Broomsticks and dildos

Using my leather gloves is fun and not only for spanking. As I wrote in a previous post : “The distance they create, making the acts much more sexual, has some kind of a positive effect on me I don’t understand yet.

I still don’t understand why I find the distance so sexy but I created a new toy using the same principle : distance and impersonal sex.

Yesterday I went shopping and found a fancy looking broomstick. It is 130 cm (51.1811 inch) and creates quite a distance.

Back home I took an old anal/vaginal vibrator I don’ use much. Screwed off the cap that seals off the battery compartment and drilled a hole in it.
I attached it to one end of the stick with a screw and then I mounted the vibrator back on the cap.

Checked if it was safe to use.

Now I have a long fucking stick for very impersonal actions.

Wow, imagine Princess on all fours, me sitting on the couch behind her and pleasuring Princess.

Hell, I could even pass the stick around on some occasion with a blindfolded Princess being the center of all attention.

If we both like it I’ll get a penis shaped dildo to replace what  I’m using now.

The "Fuckstick" - Princess's side
The “Fuckstick” – Princess’s side
The "Fuckstick" - My side
The “Fuckstick” – My side

Saturday Evening, November 21st – The Dungeon

Continued from Thoughts – November 21st, 2015

We park the car and walk to the Fetish Cafe.

Maybe it is because it is cold. Maybe because it has been raining. Yet I have the impression the streets in Antwerp are less populated.

Brussels, our capital, is in lockdown due to an eminent terrorist attack. Major activities cancelled, bars are asked to close at 18:00. One could argue we are at war. Maybe that is true and if so, it is an ideological battle.

I feel no fear. I am not going to stay at home because of a few extremist lunatics. Yet survival has now a different tagline: expect the unexpected.

Princess and I are happy to be here again, in the Fetish Cafe. We kind of feel at home here. The bar is not crowded so we can interact with the Staff.

Soon we move to the Dungeon. We want to play.
The Dungeon is empty. I tie Princess to the hoist, with a double column tie, arms up.
A bad idea.
Soon the strain on her shoulders becomes very painful.
Princess uses the word Orange, a little late I find out. Princess did not feel okay but thought it would pass.
We argue.
“Don’t be a hero Princess, I need to know you are safe,” I say.
“I need to trust you’ll tell me immediately when things go wrong.”

A couple + 1 enters the room.
A Dom and two submissives.
The women are tied, face to face, using a hoist.

I play with Princess. I have tied her to a bench now and the next 45′ minutes are only impact play.

The guy is also into impact play. I notice how both women kiss, not passionate or hot, just a kiss. He kisses the women in turn. Also lips on lips, briefly, without any emotion.

More spanking with a leather paddle, cane, bullwhip….
There is no fire, no emotion, no nothing.

Watching two snails fuck would be less boring I think.

Yet it is interesting in another way.
I try to imagine Princess, I and a submissive.
No, it would not work. First I am not interested in kissing another woman and, secondly, my attention would be focused solely on Princess.

So Princess in right (she often is but please don’t tell her I said so) playing with three would be a very bad idea. The second woman would not get much out of the scene and would feel used. That is not what we, what I want.

I decide Princess’s initial idea, a couple, would be a safer bet.

I push Princess to an orgasm.
“Cum for me,” I say.
Being in the Dungeon holds Princess back. One of the last boundaries that needs to be taken down. Cumming in a “public” place is something Princess has an issue with.
I cannot accept that.
Princess is securely tied down. She can’t run. Princess is my prisoner.
I push her to an orgasm.
She moans and sighs, fights it but I am persistent.

I notice how one of the subs screams in anger and kicks the Dom twice, aiming but missing his balls. For them play time is over.

I have no idea what went wrong but I sense anger and frustration.

Then Princess ejaculates over my hand.
Good girl I say.

I hold Princess, kiss her, sooth her. Princess is far away, in subspace.
Trust me, 45′ minutes of spanking, whipping, caning and other variations, can be intense.

