire and our love is fathomless.

Whip's End
Whip’s End



Nipples and Clothespins Reviewed

A short timeline to begin this post with.

Our story began on September 20, 2011 and less than a year later, on August 15, Princess revealed she was into submission and BDSM.

On November 16, 2012 I started the WordPress blog Princess and I, Bound by Desire.

From the start it was intended as a personal diary.  It would be about our erotica and BDSM and some personal stuff when it was relevant enough or if it had an impact on our relation.

In the beginning I added some topics about my photography but eventually that faded away when I started my photography blog under my real name.

Over time I gathered a handful loyal readers. Some of them became great online friends too. I am very grateful for that.

I have never been into stats and hits and followers.

I moved to a self-hosted site on August 15, 2013.

My very first post was titled Nipples and Clothespins. We had actually never tried it and after reading Princess told me she was not sure she could stand the pain.

I showed Princess this image.
“Oh no”, she gasped, “this must really hurt. My nipples are so sensitive. Never ever do this to me. Please.”
“I can’t promise”, I told her.

I love browsing through our diary. So many unforgettable and intense memories.

Things have really changed over these past 4 years.

It is obvious you get what you payed for.
At first I was rather ignorant in where to find toys so I opted for a huge well-known international adult life-style shopping site.

I don’t have any of these toys anymore. Some even broke down after being used a few times. The faux-leather cuffs did not even withhold Princesses’ leg shaking after an intense orgasm.  After being use 4 times the soft silicone glans of the Rabbit vibrator showed fissures.

What I have left from those first acquisitions is a beaten down, no pun intended, flogger. It was our very first one and I’m keeping it as a souvenir.

Luckily Princesses’ and my desires, wishes and grow paths in BDSM are fully compatible.
Here too we have evolved considerably. From the beginning I chose to move very gradually so after all these years there is still so much growth in our BDSM experience.


Although we both love the D/s part, Bondage, mostly rope, and SM are the flavors we prefer.

Recently I added a whip to my collection and Princess loves its sting, so different from a flogger, leather or suede, or a cane or riding crop.

Because we trust each other completely, because we have a very open communication, because it feels like a natural step, we are, slowly, including extra play partners. That to is an exciting voyage.

Our love has intensified; I have never been so close with somebody as with Princess. Princess is my wife to be, my lover, my slut, my best friend, my soul-mate, my submissive.
I trust Princess with my life.

Seven Doors To Seven Temples by MrModigliani

It is beautiful and amazing poetry that moved me deeply and it comes very close to how I feel about my relation with Princess and our journey.
In this poem I read what Princess has given already and is still giving me.
MrModigliani’s words touched me by their familiarity.

Princesses’ gift of Love, surrender and submission is one of a priceless value.
It is something I have never experienced before.

Therefore I wish to share this beautiful poem written by my friend MrModigliani  and titled Seven Doors To Seven Temples.

Step deeper into yourself and sense her.  What do you feel?  She invited you down the path of her own faith and gave you one key.  Are you really worth it? Can she really let you inside the golden temple of her trust?

You are brash. But you really have no idea what is before you.  There is a door that she wants you to pass through.   And yet what you don’t yet grasp is that there are seven door to seven temples, each temple being inside another.  Each temple has its own door requiring a new key.  And only she will decide if you are allowed to pass.

There is little likelihood that you will ever pass through these seven doors or even get inside the second temple.  But, if you do, you will reach her inner sanctum and achieve the greatest divinity of knowing her.  And she will give you everything in multiples of whatever you have experienced.

Enjoy the rest of MrModigliani’s poem HERE. It will leave you breathless with its sheer beauty.

On our very first weekend, Opal Coast, May 26/27, 2012
On our very first weekend, Opal Coast, May 26/27, 2012








Thoughts – November 21, 2016

Sunday was a busy day and not suited to evaluate or write in-depth about our experience past Saturday at PDN.

Sunday morning was spent with some hot loving and fucking. After cleaning up, damn period, we left my place, picked up Star and went to visit Stella who is in the hospital for a few days. Later that afternoon, back home alone, Little A. dropped by. Then I answered a text message from The Stranger. He wanted to know if Princess liked him sexually. Maybe I’ll have to kill him after all. Just joking folks.
I ended my day writing an account of our experience in The Dungeon.

I went to bed early.
We also phoned briefly, Princess and I. She too was exhausted. I know how she felt as I felt it too. Stella can really get under your skin and if you care it cuts even deeper.

Shortly after midnight I started feeling sick, nauseous, feverish. During those dark hours where being awake and dozing off danced with each other, where silly dreams messed with my sense for reality, I slowly started processing the evening with The Stranger more in-depth.

I’ll write them down in no particular order.

Looking back, I think it was good we started the way we did. No blindfolds and just some simple, almost non-existent touching by The Stranger.
One can rationalize but when you are confronted with reality it sometimes is quite a different ballgame. So I was happy to find out him touching Princesses’ breasts, stroking her inner thigh and helping me making her even hornier did not make me jealous in any way.

