Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

I find music to be very important during a scene. Over time I created over 20 different playlists just for playing at home.

My choice depends on what I want to accomplish. Princess is very susceptible to music and it helps her in creating the mindset that works best for what I have in mind.

A scene with intense BD and hard SM requires different playlists compared to rope for example.

The Swedish neofolk and martial industrial music group Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is well represented in my playlists.

Their music is dark and very suited for more intense Domination play or when I want to push Princess into a mindset that includes caves, abandoned cellars and other places a woman would not want to find herself alone.

Yet I don’t use many of their songs in a given playlist though because I do find them quite repetitive. But a handful in a 2 or 3 hour playlist is okay.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is very helpful in creating a certain mood.



The Kiss

About six months ago, when leaving the Fetish Café in Antwerp after a swell evening and party, Princess and I wave goodbye to everybody and shake hands with those we now a tad better.
There is this tall and rather handsome man we both like. We don’t know him really but we like his charisma and he seems kind and gentle. He tends to greet everyone as if they are dear friends he hasn’t seen in ages. It is not overdone but sincere. On his Fetlife profile he describes himself as pansexual.

With closed lips he kisses Princess on the mouth. I try to shake his hand but he presses his lips on mine. Not in a menacing or pushy way, but gentle. No tongue. When I break loose he kisses me again, lips still closed but with a little more pressure. Still no tongue.

On our way home Princess makes a joke. “You almost got tongued by a man,” she chuckles.
I smile.
“Did you like it?”
I smile again, keep my eyes on the road. “Yeah. I would not have minded a little more.”
I can’t remember if we talked about it more that evening and afterwards it did not come up again. Well maybe once when Princess was making fun of me.
Yet that innocent kiss planted a small seed in my head. It took quite some time to sprout.
During these past few months that moment, the kiss, has occasionally popped up in my head/fantasy. Its last occurrence, not even two weeks ago, left me with a slight sense of regret, a missed opportunity without being able to define it.
When I checked The Stranger’s profile on Fetlife it noticed he had chosen heteroflexible as orientation. My first idea was that it was just another word for bisexual. So did Princess.
Past Wednesday morning I was laying naked on my back. The bed ravaged, sheets soaked and a purring Princess pressed firmly against my body.

I was stroking my still painfully hard member while Princess grinded her pussy against my knee.
“Imagine The Stanger lying on bed with us, also playing with his cock. Would that tickle your fancy?”
I gave it some thought. An honest question deserves an honest answer.
“I wouldn’t mind helping him,” I replied, surprising not only Princess but also myself as the answer had popped out of my mouth just like that.
We remained silent for a short while, taking time to process what had just happened.
“Wow,” Princess said, “I hadn’t seen that coming.”
“Me neither,” I told her, a little sheepish. “But, hey, I’m only curious.”
We both knew that was a white lie.
So we talked about it some more. It is not about fucking a man, even less about being fucked. I am not even mildly bisexual. But later that afternoon, while spending some quality time with my old friend Google I new I was heteroflexible.
Do I need the experience? No, not really and I probably won’t pursue it either.
But I am open for some modest experimenting when an opportunity with the right person, the right mood and the right situation presents itself.
Princess told me she was not sure if she would find it erotic, but she made it clear we could experiment.
While writing this I already know that I would be more a giver than a taker. Giving is also about control.
Anyway, for the time being my newly discovered heteroflexibility will stay far on the background as we have more exciting and hot plans planned in a very near future.
Princess, thank you, not only for your love, your passion and caring. For standing next to me. But also for exploring with me our sexuality. It feels so great to take your hand and lead you, lead us.

The Stranger – My Personal Thoughts

We all have deep, maybe even dark, sexual fantasies.
I know I have quite a few and I am happy I able to share them with Princess. And vice versa.


One of Princesses’ fantasies is being used and/or taken in a very rough way, preferably while being helpless and/or bound.