The guy has released his two subs and they are not really taken care of. They get dressed like athletes after a game, each in his/her own mindset. No interaction.

Later on, in the bar, I try to connect with him. He has this haughty smile, barely finds me interesting. He stands next to me while ordering one drink.
I say something nice, he neglects me completely.
Then he walks leisurely to his subs.
Then the woman who kicked him comes to the bar and orders 2 drinks.

“And?” Princess asks.
“Waste of my time,” I answer.

We leave at midnight. But not before offering Princess a gift. The Dungeon sells high-end canes, very flexible, with a well crafted handle. They import them from the United Kingdom.

Princess is happy with the present and, back home, I introduce her to its bite. She loves it. Princess wants more.
Hell, I could spank her all night I guess.

“No, Princess,” I say. “I want something else.”
“How can I pleasure you, Milord?”

“I want to taste your pussy and then I simply want to fuck you. And after that, I want to make love with you. Sounds okay?”

“Yes, Milord. I am all yours. Only yours.”
I eat pussy.
I fuck.
I make love.

Then lights go out.
We sleep well.
Yes, I know you know Princess and I always do.

A new cane
A new cane





Thoughts – November 21st, 2015

Princess and I are looking forward to a future play date with K. and J. and some woman/woman interaction.

None of us are in a hurry, it is about taking baby steps, aligning expectations.

It would be sad if this first experience would end with a disappointment even though it can’t completely be ruled out.

Princess and I are eager to walk this road occasionally so a disillusion just might cast a shadow over our plans.

There is already enough pleasure to be found during the trip to the goal we have set ourselves. Princess and I talk and fantasize and that is a good thing because it emphasizes that we are both okay with our plans.

I would not be me if I did not think about this experience on other levels. For example, I like K. and we are as much alike as we are different. I trust K. completely and our conversations are open and honest.

Obviously I’ll have to work with him, a Dom, when we create a scene. This will be a challenge because I love to be 100% in control, sexually and scene wise. Yet I am sure our collaboration will be fruitful and enriching.

So then I thought, maybe one day, I could organize a scene with Princess and a submissive or switch. I would be the puppet master and not a participant.

I told Princess about the idea. She did not say much.

Past Friday evening, while talking on the phone, Princess told me she preferred playing with another couple. Just the three of us was not exactly a menacing idea but then again it was. She could not pinpoint exactly what she wanted to say. She used the word jealousy so I asked “are you afraid it would get out of hand? That I would end up having sex with the other woman?”
“No,” Princess replied, “well, yes. Pfff, I don’t know what I feel or think.”
We called it a day.

Yesterday, Saturday evening, while were driving to the Dungeon in Antwerp I brought the subject up again.

“I don’t want to share your attention,” Princess explained. “I want to be Your submissive, as in exclusively. The idea you would meet another submissive to discuss a scene, mind you, nothing more than a talk and coffee, I trust you, would upset me. Playing with another couple takes that away, as the other submissive has her own Sir. And I want only you as my Dom.”

I smiled. I could absolutely relate to what Princess just told me and I told her I would respect fully what she had just told me.

When you decide to share or explore your sexuality beyond the borders of being a couple I think it is important some stuff stays exclusive, a safe harbor, something to fall back on. A place to come home to.

To be continued

Source Tumblr
Source Tumblr

Leather Gloves – First Impressions

Before Princess arrived I tested the gloves. It is not easy to spank my behind but I use my arm or leg for testing impact toys.

The blows are obviously much softer with the gloves. I also have the impression the effect of the impact goes deeper, less shallow.

Then I slapped my face several times. Without the glove it stings but the effect is very local and short-lived. With the glove it feels much more intense, deeper and the area of impact seems bigger.

Princess arrived. We kissed, held each other, kissed some more. Helped her out of her pants and directed her to the back of our couch.

“Bend over, Princess.”
It is something I do not have to ask twice.

I stroked her back, butt and breasts. Played with her nipples, teasing and pinching them. Princess enjoyed the soft leather on her skin. Almost feminine, she told me later.
Enjoyable and easy to think it is an other hand touching her.