Au contraire, I liked it very much. Seeing how Princess enjoyed our touches made me realize this was very okay for both of us, Princess and I.
I believe this to be a huge step for us as couple.

Afterwards Princess confessed she would have enjoyed more because there was a sexual connection with The Stranger. Her confession made me very happy because it opens so much extra possibilities and fun for us, Princess and I, to experiment with sex (and BDSM).

I don’t feel jealous, threatened or insecure as I know we share something unique Princess or I won’t ever find elsewhere. No, I am not being presumptuous but I lived long enough to know what I want, need and desire.
Hell, with Princess I finally have it all. There is no grass that could be greener.
Not even in an afterlife.
And she knows it too.

Princess and I wish for an extra hand/dick/mouth that is available during a session in the club. We are, and Princess even more, exhibitionists. I am not sure this will be possible with The Stranger. We’ll play with him in private and I’ll help him overcome his issues.
I don’t run a charity project. So if after a reasonable time The Stranger is still unenthusiastic for playing in public, well, we’ll see. Maybe we’ll need to upgrade to The Stranger 2.0.
We missed that interaction but once again, we understand his reluctance.

Even if almost nothing sexual happened back home, spooning Princess, holding her warm and gorgeous body, I felt closer to her than before. The love I feel is more intense too.
I am not only happy but very grateful the steps we are taking are possible and something we both enjoy.
I am convinced and so is Princess this will tighten our connection even more. I believe giving each other sexual freedom is a precious gift.

The three of us watched other couples play. There was a submissive man with his partner and another woman. The women tortured him and inserted nightmarish stuff in his urethra. Another couple was engaged in needle play.
Then there was this couple that started to play and we left for the bar. I have seen skin ripped and bleed when touched by a whip. I have witnessed quite some interesting stuff. What they do, I cannot help, once again I do not judge, but abuse is something that always crosses my mind when I see them. I don’t know them so I can’t be sure.

Back in the bar we talked about BDSM, sex and other hot topics. It dawned to me that I was looking for something particular. Also I am not your everyday man with the traditional fantasies.
I love the idea to have an extra man so I can concentrate on expressing my Sadistic tendencies on Princesses’ willing body while I give that man directions in how to pleasure Princess. Looking at Princess being pleasured by another man is something that gives me an incredible intense and deep satisfaction.

On the other hand, even while I know Princess and I are open to very much, the idea of me, Princess as an alpha-submissive and another woman does not appeal to my fantasy.


We are getting acquainted with this couple Paul and Mary. I wrote about them here.

It is clear Paul has set his mind on Princess. He and I spoke briefly past Saturday and I asked him, isn’t she gorgeous? He smiled and said yes in a way he was already imagining fucking Princess.

I like teasing Paul because I have a few fantasies of my own when it comes to him and Mary.

Paul and Mary are also swingers so a 2 couples BDSM-scene ending with swapping wives for example is not something unimaginable.

Yet in my mind’s eye all I can see is Princess, me and Paul in some grand hot and erotic scene. Mary playing a role in a woman/woman scene is hot too. The only thing that does not pop up in my mind’s eye or fantasy, is me fucking Mary. Yet she is a looker, hot and gorgeous.

I am not daft either. If Princess would be lying in a swing and Paul fucking her, snapping his fingers and say, go ahead already, fuck Mary and Princess would scream in between moans “go for it you big boy and show her how it is done”, I won’t hesitate. Not even for a split second.
But a Franco-Princess-Female threesome is not on my bucket list really.

Most men would die for a threesome with 2 women but I prefer to live a little longer.

I have no idea why. Yet with Princess I am sure I could pull it off. It is not a priority though.

A thought just occurred. I would love a 2F in an intense BDSM scenario where Princess enjoys the other F but I only get to fuck Princess while the other F watches or arouses Princess even more. But I definitively love to Dominate a second woman. No sex though.

I really should take about this with my (non-existent) therapist.

Meeting without one being blindfolded like in the original scenario is a good thing too. Now we know we visually and sexually like each other and makes what comes easier.
Imagine Princess one day seeing him for the first and yelling at me “and you made me fuck and suck that gruesome guy? Holy shit, I need a zillion baths with holy water to cleanse myself and then I’ll apply to become a full-time lesbian. You’ll never see me again.”

I don’t watch porn alone that often. When I do it is almost always some gang-bang kind of thing, or a few guys and a helpless woman. Okay, I do watch an occasional bisexual movie too but I find it to be less arousing.

Princess and I love the older Upper Floor clips and watch them sometimes while cuddling in bed.

Obviously Princess and I agreed to practice safe sex at all times. We also agreed we would never engage in any sexual activity without the presence of the other.

BDSM should always be the main story line. An open communication is even more important when you open your relationship but we are very skilled in this area.

My ideal scenario? Enter the club, have a few drinks and then move to the Dungeon. I would play with Princess and The Stranger would be my sidekick.