When I was 17 the movie “The Story of O” was nothing less than a revelation. Yet I had to wait several decades before I finally found the One to enjoy the BDSM-lifestyle in a very intense and complete way.

A long time ago I dabbled in the world of swingers. My experience was limited to being one of two men invited by a couple to pleasure the missus. I liked it a lot but it was mostly the visual part of the event that pleasured me the most. That evening is still one of the sexual memories I cherish.
That single experience was enough to convince me swinging was not something I wanted to pursue. BDSM was the way to go. I wanted not only to enjoy the visual aspect but I needed to be creative with erotica. And the power of what I had seen in the movie Story of O still haunted me. That was what I wanted. A deep, surrender and intense love mixed with pain and pleasure.

Combining an intense BDSM-scene with (sexual) interaction from a third person has been a one of my long time fantasies.

In a few weeks from now this will become reality and Princess and I are really looking forward to this event.


How we arrived at this point has been written in previous posts. It started little over a year ago when our friends K. and J. asked if we would be interested in organizing a woman/woman experience for our beloved submissives. For these older posts just check the Threesome category of this blog.

Princess and I have a very intense relation and we are very close. We have a very open communication with no secrets.
I respect Princess and trust her unconditionally.

The prospect of our future adventure has a positive impact on our sexual activities already. When we play, at home or in the club, it is more intense and we have become even hornier.

So what is in it for me?

There is the scene I am putting together. It is like writing a scenario for a movie. In fact, it is not a farfetched comparison as a big part of the evening will be a visual feast for me.

Obviously I’m leaving enough room for improvisation. Yet it are the small details that will make the evening something special. What I will say and or insinuate is a very important part of the scene because I know how mind play increases Princesses’’ sexual arousal.

The scene is something I have been working on for weeks now and it is great fun as I dig deeper and deeper in my imagination.

I’ll be both Dom and Top and that is a whole new experience. It will probably be the most difficult part as I tend to zone out when playing with Princess, reducing my world to a small bubble where both of us exist.


It is The Stranger’s first visit to a BDSM-club so I will need to make him feel comfortable. I need to make sure he gets as much pleasure out of the evening as possible. He will be counting on my directions so I need to give them while taking care not to overdo. I am aware that an overdose of visual and sexual spurs could be paralyzing or even frightening.

I just want him to enjoy the evening at its fullest. Like us.

For me the evening will be a mind-blowing visual experience and being completely in charge nothing less than the cherry on a delicious cake.

Princess and I are not going for the whole nine yards on our first threesome. Yet I’ve already told Princess she is free to enjoy everything at its fullest. The main goal is about SM and pleasure. For the latter I’ll use The Stranger.

If all goes well there will be (safe) oral sex as I think Princess has to reward The Stranger.

This is as far as I am willing to go even if Princess wants/desires more.

I want Princess to grown into a very bad and slutty girl. I’ll be holding her back in order to create even more desire and hunger as I know for a fact a full-blown threesome would make Princess mad as hell.

It will happen, in due time. I will write the scenario and direct the scene. It will be devilish and unbearable hot. It will blow her mind for sure.

Trust me, our first threesome will be unimaginable hot already.









The Stranger – Thoughts

`Yesterday I got a mail from The Stranger informing me he was free on November 5 and November 19.

I’ll check our agenda this evening just to be on the sure side but Princess and I have nothing planned yet. Well, we do now. The exact date will depend on when Princess… Well you know.

I have been doing some shopping already. This evening Princess and I are going to PDN, the club we have been visiting the most over these past months. At PDN we feel at home. There are lots of toys, 4 hoists and a few spots where one can play in a more private way. One can sit comfortably in the Dungeon and watch others play or watch a rigger do his thing.

Antwerp is great, people are dressed kinkier but here there is much more space and, important, a private parking so you can arrive dressed up already. PDN has also a few high-class rooms for spending the night.

So what did I get? Two pairs of stay ups, a cheap but sexy black panty. Then because I wanted one for quite some time a remote-controlled egg from Dorcel.