Spanking did not redden her delicious butt but Princess enjoyed the impact. My hand around her throat hotter with the leather than without.

After a good spanking I grabbed Princess’s hair and I took her to the bedroom.

In bed I kissed and caressed her while my lips and tongue enjoyed her moist, warm spots.

I fucked Princess harshly.

“Cum for me, Princess,” I barked, slapping her face harder than she is used to when we make love.

The effect was immediate, I felt her pussy tighten and rapid spasms around my cock.
With a deep sigh Princess climaxed while she squirted her warm juices over my belly and thighs, wetting the bed linen.

I did not stop fucking her and then I slapped her again. Fiercely.
Another orgasm, even more intensive, enveloped by some squirting.

Breathless she lay in my arms. I could reek the scent of our rough sex.
“Wow,” Princess sighed.

I liked the gloves too,  the touching, the spanking, the choking, is less personal, less intimate. The distance they create, making the acts much more sexual, has some kind of a positive effect on me I don’t understand yet.

These gloves were made for spanking and sex. This Saturday we are going to the Dungeon and I’m taking these babies with me.

Leather Gloves

Princess enjoyed seeing how K. (Jamie Bell) spanked Charlotte Gainsbourg with leather gloves (he added small coins to add to the effect) in the movie Nymphomaniac.

K. (Jamie Bell) in Nymphomaniac.
K. (Jamie Bell) in Nymphomaniac.

Leather gloves have been on her wish list ever since.

Almost a year has passed.
I decide to finally get leather gloves and pleasure Princess. And myself of course.

There is this leather store in my home town.
“Do you have gentleman’s leather gloves?” I ask.
“For men?” the shop woman asks.
No for monkeys I think and try to suppress the urge to kill her.
“Yes, for guys.” Stay calm Franco.
She frowns, sets her handful of brain cells at work.
I wait, patiently.
“No, we don’t, but maybe in the future.”

The next shop I visit has beautiful leather gloves displayed in the show window. Prices vary between 90 and 150 Euro, way beyond what I want to spend.

The third shop I visit has a vast collection with princes around 25 Euro. I try some and decide size L is what I need.

At checkout the shop lady scans the label. Nothings happens, no beep, no price being displayed on the computer display. She scans again. Then a third time.
“I am sorry Sir, but this article is blocked. I can’t sell them.”
I look at her in disbelief. Hell this is a world-wide commercial chain.
“No. I am really sorry Sir.”

I leave the shop and go home without any leather gloves. No surprise for Princess whom I am eagerly awaiting.

The next day I go to yet another store.
They have leather gloves.
For men too.

Fine leather, not very expensive.

Can’t wait to try them on Princess and give her a good spanking.
Maybe this evening.


Tuesday, November 17 – 19:55, somewhere in Belgium

“Good evening Milord,” Princess smiles when she enters the living room.

The space is lit with candles and I have selected a playlist with ambient music.
Brian Eno.

“Good evening, Princess. Please go to our bedroom and change. All you need is spread out on the bed. There is also a small present for you.”
“Should I bring it with me when I come back?”
“No, just put it on. When you return you will assume your inspection posture.”
“OK Milord.”

While I wait I open a bottle of red wine, pour two glasses.
Then I sit down on the couch.

Princess comes in and assumes her position. She looks gorgeous wearing only her present. Sexy fish net hold-ups I got earlier at Hunkemöller.

And black shoes. They are sexy in their own right.
No high heels, Princess is not allowed to wear them due to her lower back pains.

I stand up and leisurely walk towards Princess.
I touch her, caress and smell, taste and lick. Kiss teasingly.

“Okay. Come, Princess,” and I point to the cushion on the ground, next to the couch.
We toast, sip our wine, chitchat.

After 4 years I am still proud, still moved when Princess is with me, walks at my side. She is an awesome woman, delicious, intelligent, sexy, sensual and very caring.
Did I somehow win life’s jackpot? Is Princess my Holy Grail?