Then I would fade-out/fade-in the scene to me Dominating The Stranger with Princess as my alpha-sub and apprentice top.

Finishing the evening with a hot and intense threesome in one of the luxurious rooms of the club would be mighty fine. Hell, I would not mind spending the night there and have Princess wake up between two naked men both with an enormous boner.

Ordinary sex, just for the fun of a cheap fuck is not and will never be our goal.

There is more but for the time being this is all what I could come up with.

©absolutely insane
©absolutely insane






Princess and I and The Stranger – Chapter One

Saturday, November 19.

After an introduction and a few forewords, we finally were able to write Chapter One.

Princess and I picked up The Stranger at the parking lot. I introduced my Eternal Love to he who could become my/our lust slave.

On our way to the club, a 45’ drive, we talked and Princess did her very best to make him feel comfortable, something I highly appreciated. When we arrived, we all felt relaxed and I could sense a sexual connection between The Stranger and Princess.

We entered the club and I liked how they looked at us and I could imagine their fantasies emerging.

In the club we are known to be an intense couple with a BDSM play that is quite different from the rope stuff and harsh spankings. There is Dominance, SM and surrender from Princess when, after playing, after the care, she crawls around me, sometimes begging for release and riding my leg as dog in heat.

I led Princess and The Stranger to an empty alcove in the bar and made sure Princess sat in between us. I made him get our drinks so he could overcome his fear and uneasiness. This is how I found out The Stranger would go a long way to carry out a command.

We sipped from our wine and then I took them to the Dungeon and showed him around. The place was rather empty but there was some needle play going on. Made me remind how I detest the odor of Dettol.

Then it was playtime and I did my usual stuff with Princess. I ordered The Stranger to get my bag with toys. He had to walk through the Dungeon and back, all eyes on him. A good exercise in self-confidence.

I ordered Princess to undress in front of us.
Hell, I do own a very sexy, gorgeous and beautiful woman.

People had followed us to the Dungeon, intrigued by “the couple” with “the guy”.  As The Stranger did feel uncomfortable they did not get the show they had hoped for.

Princess blindfolded, naked except for her undies, arms up tied to the hoist, I invited him to touch her. He refused. Too many people in the room.
Too bad.

So we played, Princess and I. Clothespins, mental Domination, intense flogging. The harsh whipping left marks but I knew Princess needed an unforgiving approach because of all the difficult stuff she had been dealing with, Stella mainly, these past few days.

About two hours later I called it a day and led Princess to the couch and made her sit in between us. As I requested The Stranger put the fleece around Princess while she crawled against me and I soothed and held her.

Twenty minutes later I pushed her right leg over his and her left leg over mine and started playing with her pussy. She was still wearing a panty and with her stay-ups that was all the clothes she had on her.

I asked The Stranger to caress her inner thigh and once again he said no.
Shortly after, the people sitting on the couch next to him, left and then he did what I asked, playing with her breasts, stroking her thigh. I would have wanted more passion, more intensity but I was aware this was a good as it would get.

Princess enjoyed being touched by two men. The Stranger seemed flabbergasted when I started spanking Princesses’ pussy. I also used a vibrator and at a certain point in time I asked if he would take over. Sadly, he said no again but I could notice the huge bulge in his jeans.
If he would not have been that uptight I would have ordered Princess to liberate his cock and suck him.
Instead I made her suck mine. I noticed how he hardly dared to look or watch at us.

I understand and respect. All this is new to him. The Stranger has another personality. I did not want to force him either or make him feel uncomfortable.

We enjoyed watching two women play with a man. The urethral devices the inserted looked horrendous. Yet their fun was contagious and they knew we were looking and with subtitle eye contact they showed us they liked the attention.

Back in the bar we had some more drinks. Princess talked with The Stranger, I talked with a transgender.

Then we drove back home. We talked, we had a good time.
Back home we said goodbye.

Ten minutes later, in bed, Princess and I discussed the evening. We both found it to be a good start. My Love told me she would have been open to more and I told her I found it so hot when The Stranger touched her, played with her breasts, her nipples. I did not feel jealous or threatened in any way. I know what we have, share, Princess and I.

There is only one downside. The Stranger told us he preferred to play in a private setting. We respect that and we do understand. Playing in a safe setting is not a problem and I am pretty sure The Stranger will be asked.

But deep in our hearts Princess and I prefer that an occasional male play partner would play with us in the Dungeon too. We both enjoy to know we are being watched.

I am not sure this will be possible with The Stranger. I am not looking for someone who only wants to play in a private setting. Princess and I have also our needs. We are exhibitionists too. We want someone to play with us also in public.

Anyways, we had a great evening, the three of us. Also I am very happy I was able to introduce The Stranger to the world of real-life BDSM and I know, understand and respect this is not an easy step for everybody. Some scenes can be hard for a newbie to witness.

Writing this blogpost makes me understand what I missed during our play yesterday.




Bound by Desire