When, in a few weeks, we’ll be picking up The Stranger with Princess blindfolded on the back seat, I’ll be giving him the remote control so he can connect with Princess already and I hope I will make him less nervous.

Also I bought flavored condoms. Strawberry if you want to know. Obviously we want to keep it safe and I’ll be taking some “real” condoms with me too but I do not have the intention to go all the way on our very first BDSM threesome. I want to keep Princess hungry for more.

One of my Readers asked my why this man and not another. And why did I write in my previous post I was hoping the man sitting in the car next to mine was not The Stranger.

An interesting question and something I overlooked in my post. I know the answer but I find it hard to explain but I’ll try.


I had several criteria. In the ad I explained what I was looking for. I asked to clarify in a few short sentences why the one replying thought he was a Dom, a sub, a switch, whatever. Also I wanted to know what the candidate found attractive about BDSM, what his passions are. I also wanted a short input on how he imagined this first date to be. Finally, I made it clear I was looking for a man whom was willing, if everything went OK on the first date, to meet again. I am aware in the latter lies potential danger. On the other hand, I know how strong our relation is so I am not worried at all.

A mental note I made was that if any profile would be swimming in dickpicks or the profile text would be disrespectful of shabby in any way it would be a no-go for the person applying.

Indeed, I was thinking I would get quite some replies. To be honest I was thinking 10, 20 replies.

There were only two. The first one was rather unmannerly and short. I wrote back telling him I was not sure if he had read or understood the ad. His reply was even shorter. The idea of playing with us made him horny and I did not need to worry, he was no stalker.

I liked the other profile, I liked the reply so finally we met. After all, finding a man you are willing to let touch your wife and even more is not an easy task.

The guy I noticed sitting in the car next to mine while I waited did not appeal to any of my visual needs. I only saw his face but I did not find him attractive in any way.

On the moment we met I felt a connection with him. The way he looked, his body language, the way he spoke.

In the bar I felt really comfortable in his company. I did not feel stressed of guilty or bad or even jealous. In fact, he did not feel like a threat to me in any way.

I am a man but I am in perfect harmony with my feminine part. Maybe that little part of me fell somewhat in love with him.

It is not because you like a guy and you feel comfy around him that you’ll let your woman suck his dick.

So there is more but I have no idea what it is. Maybe because he fits the role for the “movie” I have in mind? Like you see sometimes people and you think, hell, if I were a casting director he or she would be perfect for a role as a mobster,  a whore, a troubled detective, whatever.

Probably The Strangers fills in other stuff too. Things I am, subconsciously, sensitive for.

(c) Doris Closter
(c) Doris Closter

Why do you fall for one person and not for somebody else? Why do you prefer movies with Clooney over those with Brad Pitt or vice versa?

Whatever it is I like him and I have no problem with the thought that this guy is going to make Princess cum, as I will order him, in a very near future.

The Dorcel remote controlled vibrating egg was quite a disappointment.  The 10 vibrating patterns are interesting but the vibrating power of the egg is limited. Adding some adjustment in intensity would be a good idea.








The Stranger – Meeting him

Wednesday, October 12

I cast a glance on the Ikea clock in my kitchen. It tells me it is 18:30. Time to leave. I put on my shoes and grab my coat.

Twenty minutes later I arrive at my destination and park my car. I like to be on time. I have about 10 minutes to kill so I check my phone. No text messages and no mail. That is a relief but it still does not guarantee that he will show up.

There is a guy waiting in his car next to mine. Nervously he checks his wristwatch and smart phone. Looks around. Checks his  phone again.
Pale skin, mustache. His charisma does not touch me. OMG I think, I hope it is not him.

Hell, this feels more like a date than simply meeting someone.

I get out of the car and head for the roundabout where I am supposed to meet him.

The church bells of the nearby Gothic church let me know it is 7.