Fact is I never have been so complete, so in love.
The sex is magnificent, the lovemaking utterly breathtaking.

Kneeling is not something Princess can do for a long time so I help her on her feet and lead her to the back of the other couch.

“How do we say red?” I ask. Princess is so adorable with the black gag ball in her mouth.

Princess raises her right hand. I think it would be a nice touch if she could do the Mr. Spock greeting.

“How do we say red when your weight is on both hands?”
“Uh uh uh,” while moving her head in a visual no.

We are good to go.

A few smacks with my bare hand. My right hand. Generally, I use both, but I’m still suffering from a serious 2nd degree burn wound I got a week ago. The oven dish bit me before I could devour its contents. Did not feel it but the next morning I had a blister, 2cm in diameter, and the surrounding skin deep red. I took care of it myself but it still hurts like hell. If James Bond can defibrillate his dying self (Casino Royale, 2006) I can take care of a minor wound too. After all I am a trained first-aid kind of guy.
Trained, luckily not experienced.

I notice, much to my pleasure, how Princess suffers under my blows.

Soft flogger.
Leather flogger.
Shoulder blades.

Reddening ass.
Oh my, so hot.
I haven’t had sex for a long time. Mm let’s see, that would be 2 days and a half.

Such an inviting ass.
I’m hard.
Ah, why not?

I push her cheeks open and push my cock deep in her wet pussy.
“Ohhhh,” she sighs.
Grab her hips, sink my fingernails deep in her soft skin.
Fuck. Hard.

I want more.
I want it all.
After all Princess is mine.

Slid out, grab a rubber, put it on.
Holy cow, her ass is so ready.
Princess welcomes me.
Oh boy, so tight.

My hands go over her back, I lay them on her shoulders, pulling her up.
Easily my hands go around her throat.
I squeeze while fucking her ass.

Slid out, you are not going to cum unless I tell you to, slut, I think.

Pull off the rubber and push my cock in her pussy.
Use the flogger on her back.

“Ohhhh.” Princess is near an orgasm.

Out I go, grab the cane.
One, two, three. Hard.
Four, five, six. Very hard.
Seven, eight, nine. It hurts, I can see it. I can see it in how her body moves.
My cock hardens even more.

Another rubber.

Hard strokes, hands around her throat again.

Muffled sounds, subdued moaning.
I should use a gag ball more often.
Love the drooling too.
So fucking sexy.

Finally, Princess’s body starts shaking, then convulsing.
A long moan coming from very deep.
Splashing sounds.
I feel Princess’s hot juices spatter on my feet.

She sinks to the floor, legs useless. I grab her and lead her to the couch.

Princess curls up in my arms.
We kiss.
I give her another orgasm with the massager.

We are so close.
Deep, pure love and absolute trust.

Princess and I finish our wine.
Then it is bedtime.
I fuck Princess relentlessly while she soaks the bed linen.

Time to finish it off.
“Drink me, ” I say, my voice coarse.
Princess enjoys every drop.

We kiss and I taste myself in her mouth.

“Goodnight Milord.”
“Goodnight Princess and thank you.”

The lights go out.
Darkness tiptoes in and with it a welcoming sleep.

Way to soon it is the next day.(c)Hunkemoller - sexy fishnet stay-ups

(c)Hunkemoller – sexy fishnet stay-ups

Princess and I + 1 – Thoughts – November 17, 2015

Saturday, November 14th.

I had a great meeting with K. and we talked about what his submissive J. desires, her limits, and how we would proceed.

This was already so hot and so much fun. Two rather compatible Dom’s discussing new playgrounds, new possibilities while connecting, maybe even becoming friends.

We talked for several hours and discussed several topics and fantasies and so much more.

Since then we mailed, exchanged ideas, gradually getting to that point of no return I, and Princess, are awaiting impatiently.

Princess and I are looking so forward to that special moment when finally a date has been set, a location found and a scenario worked out. When Princess and J. will discover the pleasures of female lust and pleasure.

Don’t get this wrong. Princess and I have a monogamous relationship because this works the best for us, for whom we are.
Our love is pure and very strong. Our trust absolute. Our respect deep and absolute.

Having someone to play with Princess, in a scenario I imagined, is adding spice to our sex life.  Not that we need to.  But I am sure these moment will be extremely pleasurable.

It is something Princess and I are looking forward to.



Two questions – Second Question

During our discussions about expanding our play ground Princess asked me two important questions.

The first question can be found First Question.

The second question was a little trickier but most of what I said before goes for this question too. Not completely of course and I am still processing that part, trying to find a suitable answer.

Princess wanted to know what I wanted to get out of all this. Not for the first time she wanted to know how I experience the playing as we do it today.

I contemplated, wrote, deleted, rephrased and finally ended up with way too many words and no real answer.

Yesterday I talked about this with Princess and she smiled.
“Keep it simple, Milord. After all that is what you always tell me.”
“So what are you saying, Princess?”
“Think Cat and mice, Milord.”

Thank you Princess, you are a lifesaver.

Imagine this little girl receiving a doll as a gift. She plays with the figurine and puts her in all sorts of situations and/or imagining different scenes. The little girl sees her doll as an extension of her fantasies. She can direct and create and the puppet is a willingly partner in their adventures. Often this is a solitary way of playing. When the little girls come together, they play with their dolls too, but then it is about interacting with other puppets, fantasies become more elaborated. But the little girls remain master of their universe.

I think this comes the closest to describing what I get out of it but on a deeper level. In fact, my puppet, Princess, expresses her desires, her wishes, what might frighten her or make her feel uncomfortable.
I create situations, I create scenarios and then play them with Princess. I get most of my satisfaction, physical and cerebral, doing just that. Creating and playing. Being master of my universe. I play them in real life though. And some of the idea’s I want to develop are like a director writing and the scenario and directing it.

Since we decided to get the extension box I’ll be including a second person in some of my scenario’s, in my stories. Imagine the fun sitting at home and inventing new stuff. Trust me, I am very good at what I do.

There is of course more. The mind play, writing about it, mind fucking Princess so I can even find more devious stuff to do.

Playing with Princess is really a very brainy thing because I am satisfying a bunch of cerebral stuff. I do not get aroused often when playing but my mind is sure as hell doing overtime.

When the scene ends, I enjoy the aftercare and then the intense lovemaking.

Adding a second person to the equation is, for me, opening a world with a zillion possibilities for creating new stories, new scenes.

Yes, it is mostly about playing with a doll, a real human being, Princess. And the power that goes with it. Being somewhat god in my universe. Being a director of my porn flicks. Look at it as my own, very personal

Think of it this way. Princess is open for a woman/woman scene. So, where do I find someone reliable? How do I select and find out if Princess digs this woman? When the final candidate is found, how do I introduce her to Princess?
Hell, all this is already a big part of the fun.

There is a second motivator. I want to explore Princess’s desire, dreams, fantasies. I am giving her carte blanche to do so.  And I love the eye candy that will go with all this.

All this is enveloped by something much more important. Love and trust and respect of course.
It is about guiding Princess, leading Princess and helping her discover her sexuality. Maybe it is more about leading than sexuality.
In my world though both go hand in hand.

Since yesterday I know almost everything is possible. These are hot and grand times.
It is not an exercise on trust but a confirmation.

So finally we come to the essential of BDSM. The submissive has all the power. Without Princess I would be nothing.
Through Princess I shine while she enjoys me pushing her boundaries.

Found on Tumblr
Found on Tumblr

Two Questions – First Question

During our discussion, past Tuesday, about expanding our horizons, Princess asked me two important questions.

The first question was about the woman/woman stuff. Princess wanted to know what my limits where, what I would allow, accept. And what not.

“I have no limits,” I said to her surprise.
“Come again? None at all?”
“No. Besides, it would not be a menacing situation either.”
Princess remained silent for a moment.