I do feel a little nervous. I hope there will be a connection and not a painful OMG moment.

He is five minutes late.

Finally we meet and shake hands, The Stranger and I.

I immediately like him. His charisma, body language. He is, in a non-sexual way, attractive. We chitchat while we walk towards the center of the town. I feel at ease and I hope he does too.

In a desolate wine bar we order our drinks. We talk about our past experiences in the wonderful world of BDSM.


He saw Histoire d’O when he was an adolescent and, as it did to me, the movie helped him form his view on erotica and sex.

He has not that much experience, almost none in fact. He is a submissive hoping to find a match. He has never visited a club so it will be a first one for him.
I’ll make sure it will be something for him to remember.

We talk about sex and BDSM and other stuff and I feel cozy and great and I do like his company. I feel completely relaxed.

There are no painful silences and he is correct, seems honest and shows respect. No dirty talk or insinuations.


We talk about limits, what he expects, what we desire.  I have the feeling we are playing the same ballgame her.

On the phone he told me he would find it difficult to enter a club alone for the first time.
It was Princesses’ idea  to pick him up somewhere while she is on the backseat, blindfolded. I don’t think one can get closer to Histoire d’O than this.
The Stranger likes the idea.

We both have to get up early for work so at 21:00 we split.

Later that evening we talk over the phone, Princess and I. She is curious and excited and so very happy it all went well and that The Stranger and I have a connection.

Princess tells me I need to be really aware of my responsibilities as a Dom. Her Dom of course and a Top for The Stranger. He made it quite clear he won’t take any action but will wait for my orders.

I check our Calendar and mail him  a few dates. Our fantasy is going to happen real soon now.

Just to be clear, this adventure is one that has been discussed thoroughly with all parties involved. Like every BDSM scene this is safe, sane and consensual.






Something completely different

I’m not always busy flogging or spanking Princess. She is not the whole time enjoying the tight embrace of rope nor is she begging for relief while her body is covered with clothespins. Princess is not orgasming the whole time either. Sometimes we do very mundane stuff.

Like going to the movies. Yesterday we saw Tim Burton’s “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, a Tim Burton movie. We enjoyed it very much. The 3D was not used so much to hide flaws in the film by giving the viewer the impression all sorts of stuff is floating around. No, here 3D was used to create depth in an more artsy way.

Albeit I liked the movie very much I was a little disappointed as I had expected something more magical. Some of the movie was shot not that far from my hometown.

Yes, Princess and I love movies and I try to show her stuff that is somewhat older but still a great movie experience. Like Woody Allen’s Manhattan or Wild at Heart, a David Lynch movie.

Now that the winter is approaching it is a great idea to watch movies in our bedroom. It was/is a small project that kept me busy for some time. It is almost finished yet already operational. The only thing that will change is the screen. That will be at the end of the year.

Raspberry Pi 3b with external disk Ricoh GR II
Raspberry Pi 3b with external disk
Ricoh GR II

So I got a Pioneer A-103 amplifier (1994) for 40 bucks. The Akai EA-A7 Graphic Equalizer (1985) I already owned was also installed in our bedroom. With it 100 Watt Pioneer boxes. To be honest I am not that picky anymore. When we are in the fields I can’t hear the crickets anymore and even birds singing are fading away.

I have an old Samsung 21” HD (1920×1080) display but that will be replaced with a +27” HD screen very soon.

Raspberry Pi 3b Ricoh GR II
Raspberry Pi 3b
Ricoh GR II

I can access my collection of music and movies, all stored on hard drives, using a very cheap ASUS 7” Android tablet. The heart of the whole system is a Raspberry Pi 3 equipped with a HiFiBerry DAC+ light sound extension card. It runs Kodi Home Theater on Debian Linux. Total cost this computer, not much bigger than a credit card does not exceed 6o dollar. I am not counting the external hard disk.

Every computer in my house talks with every computer in my house. When I get a new movie or a new CD is goes almost automatically to the external disk of Kodi.

I can watch a zillion internet channels like TV, video, music. For the time being I have configured my Youtube and Vimeo account.

Sound is terrific and I cannot wait to get a bigger screen.

Raspberry Pi 3b Ricoh GR II
Raspberry Pi 3b
Ricoh GR II


Holiday 2016 – Denmark

For those not interested in tech stuff and computers jump to Denmark

I’m writing this while sitting in a small corner of my living room. In front of me an old Samsung Syncmaster P2370 monitor in high-definition. An even older Dell keyboard, very noisy. And a mouse.

On my right side, on my desk, my iMac 27” with all the whistles and bells needed to write and work on my photographs.

I’m listening to my favourite CD, Push The Sky Away by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It is playing on the same computer I’m writing on and I’m using VLC.

A cheap 20$ single speaker gives an acceptable quality but pushing the sound through my very old amplifier and equalizer would give a better sound. But these analogue devices are hooked up to my iMac.

No fancy Microsoft Word but LibreOffice Writer. I’m not even sure if there is a spellchecker available.

In fact I am writing this on a 35 $ computer (screen, display, SD-card and mouse not included). I wanted to reconnect with Linux and decided to get a Raspberry Pi 3b. Although it cannot be compared to the sheer power of my iMac for normal work this configuration has not let me down yet. I am pleasantly surprised but on the other hand Linux does not have a huge footprint either.

So the Raspberry Pi is just a side project but also a plan B whenever my main system should die.


Princess and I enjoyed our holiday very much. It was Princesses’ first flight. All went well except that her luggage ended up in Portugal. An error at the luggage check-in. She got her suitcase the next day. Princess loved seeing the sun coming up above the clouds. It was magical.

A new day (2016) Ricoh GR II
A new day (2016)
Ricoh GR II

We had great weather. Sunny and not to warm. The rental Renault Clio okay. The hotel cosy and well situated at walking distance of the station of Helsingør, the ferries to Sweden and the centre of the town.

Food was delicious but very expensive. People friendly. Culture and art seem to be very important as there are museums and cultural centres everywhere. Higher incomes are taxed up to 65% but wealth is redistributed. School system is different, there is more space for personal development. Alcohol is extremely expensive and there is a rightful zero tolerance for drivers.

We arrived at 08:20 at Copenhagen airport on Saturday, September 17. When it became obvious Princesses’ suitcase was not travelling with us we picked up the car and on our way to the hotel, 47 kilometres from Copenhagen, we shopped for some basic stuff for Princess. I had chosen for the coastal road.

After checking in we visited Helsingør and its castle used in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Helsingør Castle (2014) Ricoh GR II
Helsingør Castle (2014)
Ricoh GR II

On Sunday we drove along the coast and on Monday we took the boat to Helsinborg, Sweden. A whole different city when we looked at the buildings and the general architecture. Shops selling only wine, beer and liquor. A stand on the street was an alcohol bar.

Unfortunately Stella was not feeling well, texting Princess with a zillion messages. Shortly after I held a crying Princess in my arms. It was only the 2nd to 3th time I saw her crying.

In the afternoon the lower grades did not have school but the parks were filled with their joy.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch. On a huge public square with flowers and pergola’s the underprivileged were drinking and shooting drugs. Princess gave me some space so I could do some street photography. I was spotted quickly though and was confronted with an aggressive drunk so i backed off.

Despair (2016) - Helsingborg, Sweden Nikon D300 with 24-120mm
Despair (2016) – Helsingborg, Sweden
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm

Between Helsingør (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden) lies 7 km of water. Somewhere in between the border. So while the ferry is in Danish waters you can buy as much booze in the tax-free shop as you can carry. When the boat crosses the border you are not allowed to buy any alcohol any more but you can spend all you dough on tax-free tobacco.

On September 20, our 5th anniversary and the start of our 6th year we took the train to Copenhagen. It was very cheap because the ticket was 24 hours valid and gave access to bus, tram and metro.