“Look, you are curious, you want to explore. I am giving you total freedom on this specific trip. It is not me to decide how far you want to go, that is up to you.”

“Let’s say we get along and I want to go shopping with her.”
“So be it. What would be the problem?”
“Choosing lingerie with her?”
I frown. Did not think of that.
“Well, I’m sure I would enjoy not only your new lingerie but also your stories about trying them on and the fun you both had.”

“We would play afterwards, somewhere in a hotel room.”

“That I would not appreciate. It would be far beyond the scope we have set. You are curious, I lead you, help you and watch over you, make you feel safe. So that part we do together.”

“Maybe you want to touch her…”
Princess is testing me. It is okay for her to do so. I am offering something special, she wants to know if there is a catch.

“I would love the eye candy. Steering you, leading, creating play scenario’s and enjoying them as a director. Preparing these kind of scenes is a lot of work. It is something I love doing. Thinking about how I am going to push you, help you expand you limits, finding new ways of surprising you, helping you discover yourself even more.”

Princess is not completely convinced yet.
“Trust me, Princess, I crave your body, your scent, your taste, the texture of your skin, being at home in your arms. There is no other woman who can offer me that. And in the end, stripped down, a body is just a body.
Yours satisfies me completely. I have no desire whatsoever to touch or use an other body.”

She smiles and knows I am telling the truth.
Princess is the only one. I tell it with every kiss, with every touch, with every fuck.

“I would hate it though waking up one morning, finding a note telling me you left me for J. and are going to live on the Greek Isle of Lesbos with her. Leaving me with K. Hell, he is not my type.”

Princess laughs, I laugh. We are good again.

It is up to Princess. I really have no issues with her experimenting woman/woman with me as her guide and guard.

The second question was a little trickier but most of what I said before goes for this question too. Not completely of course and I am still processing that part, trying to find a suitable answer.

Princess wanted to know what I wanted to get out of all this. Not for the first time she wanted to know how I experience the playing as we do it today.

I hope to write my thoughts very soon, for myself, but also for the blog.

Rope work by Wykd Dave. Reproduced with kind permission of Wykd Dave

Rope work by Wykd Dave.
Reproduced with kind permission of Wykd Dave


















An exciting encounter – short story

It is a beautiful Sunday morning.
I am awake and lay on my side and look at Princess. She is still sound asleep.
Chinks of light filter trough the curtains and envelope Princess’s face with streaks of gold.
She looks gorgeous, while dreaming dreams I’ll never know about.

A sigh, soft and sensual. Barely audible.
Princess slowly arises from a deep sleep.

“Good morning beautiful,” I whisper, gently stroking her cheek, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

She wakes up, smiles at me, still dozy.

“I’ll make us a cup of coffee while you get out of bed”, I tell her.
“No morning sex?” she pouts.

“No Princess. I have another treat in mind for you.”
“Okay Milord,” she beams and hops out of bed.
“You’ll be wearing your skinny jeans, white T-shirt. No bra.”
“Yes Milord.”
Princess is a good girl.

Later we enjoy breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast, the works.  I love pampering Princess.

“We are going for a walk in the woods, Princess,” I reveal.
“Wow, great. Thank you Milord!”
Her enthusiasm is catchy, one of the many things making her so adorable.

We finish our coffee and clear the table.

It’s eleven when I park my car on the almost deserted parking lot.
“Mmmh,” Princess smiles and inhales the organic scent of flowers, grass and leaves.
It is pleasantly cool under the green foliage.

I kiss Princess in the neck and grab her hand.
Watching Princess’s boobs wiggle under her T-shirt with each step she takes is maddening hot. I wish I could fuck her but I have other plans.

We don’t talk much, just walk, happy being together.

I lead her to an open spot in the woods.
There is a small pond with blooming water lilies, humming bees and deep blue damselflies.

“Oh, this is so romantic, Milord. Thank you for bringing me here.” She looks so joyful, so careless. Happiness can be so simple.