Near Central Station, Copenhagen (2016) Ricoh GR II
Near Central Station, Copenhagen (2016)
Ricoh GR II

Copenhagen is cold but beautiful. Gorgeous architecture like the Opera or the Black Diamond (Royal library). A zillion bicycles who won’t stop even if you want to try to get off a bus.

Reading Room (2016) - Black Diamond Royal Library, Copenhagen Nikon D300 with 24-120mm
Reading Room (2016) – Black Diamond Royal Library, Copenhagen
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm

We walked for a while and then Princess suggested taking a hop on/hop off bus. So we visited the Danish capital by bus and then by boat (included in the price).

Later that evening we had dinner, found our way to the station and took the train back to Helsingør. I guess we had another 2 stops before arriving when the train stopped. Something was said through the intercom but we do not understand Danish. Everybody got off. Then an official saw us sitting there, puzzled. He made us clear we had to leave the train.

Copenhagen by night (2016) Ricoh GR II
Copenhagen by night (2016)
Ricoh GR II

While we walked to the other side of the station a voice said “the train to Helsingør is going nowhere”. There we stood, waiting in the dark. It was cold and it was raining. About 20′ later a train arrived an another 30′ we were at out hotel.

Opera, Copenhagen (2016) Nikon D300 with 24-120mm
Opera, Copenhagen (2016)
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm

The next day we drove to the other side of the Danish Sealand Isle. The beach there was empty and I made love to Princess while she was lying on a rock. Delicious it was. The sun warming our naked bodies, the wind gently caressing our skin and the gentle sound of small waves breaking on the stones. It was an unforgettable experience.

We did just that, almost every day
We did just that, almost every day

During our stay in Denmark we made love at least 2, 3 times a day. Our room reeked of sex.

Pain (2016 Samsung J5
Pain (2016
Samsung J5

Then it was over. We drove back to Copenhagen and I found an expensive parking space in the centre. We walked to Christianshavn and straight to Freetown Christiania, an 84 acres city within a city. Hippies, own flag and currency and an anarchist community. The smell of hash and weed was omnipresent and we regretted not having visited it earlier but we did not want to get on a plane stoned.

I loved Christiania and its apparent freedom.

Graffiti (2016) - Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen Ricoh GR II
Graffiti (2016) – Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen
Ricoh GR II

Later on I gave the car back and then it was really over. Princess and I enjoyed the night and the world and its small lights.

We landed at 22:50 in Charleroi and Princess phoned The Boy to find out where he was. We walked to the underground parking but we did not find The Boy.

He was waiting for us in Zaventem, Brussels Airport, a miscommunication with Princess. So we waited 45′ minutes before he finally showed up.

Later on we were in bed, Princess and I and I fucked her silly. The we slept and the next morning, when I dropped her off at her place I knew our holiday was really over.

We had a blast. I loved being with Princess. We had an incredible holiday.

Shadows (2016) - Black Diamond Royal Library, Copenhagen Ricoh GR II
Shadows (2016) – Black Diamond Royal Library, Copenhagen
Ricoh GR II





The Stanger – A phone call

Just finished talking to The Stranger by phone and it went well. I liked the way he talked, the way he answered my questions and his discretion towards us and himself.

We’ll be meeting somewhere next week for drinks. If that goes well it will be showtime.

He told me he was submissive and without any experience regarding a BDSM threesome. So I’ll be guarding his and Princesses’ boundaries.

The idea of The Stranger determined a huge part of our sex during our stay in Denmark. We fucked as madmen, on a few occasions four times a day, I kid you not. Our room was filled with the smell of sex, our bed linen soaked with Princesses’ juices. We fucked at the seaside, we longed for each other every single moment. Sex was omnipresent.

Oh boy, she told me stuff she wanted to do with me and The Stranger I had not thought off or never could have imagined. Princess is longing for the experience and that makes me very happy. She knows she does not have to do anything against her will, I am not that kind of Dom. I know what lies deep in her and I only want to liberate her sexuality even more.