We sit down on a fallen tree and kiss, enjoying our private Garden of Eden. It does not take long to feel completely disconnected from our daily and busy life.

A female jogger comes in our direction.

“Hi,” she says, stopping where we sit. She opens her bottle of water and takes a sip.
She’s cute, in her mid forties. Shoulder long black hair, surprisingly green eyes and luscious lips.
Still panting she does some stretching, knowingly showing her body off. Long sun burnt legs, great ass and one cannot look past her tits.

I look at Princess, her eyes are crawling over the woman’s body with virtually imperceptible desire.

“Must be pleasurable jogging in the woods,” I start the conversation.
“Yes it is,” the woman replies with a warm and husky voice. “I jog here every day.”

“I’m Franco, and this is Princess.”
“Nice to meet you both.” She takes another sip of water, spilling some over her chin.
With a glance on Princess she licks her lips, and, with the back of her hand, wipes the droplets of water away.

“I’m Leila.” She smiles at Princess who blushes, very aware her nipples harden.
“Hello Leila,” Princess stammer’s, confused because of what this encounter is doing with her.

“You seem very pleased to see me, Princess,” Leila giggles.
“She is not wearing a bra. Did you ask her not to, Franco?”

I see disbelief in Princess’s eyes when she hears the crude remark and impertinent question. It makes me smile.

“Yes I did, Leila. I love the idea being able to simply reach under her T-shirt and touch them.”

“I guess they are magnificent.”
I grin. “Yes Leila, they are. And her nipples are so sensitive.”

I look at Princess and enjoy seeing how shocked she is. Quickly I move behind Princess and rest my hands on her shoulders in a comforting way.

Princess’s breathing increases, she is getting aroused and I can almost smell it.

“Do you want to see them, Leila?” I ask. My voice is low, inviting yet commanding.

“I would love to, Franco.”

I slide my hands down Princess’s arms, let them linger for a few seconds on her hips while my fingers search for the rim of her T-shirt.

Teasingly slow I pull the fabric up, finally revealing her breasts.
“Open your mouth girl, and hold the fabric between your teeth.”

I pull back her arms behind her back hold her wrists with a firm grip. Princess is merely a toy now and she knows it. I can hear it in her moaning, her sighing.

“Wow,” Leila chuckles, “they are indeed gorgeous. Can I touch them?”
“Of course you can. Don’t forget to play with her nipples, Princess likes that very much.”

My cock grows hard while I watch Leila caress Princess, gently squeezing her nipples.
I press my crotch against her ass to let her know how aroused I am.
“You like that, girl?” I growl.
Princess nods in affirmation.

“Enough, Leila.”
Immediately she pulls her hands back.

“You want more, girl?” I breathe in Princess’s ear.
“Please Milord. I do,” she mumbles doing her very best not to let go of the T-shirt’s rim she’s still holding between her teeth.

“You heard Princess, Leila.”
“I’m so looking forward discovering more of her, Franco.”

“Here.” I hand over the pen Princess gave me for our first anniversary, making sure she sees it. It has our names engraved and the date of our first rendezvous. Now I am using it for a groundbreaking moment in our relation.

Leila smiles, grabs the pen and writes down her phone number on Princess’s right breast.
Then gives me back the pen.

“It was a pleasure, Sir.” Leila bows her head. Plants a volatile kiss on Princess’s forehead.
Then she’s gone.

“Aren’t you going to write her number on a piece of paper, Milord? I’m sweaty and I’m afraid it will get rubbed off with my T-shirt.”

“No need for that, Princess.”
I grab my smart phone and take a photograph of Princess’s boob and the phone number.
“For our special photo album,” I smile and pull down her T-shirt.

We walk back to the car, Princess and I.
The sun is now hidden behind dark clouds.
It is still hot though. There is some far away rumbling.
I love these heavy summer thunderstorms.

We drive home.
Princess and I get naked and go to bed.
We make love.
And make love again.
Devour each other like famished dogs.

(c)Franco Bolli, 2015

Bound by Desire