So I talked with The Stranger and I liked it. He was not disrespectful but kind and somewhat hot in a gentle way. It is clear he is putting the whole experience in my hands.

So I’ll be playing with two submissives and that is a huge responsibility. I am sure I am up to it and I am convinced it will be a more than pleasant experience for us all. The fact Princess told me that she was open for more makes me happy already.

Does a threesome, 2 males and a female mean I am interested in a 2 female and I situation? No. Not at all. It would make me very uncomfortable. No, I am not interested.

I am using Princess’s fantasies and opening even more her sexuality. I prefer to be the initiator, the director, the scenarist of stories where she is used rather than being with Princess and another woman. I want to be in complete control regarding her sexuality within her boundaries yet I do want to push them.

We have a very intense relationship, our love is even more intense and I respect Princess very much. Yet the idea of playing with her, having her (safely) fucked by somebody makes me mad with intense desire. And with me Princess.

I am sure our relation will benefit of this experience.

I am thinking Princess will be wanting to push this experience even further and that is an idea I like.




Princess and I enjoyed an unforgettable holiday. Denmark is worth a visit, we even hopped over to Sweden for one day. It was like entering a whole new world albeit the distance between our base camp, Helsingør (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden), was not more than 7 kilometers by boat.

We made love, Princess lying on a huge rock. The wind gently caressing our bodies, the breaking waves almost an opera.

It was her first flight and when we arrived in Copenhagen her luggage did not.

We went to Freetown Christiania, an anarchistic hippie community in the heart of Copenhagen. A town in a town. Hell, the air was filled with delicious odours of hash and weed. It was our last afternoon and I had to drive to rental to the airport otherwise we would have enjoyed some stuff.

In our hotel room we fantasized about The Stranger and Princesses’ ideas and fantasies went even further that I had imagined. We fucked and fuck and fucked, multiple times on a day.

Food was expensive. Alcohol even more.  Weather was great. Art and culture everywhere.

Belgium is not that big but has a few airports. Brussels (Zaventem) and Charleroi are the most important ones.

When we arrived back home there was nobody to pick us up. Due to some bad communication between Princess and her son he was waiting for us at Zaventem. The Boy had to drive another 45′ minutes  to get to Charleroi and that after a busy day working in a café.

It was hard to stop our holiday life and go back to business as usual.

More on our trip in future posts. No erotic image this time but I made some hot stuff and I’ll post it later.

PS. This week I’ll be contacting The Stranger and I’m hoping to be able to include him in our scene very soon.

Tranquillity II (2016) Somewhere at the Hesselø Bugt, Trundholm, Denmark Nikon D300 with 24-120mm and a 30 second exposure with a combination of two ND filters resulting in -13 stops

Tranquillity II (2016)
Somewhere at the Hesselø Bugt, Trundholm, Denmark
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm and a 30 second exposure with a combination of two ND filters resulting in -13 stops





We still do rope. At this new club, PDN, we have seen pure art being performed. I am still a toddler compared to these masters.

I don’t care though. I am willing to learn but for us, Princess and I, it is about pleasure, being together. Rope brings pure Dominance and submission. As does we enjoy playing with pain.

What we do, what I learned Princess to enjoy, is also the cerebral part of our chosen lifestyle.

Today, September 20 marks our 5th anniversary. It has been a wonderful, intense, loving and caring time.

Without you, Princess, I am nothing.
You are my muse, my love, my fuckbuddy, my life and future.
You are the  sole source of my absolute happiness.

Thank you Princess for these 5 years of intense and pure love.
Your sorrows that I shared brought us even close. Being able to help and care your loved ones an honour.

Sharing my life with you is simply the best thing that ever happened to me.

I love you, Princess. My heart and soul belongs to you.

After the rope (2016)
After the rope (2016)



Bound by Desire